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white cloudOver the years it has come about (with my permission of course) that other energies have chosen to use me as their vessel in which to communicate to those presently on the earth plane. At first, this was all rather odd and sent my mind into turmoil as I had only just got used to working and feeling more at ease with the fact that I channelled a Native American Indian!

The first energies to present themselves to me are known as ‘The Friendships’. They are a group consciousness travelling around our universe with the aim of assisting our ‘uprising’. On their first visit, I noticed the change of energy and after some deep breathing it ‘felt’ as if my neck was growing into something the length of a giraffes! My head went on a slant and my arms ‘felt’ as if they had become very long and thin. The two end fingers on both hands folded into my palms and I had the strange sensation of being very tall and ‘looking down upon’ (in a physical way obviously, as opposed to a snobby way).  I knew the energy wanted to speak and telepathically I told them this was ok. Suddenly it was as though hundreds of symbols and calculations ran through my head. I could actually see them in my minds eye. I believe this to be ‘The Friendships’ somehow sorting out how to use my language in order to speak through me. When we decided to eventually ‘go for it’ to my surprise my/their voice was extremely high pitched and each word seemed to take an eternity to be spoken. As with White Cloud, the more we became accustomed to each other, the easier the whole process flowed.

That was the beginning of many more energies making guest appearances throughout the meetings. Always in the knowing that White Cloud was my gate keeper and that negativity could not enter in.

I find it rather difficult to put into words. Over the years there have been many varied ‘personalities’ that have shared varied information with us. Depending sometimes on what question was asked, an energy that had knowledge of that subject might offer their services to explain certain things. Other times they simply asked permission to come and speak or selflessly offer an amazing amount of Love and Peace into our heart chakras. Indeed, for everyone attending these meetings, that is what they all experienced. It is always an honor and a blessing.

And all very odd I know!

However, as this site builds, I am hoping to be able to share with you the experiences we have encountered with these different energies that come only in Love to serve mankind.


Quite a few years ago now, I was holding one of my morning meetings of which there was three in attendance. ( Dont all rush to sit down at once I thought!! ) Thats the way it was in those days. Sometimes there were three, sometimes twelve. It varied greatly depending on what was going on in everyone's lives at the time. I had learnt by then that whoever was meant to be there... was! It was as simple as that.

This particular morning, White Cloud had been talking for a while and I began to feel the link weaken and couldn't quite pick up on what he was wanting to say. I began to feel incredibly tired and was a little concerned I might nod off ... and then I felt the energy begin to change and went into the deep breathing and 'shuddering' body movements. This went on for quite a while and I remember thinking that the intake of air was so huge that I thought I might explode! After a time it began to settle and I stayed in that space for what seemed an eternity. ( Aware in the left side of my brain ... my side ... that the three sitting watching all this may be becoming a tad bored!) If I may digress for a moment ?

Often , when a new energy is coming through, the process can take maybe ten minutes or so , depending on the 'power' of the energy. For me, there is so much going on in my head, and trying to explain it is very difficult. There are no words to describe it, and as well as all that is going on in the right side of my brain (the spirit energy), there is also little me in the left side , fully conscious of the fact that there are many people just staring at me ... waiting! I have learnt so much on this journey regarding my channelling and it is of great comfort to discover that those present in no way , shape or form, are twitching their fingers or tapping their feet whilst roiling their eyes in frustration ... they report that they are able to feel the energy coming through also and are in a beautiful relaxed state. PHEW!!!

Where was I? Oh yes, so, there I was in this lovely space , waiting to see what would happen next, when suddenly the most incredible feeling of LOVE filled my being. So much so that I HAD to cry. That seemed the only way to release it. I kept thinking 'Control yourself Bloss. Pull yourself together!' which eventually I did. I knew the being wanted to speak and the palm of my hands opened outwards as it spoke the words ... My dear Children ... Upon which the three attending the meeting promptly burst into tears also! I make Light of this because it's the only way I know how.

I knew instantly that it was the energy of 'JESUS'. The voice was calming and passive. There were not a great amount of words spoken, but they were words of great reassurance in the fact that we would all be brought home.

The reason I mention this particular energy is to help people to understand that we are all ONE. In the early days of channelling 'Other Beings' I would question in great depth 'who' I was channelling and 'Why me?' etc. Yet, when the JESUS energy came through, there was not one question of doubt or 'Why would it be me that is chosen ' because it just was ! It helped me to understand the ONENESS 'thing' a little bit more. I knew also that there are many souls on the planet having that same energy come through. It sort of makes sense (once I had got my head around it all!)

I am blessed to have reached a place where in I can recognise an energy when it is first coming in now, which assists in the process greatly. There are still new energies coming in all the time ... especially in private readings ... but as I learn to TRUST myself more and more, then the easier it is for ALL concerned.

And then of course came THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT. Yet that's another story entirely! My journey with them is shared in the book 'The Bridge' which is my initial journey with them ... and then all other channellings from them (hundreds) are offerred freely on this site. (See The Federation Of Light on the menu bar).

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