spiritual reality

All readings are conducted as Distant Readings.

They are very much on a soul level.

A mutual time of convenience is arranged via email and time zones are synchronized in order for this to take place.

It is ESSENTIAL for the client to sit quietly for the appointed hour so that White Cloud can tune in to the energies and therefore, provide an accurate soul reading. I work as if the client is present (Your photograph displayed on my computer)and allow White Cloud to pass on his appropriate wisdom to me , so that I can relay it to you. The readings are recorded and the file is sent within 90 mins of completion ... via dropbox (You do not need an account) for you to download, save and keep.

Payment can be made through Pay pal on the donations page after the reading. I put Trust that all will be well in that area!

Please read the information below so you are aware of the type of reading provided and that it is what you are looking for. With all respect you will not be given the lottery numbers or indeed be told what venue you shall be meeting your knight in shining armour or your damsel in distress.

White Cloud speaks in metaphors ... for it is the soul that must discover/recover the meaning behind them in order for them to be of value. Each reading is of course unique and its purpose is to assist the soul as you travel on your journey. Many find the readings still relevant a good few years on.

Sometimes, for reasons that surely baffle me … the link is not strong enough to see the reading through … if this happens, I have to abort the reading and we arrange another time.  If it doesn’t work the second time … we accept that it is not meant to be.

After I have asked for a blessing of protection from The Divine Oneness, I ask for White Cloud to draw close.

I then await to be shown a picture and we begin . ie ... I am being shown an image of ... and a story unfolds regarding the image shown. The client can relate this to what is/has/will be taking place in their lives. The entire reading can be based on this one image or there can be many. Usually the latter.

At the end, White Cloud's blessing is said ...

We give thanks to The Divine Oneness for allowing this meeting to take place. We ask always that we may remain humble in order to serve and to receive and that we may continue to walk boldly as The Light and The Love'.

I, myself say a blessing of thanks and make sure we are both 'closed down'.

I came across this paragraph from The Federation of Light and it seemed most fitting to apply it to the readings.

' It may not make sense in your head but your soul understands it perfectly. This is what we mean by that ‘KNOWING”.  When words are inadequate, because the understanding required MUST come from the Higher part of the soul. For that is where the KNOWING rests. It is not always important to ‘get it’ on a level of understanding on the Earthly Vibration. For as the soul sees it fit to bring that understanding to the forefront of the Earthly self, it shall do so at the most appropriate time.'

Cost A$150. Duration Up to one hour.

If you would like a reading please send me a photograph that clearly shows your eyes and also tell me your state and country of residence. It is also helpful to know what hours you are NOT available ... i.e work etc.

email contact us

Blossom and her husband Goody are also available for distant healings which they give freely.