October 14th 2008
spiritual reality

13.Wow that certainly took some courage to put that out, good on you - shall certainly keep my eyes peeled. The wonderful woman (healer and clairaudient) whom we knew in Sussex told us that there would be sightings in the southern hemisphere! That pilots sometimes see them but keep quiet about them.

14.“When the polarity of planet Earth shifts, Alabama will be/was in the Southern Hemisphere.”

15.The earth has flipped poles. Essentially, during the time of the Dinosaur’s, the southern hemisphere was north and visa versa. This is one of the reasons the giant creatures died off. The poles flipped and thus ushered in the ice age. We are coming upon that time again. Many scientists say that we are due for the polar shift to occur again and many think that this is the great change that will happen in 2012.

16. What a huge thing to get through - and a massive responsibility. Thank you for having the strength and faith to send it out and spread the word...and know there are many behind you in love, light and support. I am feeling the shift accelerating daily and it sounds as though everyone else is too. To say what you have got through is 'timely' is an understatement! I can't wait! Regarding the whole 'Alabama' question, We found some information on the Aries full moon (Oct 14), and it mentions the volcanic crater of Haleakala in Hawaii as being the sacred site for this date. Still in the northern hemisphere, I know, but only just below the Tropic of Cancer. As we approach 2012 Earth is completing a 26,000 year 'wobble' on its axis - somewhere along the line Haleakala probably was in the southern hemisphere. Anyway, this may be clutching at straws, but due to the similarity of the names, we thought it worth mentioning.

17.I have just emerged from the bottom of the Grand Canyon, where I visited geologic formations up to 1.2 billion years old. We were taught that a very long time ago the Colorado Plateau, through which the Colorado River has cut, was once in the Southern Hemisphere and drifted northward. So must have the area later called Alabama.

18. You spoke of your confusion about the northern hemisphere once being the southern one. I could refer you to Imanuel Velekovski and his works but it is easier to tell you in short. Acording to several peoples legends... written ones... the earth tilted over during the days of the Exodus.
Leaders all over the world had their wise men searching the heavens to find the new stars and seasons.  The Western Sun... the rising sun... was replaced by the Eastern Sun.  A new sun and a new sky took place in those days. For more details, you would have to read Earth in Upheval and Worlds in Collision, by the above author.

19. Regarding the possible "October Surprise" - Didn't the Federation say "in the south of your hemisphere"? To me, that doesn't refer to the southern hemisphere and still makes sense of the Alabama reference. Very exciting times.

20. I think that when you said "Alabama" but referred to the Southern Hemisphere, there are many names here that are very similar to that name.  It has been said that South America is the gate way to the stars and that we have here more UFO sightings than anywhere else in the world.  I have only lived here for 4 months as we moved from Canada and there is a different feeling in the air, different colors and differents sensations of energy.  Next to Cusco in Peru is a place called Urubamba,  But next to my town, close to the vocano Tungurahua is a placed called Rio Bamba.  You might like to do a meditation on the map of South America and see if you feel something there.  When Shirley Mcclain, arrived here before she wrote her book, there was a sign that used to stand near Lake Titicaca that said If you want to see a UFO wait here for 24 hours and you will see one.  I think that inspired her book.  Please let me know as I have a feeling that it will be here, some where and If at all possible it might be an auspitios thing to be there at the same time.

21. I read your first contact announcement and found a possible answer to your question of why Alabama was referred to as being in the Southern Hemisphere (actually referred to in the message as the southern part of our hemisphere aka just north of the equator). This video may be of interest to you: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1278182644315008107

22. I too am a light worker, or an Indigo as we like to be called sometimes. I fully support this message and believe in this message. I did some research and, although it is not 100% perfect which is irksome, I believe I may have found the solution to the "Southern Hemispere" problem.
 if you look at the pictures of Pangea on the following two links, it is plausible that Alabama was at one point below the Southern Hemisphere. in case you are not aware of the theory, Pangea was the idea that at one point all the continents were connected, and gradually shifted apart. (much like the chaotic people of the world right now?) http://www.paleoportal.org/media/boilerplate/0/11068_period_pal_map_11_image.jpg

23. ALABAMA,    1/   A Member of a Muskhogen Tribe of Indians now living in Texas    2/  The Tribe.     3/   The Language of this Tribe is Choctaw. alba ayamule. (close to alabama)    aprox English-  " I Clear The Thicket."

24. I am writing to you from New Zealand and was wondering if you knew that there is a place called ALABAMA HILL on Alabama road. 1,245 kn from Noosa Heads?. Its inland just a bit from TOWNSVILLE.I just zoomed in a litle and not too far, (a couple of roads away is a  place called GRAND SECRET. Even stranger is, this place called Grand secret doesnt appear to be the name of a road or anything. It has been placed on a crossroads. Maybe it is just the name of the town  lol.But anyway, maybe this is the ALABAMA they are talking about.... atfrer all, it IS in the Southern Hemisphere.

