spiritual reality


12.The days are drawing ever closer to your visit. I’d bake a cake in your honour but I have absolutely NO culinary skills! I await your next report and as far as I can gather  … so does most of the world. (Gulp!)

We are with you dear lady and we bring you peace of mind and heart. Tension is mounting in various avenues of your planet and quite rightly so, for there are those who are aware of our coming and our living out great concern, for their actions are now to be accounted for. Let it be known that we are only of LOVE therefore we send LOVE TO ALL.

You have heard that many are experiencing headaches and asking if this is due to our arrival. It is not our intention to cause disruption in the head area, and yet it appears that indeed our frequency is resonating with some on a level that is causing such a malady. For this we apologize and we say it is wise to drink of your purest water. We also suggest that you place you first two digits of each hand either side of your temples, (you will ‘feel’ the correct place) and visualize the pressure being released through the third eye position. As if like a blue electric line. This we believe will assist that particular imbalance.

Well, my friends, it feels rather odd now talking to you, knowing that the big day is just over a week away. I can only ask you to accept the LOVE that those on our planet are sending out to you. I am SURE you are receiving it. We all wait … What is going on for you??

‘Full speed ahead. Every thing is in place. Every being is in position. Monitoring systems are in full capacity. All is ready. Only one thing left to do ….

Show up???????????

Precisely dear Blossom. Precisely. We are cruising at this juncture and setting levels in order to keep abreast of atmospheric changes.

 Of course you must know by now that some will question the fact that you have said ‘full speed ahead’ and then ‘we are cruising’. You know what … in LOVE and respect for the entire human race… I refuse to buy in to all this. I have learnt a great deal lately and what people choose to assess from these channellings is completely up to them, and I will not allow myself to be influenced by what others may or may not make of your words. I shall now jump down of my soap box and … please … continue forth …

Indeed we are aware of your growth and that of many, many upon your earth plane. In some aspects we are experiencing a joy that we had not accounted for. In others, we are deeply saddened by those who have locked their souls in a dungeon of fear and mistrust.

 We come to bring the key. To release those in chains if they allow us.


Allow us in, for there shall be not one moment of regret should you choose to do so.
 Very soon now, people of earth, shall our presence be known to you. This great occasion is to be celebrated by ONE. ALL OF US.
Accept us in your TRUTH as we draw closer to your earthly vibration, and remember of the (small) tremor that we spoke of. We speak of this so that there shall be no cause for alarm.

Someone asked if it was to be a physical or earthly tremor? I said both.

It is to be a shuddering within the core of your earth, but it shall cause no damage. It simply can not be avoided. It is of no harm. It shall take place a few days before the time of our appearance.
 Another point we would care to state...

Oh please … feel free…

Is that we do not wish for one to run and hide. We ask those in fear of us to ‘face those fears’ and if you do, you will find that we will alleviate them from your being. You will not be able to deny who we are. We stress this. And we say this will be in more ways than one.We have said that you will be ‘blown away’ by what we present …. We encourage you to prepare yourselves in JOY AND LOVE for this day.


LAUGH … PLAY MUSIC … we would ask that it should be a party that the entire planet is invited to share with us … THE FEDERATION … who for so long now have eagerly awaited this magical time in the diary of your earth monitoring.

 Struth Ruth!!! If I didn’t know better I’d be concerned that my aorta isn’t behaving as it ‘aughta’ ……..  I am assuming this is just the nearness of you … as the song goes.

Dearest brightest Light … how we rejoice in our choosing …

Yep … gone… dissolved … if this LOVE that I am experiencing is anything to go by, I’d advise the world to invest in the ‘tissue’ market!
TRULY my friends, for what I am feeling right now …. THANK YOU.

 TRULY what we are sending right now … is just a taster of what is to come.
For this session there is nothing more we require to mention accept.

Here we go … I knew it …


 Actually … I do not find that as obscure as table or snow cones .

 Ah yes, but when you see what we mean by this it shall be crystal clear.
 For this day we must sign out. It is necessary.

Mmm! I felt you leaving quite abruptly then. You know what is best. I have no worries about that. Until tomorrow …

13.Gotta be honest, feeling REALLY tired today … moan moan moan … just wondering if my energy is a bit too low in order to pick up with you?

Lift your spirits dear friend. We are here.

Yep … got that exploding in my heart again suddenly. Good morning … Are you well?

Indeed. We know not of illness. There is much speculation upon your planet as to the whys and wherefores of our arrival. Please let it be known that we do not wish to confuse, that is not of our nature. It is simply that certain methods of discretion are important in order for our mission to succeed. There is little more that is required now. We are very astute and we are of much gratitude for those who are assisting in LOVE on your plane. Collect your thoughts dear ones. Present yourselves to yourselves … are you happy with what you see? Are you proud of how you feel about yourself as you meet it? We ask this of you … concentrate on all the LOVE that is you. Let go of all manner of things that do not serve you in LOVE. It is time now to release them. With our coming you are able to advance your souls evolvement in a fashion that will assist your own individual vibration.

