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white cloud

The Secret to an abundant life filled with Love, Light and Laughter is being offered to you by White Cloud, a native American Spirit Energy and The Federation Of Light(channelled by Blossom Goodchild). When one aspires to these teachings, a change within the self takes place.

We are taught that by putting their words into action we find ourselves viewing our lives from an inspirational perspective. Of course we all have challenges to face yet we notice change in ourselves as to how we face them.

Because of this transformation within, Blossom, White Cloud and The Federation Of Light are now on a journey to assist others to have this same “feeling” – a feeling that one may explode with joy and love.

White Cloud not only gives us guidelines for living our lives to the fullest and a greater understanding of the purpose of life here in the physical world  - but also gives us an insight into life in other realms of the spirit world in such a way as to broaden our attitudes and alleviate fears of passing.

White Cloud’s  wisdom on all subjects is profound and this is imparted to us through the use of colourful and simple metaphors and stories.

Blossom and White Cloud began working together in 1999 when after a long illness a guided soul and gifted clairvoyant helped open the doorway for their union to begin.

Initially White Cloud asked Blossom’s permission to use her as his channel and actually speak through her. He also asked her to invite a small group to listen to his words. All meetings were to be recorded and Blossom was told that these words were to form her first transcribed book.  As time progressed White Cloud gave personal guidance on a one to one basis. As these messages were so accurate, beyond all imaginings Blossom found herself doing readings for all that heard about White Cloud.

As a result of his teachings Blossom has published three books on White Cloud’s behalf.

White Cloud stresses the importance of regular meditation as a means of connecting to ones higher self and as a tool for managing day to day life. There are currently six guided meditation cd’s available – direct voice channelled by Blossom.

Blossom and White Cloud continue to offer group meetings and personal readings in Blossom’s home town of Noosa. In April 2007 over 200 people came to listen to their story and share in White Cloud’s unconditional love and wisdom. Many people were so intrigued the first night they just had to come back again to the second evening.

Blossom and White Cloud are now  embarking on a journey to spread the message of Love, Light and Laughter and are in the process of arranging workshop events across the Sunshine Coast, followed by the rest of Australia  and then …. To infinity and beyond!!!

Blossom has grown to love White Cloud as a friend and colleague, as have the souls who have taken the time to listen to him speak.  He has so much love, compassion, wisdom and truth to share and you too could feel the honor of being part of his world.

If you would like to receive free messages of unconditional love and wisdom from White Cloud and be kept updated on forthcoming books, cd’s and events please leave your email address in the box located on the side menu.

In 2005 Blossom began channelling The Federation Of Light. Through Trust she found herself embarking upon a new journey all together! The Federation's message of Oct 14th 2008 took the world (and Blossom ) by storm and Blossom now has world wide acclaim allowing many many thousands to have access to the words of wisdom brought through. She has published the book 'The Bridge ', and two eBooks containing The Federation Of Light's messages of Love and Enlightenment. Blossom has also recorded a CD, reading excerpts from these messages to an ambient musical background to enhance the importance of their words.

Wishing you Golden Rays and Love, Light and Laughter always.


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