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Ric Halstead

Ric settled in Noosa in 2002 after a high profile music career in Hong Kong and Asia.
As a saxophonist he has recorded under his own name and also with many to international artists. Ric was the Music and Managing Director for the prestigious "Jazz Club" in Hong Kong from 1989 - 1995 and also Festival Director for the first Hong Kong International Jazz and Blues Festival in 1992.

He continues to perform and record in the Noosa Area. 


"I was never one for religion - the dogma and hypocrisy were just too blatant to make any sense to me. I did have an interest in Buddhism for a while and astrology and clairvoyance but nothing seemed to appeal to my sense of logic and also ring true to my heart. Then I discovered spirituality and suddenly things began to make sense.

Meeting Blossom Goodchild and "White Cloud" was such an amazing experience. The direct-voice channelling experience was wonderful and gave me the opportunity to listen and converse with the beautiful spirit of "White Cloud" . Witnessing the messages and words of Unconditional Love from other spirit energies and cosmic beings that regularly communicate through Blossom continues to be a life changing experience.

It amazes me that people still question whether there is life after death and indeed whether or not there are extra terrestrial beings. For me there is no question, we regularly experience and communicate with both spirit energies and cosmic beings through Blossom and have been doing so for years.

"White Cloud" has also demonstrated his presence to me directly, one on one ( without Blossom) , in such a way as to remove any doubt from my mind.

With more and more people in the world waking  up to the reality of spirituality and realising that Love is All , the vibrations of this planet will rise, hopefully to a level where want and greed will literally be a thing of the past."

Love and Light. Ric Halstead.


Jill Simpson.

Hi, my name is Jill Simpson and I live in a lovely part of the world called Noosa, and guess what - my sister Bloss, channels a Native American Indian called White Cloud. Sound odd to you?

Well it wasn’t exactly what I had thought would follow my strict catholic upbringing. On reaching our teenage years, the hypocrisy that Bloss and I watched all around us just became too much and we both chose to “leave” the church, so to speak.

For my part, I really didn’t want too much to do with any religion and shied away completely. However Bloss diligently went about looking into other faiths and became involved in the Spiritual Church in her early twenties.

This was something that intrigued me, but having spent quite a lot of anxious times as a teenager being plagued by a spirit in the house we lived in, I was very fearful of anything to do with spirits.

I had already immigrated when White Cloud arrived in Bloss’ life but I learnt all about him through tapes and letters. I remember well my first face to face experience on a return visit to the UK. It all felt a bit weird, and I was not sure what to expect. We went upstairs into what she had turned into her healing room. I remember it feeling very peaceful.  She told me it would take a while for White Cloud to come into her body and not to worry about the funny breathing noises she made or the fact that her face contorted and changed. Well easier said than done. Here was my little sister, making funny breathing noises, speaking in a French accent, sounding like a man with a deep voice and with a face, full of newly added lines that looked like an old Red Indian. I have to say it took a bit of getting used to.

White Cloud speaks in metaphors, likening your every day life to anything from a canoe ride up a river to cooking with a frying pan or playing with a deck of cards. A lot of what White Cloud spoke with me about I understood straight away, but part of the message really became clear after a few days. This was all very new to me, I had never had a reading before, and neither had I been interested. I always believed that I could chose my own destiny and truthfully I had always known that I was looked after and everything always turns out ok. But, this was different. White Cloud gives you guidance to look at your life in new ways. It intrigued me and I knew it was the beginning of a big change in our family.

My goal in life is to help empower as many other people as possible to live their life to the full, to be the change that I want to see in the world and therefore to do as I wish to be done by. Therefore I am feeling very blessed now to have the opportunity to work with Bloss and the rest of the Tribe in getting out White Cloud’s message of Love.

I trust you will all enjoy your involvement with White Cloud as much as I do.

Wishing you Love, Light and Golden Rays. Jill x

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