I do know about everywhere else in the world but here in Australia they are showing all the fear based movies such as War of the Worlds etc. I DO HOPE people can see through this. How lovely it would be if they were to show ‘Close Encounters’ or ET, but NO …
 My friends , I feel a little low today …I feel so much hope in your visit, for I am bombarded with views from others that indeed show me how much LOVE is needed in this world of ours. And in my heart I KNOW you come to show us a better way… and BOY DO WE NEED IT.

May this be understood by all. We are not making ourselves known in order to conflict with TRUTHS of the soul. We are making ourselves KNOWN in order to WAKE UP many who still sleep. When they awake, there shall be a new ‘feeling’ upon your planet. The beauty that one feels inside will be expressed out to the world and enhance all things upon and within it.


Refrain from judgment until you have the facts before your very eyes. As we have stated before, upon our arrival there shall be NO QUESTION that we come from somewhere outside your earthly vibration and that indeed we are of great Love for each and every one of you.
Be of peace this day and in the days that follow. Be of good cheer. Take care of each other as we move forward into the great Light of Divinity. For we are all from this LIGHT and those that are in darkness shall one day join their brothers on the pathway home.  We ask that you send much Love to the souls that have hidden agendas to cause harm and alarm upon your blessed earth. They are lost in the depths of human greed. Bring them safely home. For we are all brothers and sisters. We are ONE family … ONE energy … therefore as words have been spoken in years behind you … do unto your brother as you would do unto yourself.


 Allow it to express itself through you, in you, as you. We encourage you to rest now Blossom. Everything is in perfect order for our visit and IT SHALL BE SO.

I accept what you say. Feeling better now. You’re right …I know you’re right … how easily we ‘sink’ when energy is low.  Eh…. Is that it for today then? No little jigsaw pieces to add.


I’ve got to admit … feel a bit dodgy about that one (not saying I felt ‘safe’ about the others!, yet they seem to be piecing together nicely) so … back to that famous word … TRUST. Shine your shoes it is! Intrigued by that one, but I was the same with snow cone and table. 
Dare I ask, just feel I need to know for sure … …is that you that is being hidden on Google earth? Some are saying that is the table clue. If it is … that’s big!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Did we not say a craft of HUGE size?

So is it you? I feel you are saying ‘yes’, but to be honest here… I’m questioning it, in case I’m wrong. I’ve been sitting here a few minutes thinking about this and now I am laughing. I feel you want me to put


So there you are … in for a penny, in for a pound. At this point in the process  ... what have I got to lose? Oh guys … I feel so much better than when I began today. Lets ALL remember to keep everything we do /are full of that good old  LOVE LIGHT AND LAUGHTER. Lets  not focus on talk of anything other. I’m putting the kettle on guys … one lump or two? Many thanks
 And in deep gratification to you dear lady. In LOVE. .

14. (Oct 11th) Well, it’s almost time my friends and the world waits  it seems, for this next communication with you. It still seems so unreal … and I, out of everyone should feel the reality should I not? Yet I can’t. Thousands and thousands  know now of your coming  (whether they believe you or not) and yet , even for those of us that are prepared , we simply do not know what to assume or visualise. Its like waiting to have a baby, except at least with that you know what to expect … a baby!!! … with you guys, we just don’t know what you are going to surprise us with. And I guess too, there are so many people that still don’t know about it and are carrying on talking about next week as if it’s just another week. It’s been a LLLLOOOONNNGGG LLLOOONNNGGG week down here… whats cooking up there?

You would be surprised!

No doubt!

Indeed we are in position and generally taking care of rescourses. May we say that in preparation we have underestimated the LOVE and anticipation that is being sent to us. Your word is ‘phenominal’ is it not? We choose to say that we shall become a phenominal phenonima! It has indeed been a long period of waiting for us also … eons of your time. Yet we are aware of the controversy that is taking place and of the complete sham that is overshadowing your beloved planet. Be of great aprehension regarding what the media shall be asked to disclose in the beginning days. We are secure in the knowledge that there are those in place on your earth that are ready to begin their dreams. They shall know exactly what to do . They have been awaitng their entire lives to be of service in this way. We wish all souls to understand this. We have not suddennly just decided to drop in for a cup of tea unannounced. This is why we asked you Blossom, to release our message to the world as you did. It was of upmost importance that your planet was aware in advance of our coming. Otherwise, the shock may have been too great. Also it has allowed souls to prepare for this historic encounter.

Dear souls of planet earth … let it be known that we have longed for this unity. Do you see how this shall change the darkness within your stratosphere into the Golden Race? This is how you shall become known.

The Golden Race.

This coming into your skies is the beginning of The New Dawn … in to The New World that has been prophesied in your past days.
Allow your hearts and minds … allow your very being to ascend into a vibration that resonates with the TRUTH of your soul.


Until you experience it for yourselves you will not be able to accept that of which we speak. Yet we say to you, when you accept it, you shall never again feel the darker times that have swamped the very air in which you have had to breathe. There shall be freshness within all things. Your days will ‘feel’ different. Your purpose shall be introduced to the self and each shall desire to go about their future days in a very different way from the way you are displaying now.