25. I can assume that our friends that have given us the message are right now smiling at us in amusement of how each and every single one of us has over analyzed the Alabama part of the message. I hope I’m not being rude when I say this, but it is very obvious that they were explaining the size of the craft that will be visiting us. It is going to be the size of the state of Alabama. I will keep my mind open to this message and hope that it is true.

26. The Federation says according to you that it's in the SOUTH OF YOUR HEMISPHERE. The message doesn't say: IN the 'Southern Hemisphere', right? then it is just correct as they say it, that Alabama is in the South of your hemisphere.

27. I was reading the message about the October event, and I think Alabama is the name of a ship that the U.S. government was using to do an experiment with.  I understand that it didn't go well and they renamed it.    I have asked my guide if my hunch is true and they said yes. 

28. Thank you for your bravery sending the message recently. It is wonderful to hear. I live on the west coast of Calif, north of San Franciso. I have a science background that is kind of old by now. what I recall that might be relevant, is there was a change on the planet a long time ago, that caused a shift I think in the magnetic polarity. What I recall is some sea creatures changed the direction of their ?vortex? from say clock-wise to counter [or vice  versa]. This was thought to be as a result of the magnetic changes.

29. The southern hemisphere was referred to as the deep south in the civil war days of the early 1800’s. This area still contains the old Dixie energy and still holds the most fear. It carries the nickname of the ‘bible belt’. What they are saying is correct. Alabama (the state) will be the location, while the surrounding states (Mississippi and Louisiana) could also be covered depending on whether they bring a mother ship. I feel for your fear on broadcasting information that is feared. I work with the angelic’s (Archangels).  Thank you for saying what you received. You have done your part. And know it is up to the rest of rest to do our part. Beautiful website.

30 .I don't think they'd say that Alabama used to be in the Southern Hemisphere when you asked about it if they weren't implying they'd be
in the state of Alabama at one point. But I do hope they'll give me the proof I need. I believe it, but I want to be able to say, "Yes, I saw it, and I know what I saw. I'm convinced, and you can call me crazy if you don't believe it, but I know it." That's a good thing to say, you know. It feels good.

31. I am currently an undergraduate studying geology.  Millions of years ago the US, including what is now Alabama, was at or below the equator.  Which is why you have so many sedimentary rocks there now, they were formed there from tropical seas and much warmer climates than they experience today.  This would lead credence to the placement of Alabama in the southern hemisphere.

32. Allah  BA-MA. Seems obvious.

33.   Alabama was an Indian tribe.

34. I am going to go out on a limb here about your message of a coming on the days following October 14. Keep an eye on South Africa, (that is the actual name of the state in the southern hemisphere).  The government has had themselves in a legal mess for years over a land dispute. A war actually did break out on October 14 1899.

35. I would suggest reading Edgar Cayce's book on Atlantis. It gives a description on the world of old and suggests that there were indeed times that America was in the southern hemisphere due to previous pole shifts on this planet.

36.    It is quite possible that what is now Alabama was once in the Southern hemisphere,as it seems that the planet flips over every so many millions of years. There are large oil deposits under the antarctic,which are believed to indicate that it was at one time tropical or equatorial.
There is also a town called Alabama in the State of Southern Australia,which,of course,is in the Southern hemisphere. Another idea; How about if it was not "Alabama",but "El Obama"?!

37.Alabama means kind rays of sun

38. In regard to Alabama:   Gulf Breeze, Florida has long been a hot bed of UFO sightings, and this is well documented.  It's located a couple hundred miles from the Alabama State line.  This area could well be an energy belt or vortex for inter-dimensional travel.    Many unheard voices welcome the Federation.

39. T he Great Island of Pangea, the theory that states all the continents were once one land mass.  Additionally, this could be the Native American riddle of Turtle Island.  Pangea's theory is supported by mountain ranges that line up across oceans, fossil remains that also match up across waters, as well as, the submerged continental shelves of the continents the match up nicely.  etc.Pangea, was first cast off as a hieratic anthem, but it is now held firm, now that the driving mechanism (which separated the continents) is known to be Plate Tectonics.

40. I live in Birmingham, Alabama, the largest city in our state.  The NASA location is in the northern part of the state close to Tennesee.  Huntsville, Alabama, a tiny metropolis until Wernher von Braun started the Marshall Space Flight Center to develope the spacecraft to the moon.  Boeing has a large facility here as well.  The city is consumed with scientists employed at Red Stone Arsenal testing and developing missiles/rockets.  Nasa and Boeing are located on the Red Stone arsenal (federal property) that lies on the shores of the Tennesee River.  The brain-work of our weapons of mass destruction for the US are in Huntsville, Alabama.  Much testing is done in New Mexico and also Huntsville.  I lived here and felt my home shake when rockets were fired. I share this information as it may be the predominate reason the ship will appear over Alabama.

