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3.Sorry … a little late for work today!! Was busy being your P.A.!!! Radio got cancelled. That’s fine. ‘All is as’ etc. I have a feeling it will be more appropriate when it is rebooked. I have to say I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard! I was going to say ‘I know… coward’… but all things considered I don’t think I am!! Anyone about?

Challenges are ahead.

No offence… but do I really want to hear this ?

Have you not faced challenges before Blossom? And may we say with glee, you intervened before allowing us to finish our sentence …

Oops sorry!

We in fact were not speaking directly to you. We speak to those who are of courage and read these words knowing in their heart of the ordeals that may be presented to your race as the coming of our ship into your skies draws near. Yet we ask you … NOT TO BE AFRAID. You have enough fear upon your planet do you not? Our aim is to decrease it not to enhance it. That is why we need you to search your souls for your TRUTH. For indeed when you find it you will know that FEAR is unnecessary. You yourself Blossom have experienced great fear within your being from the effect that our message has brought to the sudden change of your everyday living. You yourself have had to find a way to move through it and come out smiling. And as you continue you are finding a strength and indeed a joy that is surprising you are you not?

Now and then! Depends on where I allow myself to go with it all really. It certainly is teaching me to live in the now for no-one can foresee what your appearance shall do to those in our world and how things will change. You have to admit, it’s a bit bigger than the Queen popping over for a visit (with all respect Your Majesty!)  And of course we are all wondering if our daily lives will cease to be and a thousand other questions that your quest conjures up.

We fully accept your thoughts. We understand of the trepidation and yet, if you follow our words as a TRUE SOURCE, then we have repeatedly expressed to you that all shall be well. YES. There shall be initial upheaval on a large scale, but to counteract that experience there shall be a PEACE entering your planet that has not yet been able to be induced. If you allow yourself to breathe in that PEACE you shall feel an understanding in your soul and you shall simply KNOW that IT HAS BEGUN. Your fear will instantly subside, for there shall be NO DENYING OF THIS TRUTH that we have come to guide you on the pathway home. How your hearts will sing my warriors. How you shall shine in the Light of your hearts contentment. For so long have you as a race been awaiting your calling. For so long have you listened out into the silence and yet still you knew that we would not desert you and that these days were never far away. For you could feel it in your Being. As many of you feel it now. You can actually ‘feel’ us tapping into your energy. To prepare you. To just say ‘hello’. As we prepare you, so you must prepare your selves. Diligently. Take/find the time in these future days to sink into the comfort of the soul’s remembrance. You are, at these times of meditation being ‘fed’ the nutrients your soul requires for these times. You have long awaited these times that are coming. It is with enormous validity (?) that what we shall present to you shall be of absolute conviction to the answers that each one of you are asking.

Thanks for that. Got to be honest. That last bit was a little difficult to get through and I always feel it best to stop when it feels that way, so as not to have to TRY … if you know what I mean. So thank you for this information. We got the e-book out today. So when you said way back that it would be in print before the year was out and I doubted that … I shouldn’t have. I know it’s not in book form yet, but it doesn’t have a cover! And … you wanted it to be called ‘snapshot’… naturally it had s crossed my mind that the cover might be a picture of ‘THE VISIT’!

4.Whoa! What a ride this last month has been. And I have a feeling this is just the beginning! My mind is filled with a thousand things that I never knew of before I sent out your message. Many channellers world wide are confirming your announcement. Many have asked me to ask you questions. I feel more at home sticking to the way we have always worked and just TRUSTING in the fact that what you need to be known you shall make me aware of. I can feel your eagerness to begin … so lets!

Indeed there is excitement commencing in your world and MANY others. Blossom, we commend you for your bravery. Look how by being of this, we have been able to do our side in making sure that we are heard. And as you say … this is just the beginning. As days draw closer to our arrival, let it be known that there will be a tremor … a rumbling would be more apt. This is to be of no fear, but it is unavoidable.

Dear ones, who read these words. Understand this. From our hearts we wish that you be of PEACE on our arrival. This is essential. Do not succumb to the scare mongers of your world. We ask that you pay heed to the feeling within yourselves and KNOW that we are of THE LIGHT. For you shall be told otherwise. This is to deter.

We say CONGRATULATIONS to you souls of earth. For without your expectancy this ‘showing’ would not be possible. There is little time left now. We shall be there … as you say in your world … with bells on!

There are questions in my mind, such as the whereabouts etc, yet I know you have your reasons and therefore I shall abide by your knowledge in what is best for us as a race.

You are surprised as we are not flowing forth as you thought we may. Is this so?

Indeed … funnily enough though … I understand. I am keen to put up more postings as I am aware many wish for the next installment … And yet … I can feel that you intend to leave it as it is for now. I shall respect that. Although a tad frustrating. On the other hand, your silence is sending me a calmness of KNOWING and I don’t know what it is I am KNOWING, but I KNOW I KNOW! I shall try again when I feel it appropriate. Thank you my friends, for TRUSTING in ME. I feel all the support I have been shown has been encouraged by you … and it was much needed. I feel stronger about all this daily.  When you’re ready then. In Love.