October 14th 2008
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Blossom looks back on 14th Oct.


Oct 14th Music album. Thanks so much to the guys and gals involved. well done.
Enjoy everyone!

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First of all thank you so much for your interest in this page. I feel it is so important to pass this message on as we draw closer to the 14th.

I have had to make a decision today (6th oct) that I can no longer continue to update letters etc. I shall channel as always at the weekend, but other than that, or unless there is MAJOR NEWS to announce (which I will put up on THIS page) I shall leave it as it is. Truly I am exhausted. I THANK EVERYONE for their amazing support of LOVE and encouragement and general points of view. Please also note that my laptop dropped and broke! Not a good time, so many things like mailing lists are a bit muddled. I am having to start a new account to accomodate the mass of new members, and on top of that our internet line went down for three days!! So please everyone, bear with me . I am TRYING to get it all sorted, but its taking its time as there is so much to do regarding getting things uploaded on the new laptop. Patience is a virtue so they say.!!

I feel it important to quosh an ugly rumour someone has started. I have NEVER thought/said that if the ship doesn't show that I will commit suicide. thank you!

My life has turned upside down. I have been overwhelmed with the amount of mail I have received and although I have been trying to reply in person, it has got to the point when it is no longer possible. I do apologize.
 I am SO thankful to everyone for their uplifting words of courage and strength. It is SO good to know of SO many out there in the LIGHT and KNOWLEDGE that THIS WILL TAKE PLACE.

Apology greatly in order. I have been giving out wrong information on the radio regarding the calibration of Truth. The gentle man who originally sent me the letter has let me know the facts. So sorry everyone. Completely unintentional.

Jesus does not calibrate at 600.  According to David Hawkins, author of the book "Power Versus Force", Jesus' original teachings calibrate at 1000.  Here are two sentences from the book:  "By the second century, the level of truth of the practice of his teachings had dropped to 930, and by the sixth century, to 540.  By the time of the Crusades, at the beginning of the 11th century, it had fallen to its current 498. "The person from whom I obtained the "device" is not the manufacturer; he is a supplier.

Happy to announce that the new e-book 'Snap shot' from THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT is now available on the books page. (we have rushed this through as so many of you wish to read the channellings leading up to the Oct14th message.) Enjoy! Many thanks.

I update The Federations channellings every weekend which you can read via the subheader 'Channellings'.

Please go to my EVENTS PAGE or blog to find out when I am on the radio. I feel it gives you a chance to get to know me better and listen to 'my take' on it all.

If you want to find more information please go to

Thanks to BRAD......................... 10-14-08. blogspot.com

Thanks to Lissa...........................Federation of Light Community Forum is located at http://federationoflightcommunity.lefora.com/forum/

' Thank you to those souls who chose to put up individual youtubes regarding this event.Inspirational in spreading the word. Google youtube and put Blossom Goodchild in the search engine. Please note, however, one of them is from an anonymous channel confirming the date and saying the ship will be 2,000 miles in diameter. These words are not from my channel , although they have used parts of 'The Federation's' letter in the same video. I have been told there are now 200 videos. THERFORE ......

It is SO important in ALL that you read and hear to ....


A few things of note if I may?

1.Other channellers are now confirming Oct 14th ,. See page 6.

2 On the net there is much talk of this event. I wish it to be known that those I channel say they are 'The Federation of Light' . I have not used the term Galactic, although I am not saying for a moment that they are not one and the same. I believe "The Federation' to be an ENORMOUS organisation of which many races, species, galaxies and universes are part. I do not channel Ashtar. Many do, and we are blessed for that. I channell 'The Federation of Light' and that is how they desire to be known to me . Please understand I am in no way decrying other channels and their work. (Far from it! )I am Truly grateful for their assistance in this HUGE task. I just felt the need to clarify these details. (small as they may seem)

3 Thank you to everyone who has suggested that Alabama is in 'the south of YOUR hemisphere' ... assuming that I live in the Northern hemisphere. I live in AUSTRALIA! The south of my hemisphere is the South Pole. Probably not the best location for the visit!.

4. I THINK THIS IS EXCELLENT NEWS! I have a Bio-Tensor flexible dowsing rod (http://www.bio-tensor.com) that can be used to calibrate documents and other entities on the consciousness scale of 1 to 1000 that is defined in the book "Power Versus Force" by David Hawkins, PhD.  I calibrated a print-out of the original channeling by you (Blossom) that gives the date of October 14, 2008 for extensive revealing of a space-ship.  The value obtained was 960, which is very high, and indeed, according to Hawkins' book, is higher that the current versions of any of the major religions except Mahayana Buddhism, which also calibrates at 960.  I told the Bio-Tensor supplier, who uses one extensively in his consultancy, about your channeling, and he also calibrated it, and his result was also exactly 960.  So, on that basis, the channeling would be judged as credible, except possibly a few words being not quite precice. (Thank you Jim Farmer)

5. IF MUSIC BE THE FOOD OF LOVE .... Please see no 47 p 7 inspirational idea.

6. Please check out page 8. no 75.

Many many thanks to you all for your encouraging support. Keep checking the following pages as I am 'trying' to add to them daily.

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays. And in order to keep it LIGHT ... try this ... http://dingo.care2.com/cards/flash/5409/galaxy.swf