This is why we say to you ‘BE OF JOY! The minute your eyes look upon the wonderous sight that we offer, the soul shall remember who it is. How can it be anything other than immense joy? Share your knowledge with those in despair. They simply are in a place of deep sleep. Help them to awake with tender words and actions, for indeed they shall be in great need.

I think everyone is expecting the biggest part of the jigsaw … (i.e., rainbows, diamonds etc) after all, aren’t there only two pieces left? Today and tomorrow’s communication...?

In Truth the puzzle is almost complete. It leaves only the one space for it to show the fullness of itself … and we shall fill that space when we appear in your skies on the 14th day of the 10th month in the year 2008. Whereby we shall prove once and for all that we come in PEACE and LOVE.

And there shall be no one more relieved than I and that’s a fact !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dearest soul …

Oh oh! I can feel the tears coming straight away … yes? I can sort of feel what you are about to say and feel a bit reluctant from the ‘ego’ point of view, and yet … how can I refuse you at this juncture ?

On behalf of The Federation Of Light we thank you for your part in this procedure. We smile with your humour for we know we could not have done it without you.

Or I, without you … clearly! You KNOW you are most welcome on one level, but I am sure you know it’s been a ride that I wouldn’t necessarily put my hand up for again!! I look out the window and the world keeps turning. How will it be when I  look out this same window next week?

It will be that you see a beauty that you have not seen before as you look through the eyes of one who has experienced and been an integral part of the way forward into the LIGHT OF LOVE … as those from planet earth join us … The Federation Of Light … on our journey home.

Nicely said my friends. We welcome you with open arms.  Many, many of us. I think I speak for perhaps millions when I say THANKYOU for the LOVE you have shown us, and …
BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Last one before 14th Oct !

15. So here I sit, feeling very odd as I am aware this is my last communication with you before you arrive and after that ….? Who knows! How ON EARTH can we know what changes this appearance will bring about? Yet I know in my heart that this event HAS to take place for the good of all mankind. For at heart, mankind is good, mankind is LOVE and I feel it is through you that we shall be able to remember this. So then … I’m sure you have your speech prepared … go right ahead…

With LOVE HUMILITY AND GRACE we offer you these words. There as those on your planet who welcome us in Loving open arms, and yet we are very much aware that there are those who are living in great trepidation of this day that is very soon to be a marked event in the history of your race. We have, through you Blossom, spread words of LOVE and acceptance of our being, and in a certain sense there is little more to say.

May your soul's TRUTH of itself guide each and everyone of you through this most exciting time.

I’ve got to be honest when I say that for me personally I have sort of lost sight of the joy a little bit. The pressure for me regarding this day is incomparable (is there such a word?). And yet … my soul reaches out in KNOWING that when you show yourself there shall be a change on this planet forever and we will KNOW not only that you come in LOVE for I feel that there shall be no denying of this ... although I don’t know what form that will take ... but I also KNOW that within each one of us, if we allow ourselves to soak in the time that we have with you, we shall be transformed into a higher part of ourselves , and yet still be in the human form. You realize of course the wait is simply agonizing?

Yet the wait is worth waiting for like all things that are of LOVE. The day that has been arranged has brought your world together again, and yet it has split it apart. In our calculations we are TRUSTING our knowledge through data collected and believe that a unity shall  transpire that shall allow a transformation to occur that will in time, rid your world of a darkness that exists there through avarice and greed.


We come to guide you through and many on your planet are in position to bring forth assistance wherever it is needed.

It’s just so hard to know what to expect. I smile for I know you so well … your answer to that is indeed as I thought ...

Expect the unexpected!

Friends … it is in such a sweet short while that all that we have said shall be revealed to you in its Truth. Many who fear us will automatically let go of that fear when they see directly for themselves what they see. Please be uplifted. This shall add to the vibration as we begin our descent into your skies.

WHOAH! WOAH! WOAH!! As I wrote that I thought I would burst! Trying to contain myself. I have come to learn that is what we need to rely on … our ‘feeling’ about words. For the mind can deceive and cause all sorts of doubts. But our ‘feelings’ can only tell us their Truth.

And you question why we chose you oh wise one?


KNOW OF THIS … We shall remain for as long as we deem it necessary. We recognize that there shall be disruptive forces claiming falsities regarding the TRUTH of who we are. We say to you most clearly that we will not leave until it is understood that we are not of your earths imagination and we are here to show you a new way of understanding the LOVE that you are. We will not abort our mission under any circumstances. We have worked too hard and waited too long. It will be as plain as the nose on your face that we are who we say we are and yet some still will question.


Only by following your heart’s feelings shall you know who we are and why we come. Abide by that, we beseech you.
 We feel now it is time to finish up this session.

It feels so like when I had my last session with you finishing ‘The Bridge’ … I howled, not knowing when we would resume. Yet … this is different of course. My heart is full of LOVE for you guys, I consider it an honour to have been chosen as your messenger, TRULY  I do, through thick and thin and all that … I simply can’t wait for Tuesday, … I know … I have to.

Our last words then before we reveal ourselves in your skies


And to you fellow wanderers ... from us earthlings …

Welcome to planet earth !!!!!!!!!!!!! Big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!