spiritual reality


5.Well, your announcement continues to rock the world it seems!! I have been asked to ask you so many questions, which you are probably aware of. I put my TRUST in you (CLEARLY!) and know that you will say what needs to be said. However … if I may be so bold … other channells that have confirmed this date have said that it could be changed at the last minute for our safety. Someone who I have come to highly respect has suggested to me this would be because … and I quote …

‘The Galactic Federation do not want a confrontation where they are forced to defend themselves, not that they couldn't as they clearly can deal with whatever is thrown at them. It would give the impression that some kind of Space War was starting, and that is the last thing they want. That may also put some of our people at risk, so they would not take chances where our safety was concerned.’

As much as I understand that …and if this is so … wouldn’t that be the case what ever date you showed up? I feel this is also a reason why you are being so discrete about where that ‘showing up’ is going to be. However … if I may be so bold? IF you don’t show up on the 14th, you are not only going to make me lose MY street cred but YOURS  as well!! I KNOW you KNOW all this (here we go again) but are you able to enlighten me on this matter? I FEEL it is imperative you show on that day or people will just put it down to another crackpot under a ridiculous illusion. (Especially my mum, love her as I do!)

Welcome to you first and foremost. We see how we have turned your everyday living into something very different from what it was and we send you energy as you have asked.
Regarding the subject matter of which you have just mentioned … ALL PLANS are underway for this date. We, as mentioned before, have subsidiary notions should they be necessary, but at this point in YOUR time we see no reason that threatens us to a point that we should have to deter. We are exceedingly happy about this forthcoming event. We continue to prepare, even though we have been doing this for as long as we can remember, it seems. There is still work to do at your end and this shall be disclosed when we feel it necessary to be revealed to your nation as a whole.
Excitement is building which is making our tasks easier to perform. Yet there are still many who are unaware of our coming and we need to ‘step up the bar’ as you would say.

I’m sorry to interrupt , but I have never used that expression .. Is it one?

We believe so. Complimentary acceptance of our message is abounding. How so many of you are ‘listening’ to your ‘home station’! For in your souls you have known of this.

In accordance with immeasurable data regarding this planned occurrence we ask those of you on earth who are willing to assist us in our cause to ‘jump on the bandwagon’ and spread our message further. Although it has been received by many we ask you to be brave and continue to spread our original message.


Prepare your beings for this day. It is of High importance to do so.

Friends of earth … we implore you to work vigilantly within your beings to anchor your energy as it lifts into a Higher Light. When we say you shall need to keep your feet on the ground … we mean it … literally. We do not wish to baffle and yet we are unable to reveal certain Truths at this point and you Blossom accept this. We ask others to do the same.The CHANGE that has been long awaited is here. Rejoice in the power of yourself and feel it uplift you in the knowing of its TRUTH … at last. May we say further more that those of you who wish to excel in the time frame allocated, make it your ‘duty’ to ‘soften the blow’ (?)

Not connected with ‘hold on to your hats’ by any chance???

Dearest Blossom … we ask others to be like you. To remain in LIGHT spirit regarding these events that are to …as you say … ‘Rock your world’.

Have to be honest and perhaps a bit egotistical here (oh  ...I do hope not), but this rock the world thing … is it in my mind because a lady wrote to me and called me ‘The woman who rocked the world’! I told my husband and he said Suzie Quatro might be a little put out … Earth joke… you might need o get your ‘funny’  dictionary out! In these recent days instead of saying ‘God I HOPE you turn up’. I have found myself saying ‘I know you’re coming. I know you’re coming’. And what a wonder it shall be. We need this so much. Oh dear … and now, out of the blue, tears filling my eyes. I guess because my soul feels the earth’s pain perhaps.

We could leave it no longer and we say that it has been brought forward from its intended date originally. For in past days it was expected that it would not be for a few more of your earth years and yet events have been scheduled in conjunction with suitable time frames to coincide with our appearance and it is accepted that we are carrying out necessary movement in order for your planet to remain one of great beauty. Beauty that it once was and shall soon be able to return to.
Do not be down hearted friends. You will be amazed at how tolerant your species can be of such changes, when they KNOW in their Truth that we are of a kind that please not dis/ease. Many shall awaken in your month of Oct. before and after the event. Your mother dear Blossom being one of them.

You have NO IDEA how that would thrill me! Should have invested in some tissues today!! But all is good.

And finally this session we would like to make an announcement.

I sort of felt that coming!

We that are not from your atmospheres state categorically that we intend to ‘shake’ your world. It has remained stagnant for too long and we now appear in your skies to bring about the ‘shift’ that is necessary to take the vibration that you are now residing within into a Higher level of LOVE. Prepare for this. Prepare your souls and prepare others. We do not jest when we say ‘Allegiance to the Nations of the Federation is set in stones of history and future alike. They are one and the same. Fellow beings of Light, as has been foretold … we are coming to unveil the mists. And when this has taken its rightful place, so too shall you. Join with us brothers and sisters of The Oneness.
Be with us in standing of strength and courage and the knowledge that we are close to fulfilling the prophesies that are set in stone.

That made me think of carvings that have been found in caves etc.
Thank you for today. Whilst writing I have been filled with a sort of ‘swords of light to the skies’ comradery. Where I’m getting these kind of words from I don’t know for I don’t speak like this in my every day chat.  Actually ‘der!’… Of course I know where I’m getting it from. I continue to be your messenger and I am very proud to do so, now that the initial shock of doing what I had to do is slowly but surely settling down within my being. Until next time my space mates, have a good day Oh;  if I were you I’d fill your fuel tanks up before you come … its very expensive down here!! Yep … dictionary!

Unnecessary for both fuel and dictionary. Adieu.

Adieu? That’s White Cloud’s signature as you know. Interesting! But I know that must be all for today. Many thanks in Love, Light and that Laughter that should be made compulsory. A good day for us both I feel.