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Below are the follow on channellings after 8th August after putting out the ebook 'snap shot' as requested by The Federation Of Light. I shall be updating them as the weeks go on.

This first one doesn't appear very positive I must admit. Yet ... if I am going to be in my TRUTH and nothing else, this is how I was feeling this day.

(The Federation in bold print ... my words in plain print .)

1. Hiya … I have to say, I don’t know how much of a receptive mood I am in right now. My heart is exploding with anxiety regarding this whole event. I have been asked to speak for an hour on radio. What would you have me say? Of course I will be asked ‘Is this really going to happen?’ As indeed many have written to me asking. Again… YOU TELL ME!! People are asking me what excuse I will use and I say, it will be up to you to make the excuses. I am just the vessel. Some ‘bright spark’ suggested I record my excuse on CD and charge $25 for it. Good thinking Batman!
Guys, guys, guys, I seem to have my heart in my throat these days! I KNOW I am not mad. I KNOW I am not seeking attention (as many out there have suggested.) … God … I shy away from that, this is why this whole thing is so scary … I KNOW I did what I had to do … (as Frankie once sang!) and I  guess I should just keep TRUSTING until that very important date and then ALL questions regarding whether or not this is for real will be answered. Please forgive my doubting … I reckon if you were me, down here on this earth plane, an unknown, you would be feeling the same. Wouldn't’t it have worked better if you had asked Oprah or Wayne Dwyer or someone of standing to tell the world of this? That’s what I don’t get … why me??

May we speak?

 Sorry … go ahead.

We are aware that at this moment you have tears in your eyes and you are afraid.

 How’s Edwina doing with that?? (see snap shot channellings)

We are not used to pain of the heart. The colour pink is fading.

 And so is my courage!!

What would you have us say dearest one? We can only send you pulses of strength. Yet, on another level of yourself you knew of all of this. Of the ‘courage’ it would take to embark upon such a journey. You must understand that you were one of many many who volunteered and were considered for the post. Do you not see how delicate this matter is?  


Do you think that with such a matter we would have pulled you name out of a hat? There are reasons beyond your comprehension at this time that …

Sorry chaps … Can’t do it today. It’s just all a bit too much. If you could just … appear to me with a sticker on your head saying Oct 14th and a tick … then perhaps I may feel stronger to carry on. The thing is … I KNOW that when we work that you are for real. I know ME, and I couldn’t possibly write in the intelligent fashion that you do. So … Why am I doubting that you are going to show?

Because you are allowing the fear in your human form to override the Truth that lies within the very depth of your soul. Ask yourself this Blossom? Would you lie to yourself?  You cannot lie to another in anyway shape or form, so why would you think that you would treat the beauty of your soul in such a way?

I don’t know. I don’t know!! I’m just so blown away at the enormity of the task you have asked me to do … and did!! In all my life I never had an inkling of this, and it’s taken me completely by surprise. It all happened so quickly. I WILL work through this chaps and come out the other side. What choice do I have? God ... If I’m your spokesperson, I, of all people have to TRUST you are going to do as you said you will.  I really apologize for my attitude of ‘nontrust’ today. Is that nontrust in you or me I wonder?

Neither … You are in your human form. You are behaving as any human in their RIGHT MIND would do. Any human in their RIGHT MIND who has humility and the desire to bring only TRUTH is a human that we are very proud to associate with.

OK … that did it for me. Burst in to tears! Gotta go … got a world to convince!! Swords of Light to the skies.  What ho… And all that.

2. Next day ... feeling better! Much is happening on the planet in readiness for your arrival. I hope you’re sprucing up the outside of that ship; you’ve got to look your best you know! Many other channels it seems, have confirmed you’re coming on that date. Excitement is mounting down here … how’s plans going up there?

All is in order dear Lady. Although we are slightly concerned that many of your race are still unaware of this happening and we are worried of the shock to their systems and the damage that may cause to them. We wish to bring no harm to anyone. Sadly it will be of those who are harmed … damaging themselves … through lack of understanding and from the refusal to wake up when we have been sending messages to your planet for so long now. In accordance with Divine Law we have set the date of our arrival and in TRUST you have emitted that date out to your world. It is now for the individual to decide in their soul what to make of this news. For indeed it shall be news. There will be NO DOUBTING of that. It is necessary for us and you to bring in the LOVE and calm that will be required. For as we have stated there shall be much panic from those who did not want to know of us.
We come to change the ways of your world and by our very presentation we shall be setting those wheels in motion. Not only will we be bringing in the Higher vibration of LOVE to your planet, which will have a great affect on all things, but it shall have a greater effect on your thoughts. One’s soul will reconsider past doctrines. One’s soul will be uplifted for it will begin to listen more intently to what its inner most Truth is telling it. What will it be like for those of you who already are convinced of our coming? What will it be like for those who hope we are coming? What will it be like for those who think that what we have posted out via you Blossom, our vessel, is merely speculation and of no Truth at all?? How we desire for those souls of the latter sentence to search within. Just for a short moment and just consider the possibility of this taking place. Even that will assist them in some way.
We ask that in preparation for this, that those who are in Knowledge of the Truth send out Rays of Light to those in general who find us to be of a minds fantasy. Do not underestimate the power of those Rays when they come from the Truth of your heart. Add fervor to this quest. We ask you to remember of the Light that is in your heart. We ask you to recall LIGHT HEARTEDNESS. Be of bright and cheery dispositions dear ones. This is not a terrible thing that is to take place. It is of the opposite. It is of the utmost importance to your species as a whole. For the betterment of it. Surely that is something to celebrate. Surely one would feel the joy that such an event shall bring. Joy, because the TRUTH shall be apparent at last. There can be no more stalling. No more hiding of this great Truth. We The Federation have chosen to uncover our selves in our Truth for it is indeed time to reveal the mockery that has been presented to you as a Truth for so long. How those who have made others suffer, shall suffer. Forgive them. Assist their souls to rise. For in the Truth of yourselves there is no malice, no venom projected to another. Only Love dear friends. Only Love.

YOU ARE OF THIS. That is why when we bring in this higher frequency , it shall resonate deeply within the core of your being. For it is a message from home. A postcard from your loved ones letting you know all is well back in the wisdom of your origin.

We shall of course be in discourse with you as the days draw ever closer to our arrival. Hold on to your hats.

That should have been the name of this book!! For I am always hearing it from you. Perhaps you could write a signature tune. I laughingly see an impression of your ship coming in and everyone holding onto their hats due to the enormous wind incurred by you doing so!!
Just as an off side … Everyone wants to be at the event. I guess I just accept that I probably won’t be, even though I don’t know where it is you are going to show. And that I will just be so relieved to see it on TV , knowing that ‘we did it’. Yet, if I think a little deeper, what a spectacle it shall be, to see in person. On the other hand, as I say, I accept, and ‘what will be will be’. I know White Clouds Truth and that certainly is a teaching that assists me greatly to adhere by. Anything else?

That is all for today, accept we say to you they word ‘snow cone’.

Snow cone??? What on earth does that mean? Never even heard of it. It makes me think of a mountain. The plot thickens. Many thanks. Trusting you will be close by to guide me through my Radio interview tomorrow. I am trying the best I can to let go of fear.
We TRUST in you.
Good … I will try to TRUST in me too!!