October 14th 2008
spiritual reality

I would like to THANK everyone for their contribution to this page. I do not have the time to write and ask for permission to publish their emails , so I am removing names out of respect. It has given me SUCH warmth and strength to receive them. You have NO IDEA!

Regarding Alabama.

Blossoms note. I think I may have put a spanner in the works by saying 'Alabama isn't in the Southern Hemisphere'. Mind you, the reply The Federation gave me 'It used to be' ... it seems was, true! However, it seems many have misread the letter and are assuming that the ship will appear in Alabama. The Federation DO NOT say this. They say 'We give to you the name of Alabama'. Here are some thoughts I have received as to its meaning.

1. The only thing comes to mind is "Stars fell on Alabama".  This motto is printed on car license tags in the state of Alabama.

 2. I was very interested in hearing of the October 14th date, I have longed for this for so long. In 1999 I saw quite a few UFO's in Adelaide and on several occasions and one of them was what I assumed was a light ship because it was like a ghost, the ship was say 60 feet in diameter and white, but the middle had a band of all the colours of the rainbow. Later I went to a psychic and he told me that Adelaide used to be a space port around 50 000 years ago. As soon as I read the words in the October 14th article "In days of old, it used to be" I immediately thought that Alabama might be the name of the old space port in Adelaide.

3. Yes, it took courage to post that, but many,many of us have read things similar, or have been in channelings from Ashtar or other commanders and higherups that work with Sananda...the great one! I hope and pray that this occurance does happen; it is time for the world to know what secrets have been kept from them.  I've always believed, never once thought to doubt (well, of course I did, I remember well my time in the Pleides, and with the Brotherhood of Light!)... even as a young child.  I've been ridiculed for these beliefs, but always felt that someday, they would see the light. So, thank you for your beautiful postings...Regarding "Alabama"...did they not mean the southern part of our states, rather than hemisphere?  I only hope that it is large enough that I can see them and wave from North Carolina!!!  I've read recent postings that many are being lead to go out and look up at the night skies...I wonder if they are being prepared to see this lovely site??

4. The "indus" (native american) constellation is in the southern hemisphere, and Alabama is named after a Native American tribe, I wonder if that's the connection.I sure hope this comes to pass.

5. As I ponder on the word Alabama all of a sudden a song on the radio keeps repeating itself and making a profound impact on those I am sharing this message with here in Australia and in the USA. The Song "Sweet Alabama" is the song and people are catching themselves singing this song and wondering where it has all of a sudden come from of late.. Australia also has states....not just the America's. I was just thinking and thought to share.Very powerful and very exciting...

6. I was intrigued by the Alabama reference, and the remark that ‘In days of old, it used to be’ in the Southern Hemisphere. In Australia we're taught about Gondwana, a 'supercontinent' that existed millions of years ago comprised of Antartica, South America, Africa, parts of India and Australia and New Zealand. There was a second supercontinent - Pangaea that was made up of most of today's northern hemisphere continents. I found research that indicates that "most of Florida and southern Georgia and Alabama are underlain by rocks that were originally part of Gondwana but that were left attached to North America when Pangaea broke apart." This *may* explain the message.

7. I cannot be certain as I do not fully remember, but I am sure that the Federation Of Light (Hathors?) are likely referring to those days long gone before the major shift referred to by Thoth in the Emerald Tablets destroyed a great deal of the then known Earth along with Lemuria and Atlantis.I really believe that the sun did rise in the west and set in the east before the fall which would mean that the poles were reversed.I hope The Federation will not change their minds, such an event would really help many who are "on the fence" and I honestly feel that the time is right now.

8. Maybe the Credence Clearwater Revival song, 'Sweet Home Alabama' may be of some help - 'Sweet Home Alabama, Lord I'm Coming Home To You.... Where The Skies Are Blue....'  Isn't Australia lovingly nicknamed 'Gods own Country?'

9. Why Alabama? ... besides the Marshall Space FLight Center, we also have one of the only remaining historical sights and space camp at our Space and Rocket Center.. tho MSFC is mostly now defense contracts unfortunately- at one time it was a great center for space exploration.. it is where Werner Von Braun came to bring his knowledge and start the space program. The same site holds Redstone Arsenal military complex. At one time, most who were employed here worked for one or the other. Also, it is well known that the Cherokee  live(d) in  North Eastern AL, many were able to escape during the Trail of Tears and fanned out across AL, MS and many remained in NC. We of course, long time ago arrived from the Pleiades.. in fact that is where I call home and have for some time.

10. I am an Airline Pilot and a UFO/ET Experiencer, and your message is in accord with the impressions I have been getting for many years. . There is a big NASA center in Huntsville, Alabama, and perhaps that is going to be the place where it starts. It would be an amazing event if it actually comes to pass as predicted. It is also said that it will "Scan" over many states, so hopefully many of us will get to see it from where we live. There are many of us active in Colorado that would love to have a visit. Very interesting, we will have to see where they appear, though we should probably trust their judgment as to how to make the best impact. Checking Encarta, there is also an Alabama in South Africa, Belize, and Greenland. I don't think they would make a huge media splash in Greenland, and I also believe that it is my (Formerly) good old USA that needs the greatest awakening, I still think that is most likely. We shall see!

11. Concerning Alabama and the Southern Hemisphere.  Perhaps I can shed some light.  Not sure when this happened, but the map of the world was intentionally reversed to give the Northern hemisphere 'power'.  Previously the map had been drawn with the Southern hemisphere at the top.

12. Reflecting on the word of Alabama,

A - the sound of the Heart, or the Breath
ALA, or ALLAH - the Supreme Being
BA - the ancient Egyptian word for the etheric double, I believe, or the
Light body
MA - the Great Mother

So perhaps, this name is symbolic of that place in our Heart that can recognize the Supreme Being and allow it to infuse MA, our Mother Earth, and our own bodies, in order to raise its frequencies to BA, our Light body, so it can transmute, or ascend, to the next dimension.Interestingly, this name also relates to Bama - as in Obama, who is a Light being come to usher in the Great Shift. BA-MA = the fusion of our Light Body with the Body of the Great Mother. So where is this to take place? Is it really in 3D, or in subtle levels, made visible by light technologies of our space brothers? Certainly, it will be made visible at a sacred vortex of Mother Earth,ancient or new, where the veils are thinned.