41. I'm sure many have written by now explaining why "Alabama" but I felt the need to respond regarding my home state.  The Southeastern United States used to be under the ocean at one time as many shells are found here.  As written in the Flower of Life books, approximately every 12,000 years the earth rotates and the poles change.  These beings that are visiting us have been coming for centuries and would know this.  However, I feel that incorrect wording may be why they used the Southern Hemisphere reference instead of using Southern United States. The Southeast, in particular Alabama, will be a spiritual awakening point for the rest of the world in days to come.  The beings know exactly what
has been taking place on earth and would know this too.

42. I am a keen fan of the work by Barbra Hand Clow and her work Catastophobia. In this she has expanded on the work of Allan and Deliar on a reconstructed prediluvian map. I am unsure fo the exact geography however I believe in this map Alabama is very close to the Southern Hempisphere, on this basis we could be wrong or inaccurate and alabama was in the SH. I think its an ideaI .

43 It will be in the south of your hemisphere and it shall scan over many of your states.  We give to you the name of Alabama."In the south part of my hemisphere, there is Alabama.  And there are not too many countries with states...many states.  And the southern US is called simply the South quite often.  So, I don't think there is misinterpretation or a miscommunication in this transmission.  In the south of my hemisphere, scanning many states, Alabama.  I'm sure there's a reason why NASA is in Alabama in the first place, so perhaps its got good "acoustics" for hovering?

44. I have an answer for your question about Alabama. Yes, it was once the Southern Hemisphere. There are Complete Reversals of the Electromagnetic Field of the Earth about every 225,000 years or so... This means Magnetic South Becomes North and North Becomes South... There are minor Fluctuations in the Earth's EMF every 26,000 years. Currently the Earth is starting to Go Through This Again...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geomagnetic_reversal There is a documentary from NOVA on the subject called "Magnetic Storm"...

45. Alabama means :The Rev. Allen Wright, a Choctaw scholar, translated the name as thicket clearers, compounded of Alba meaning "a thick or mass vegetation," and amo meaning "to clear, to collect, to gather up." This seems to , for what I read about this Federation Of Light in other articles...that is what they tend to do...to clear, to collect, to gather up...the mass.

46.I navigated to her website and read that she considers “Alabama” an important part of that prediction.  She mentioned the song “Sweet Home Alabama” and the state’s motto,  “Stars Fell On Alabama”  For some reason I have always associated Alabama with the “Southern Cross”, a constellation also known as Crux Australis. I also associate the song “Southern Cross” by Crosby, Stills and Nash with Alabama.

47. I think the space brothers are talking about a southern  american civil war ship not a northern state of Alabama.    Bob Bursey is a history
buff who answered the question I had, why did the space brothers name the first ship the Alabama? I presented this info to the Sun City Center Metaphysical society in Florida a few weeks ago: The CSA ALABAMA was a southern ship of the confederate (southern) state of america in the civil war. It was a raider ship that raided northern shipping. The Alabama was the subject of international dispute. Settled by the treaty of Washington that  was created by an international community made up of Great Brittan, the USA, Italy, Switzerland and Brazil., It was based out of Geneva Switzerland. The agreement became a historical "bellweather" (thing that sets a precedent) for International Arbitration INSTEAD OF WAR THEY HAD PEACE BECAUSE THEY NEGOTIATED I.E. TALKED IT OUT!. The ship was destroyed outside the three mile limit in international waters  after it left France (also a neutral county) for repairs, it was manufactured in England. It was destroyed by the Kerserge, a northern us civil war ship. The dispute was brought by the US against Great Brittan because they had gone against international neutrality laws by building the Alabama and other war ships in the first place.  The commission called the Treaty of Washington awarded the US  15.5 million dollars for indemnity for damage inflicted by the Alabama and other British built vessels.

48. I want to  share with you my experience on Aug. 10, 2008. Before I had heard about or  had seen the Federation of Light annnouncement, I had a dream or audio message, I was in a light sleep, when I heard the words "Centerville, Alabama nearHuntsville" in a calm voice. It was repeated 4 or 5 times. I had a feeling of peace and a very light wind. That is all there was to it. Later that day, I checked my Emails and read about and viewed the announcement for the first time.Note: there are 2 Centervilles in Alabama; one in the southern part of the State and the other near Huntsville, in northern Alabama. Also, prior to Aug. 10 I had never heard of either Centerville, AL.

49.   I believe Alabama refers to the state of Alabama in the southern part of the US.  It will be about 3 weeks before these very important elections. The south is well known for its' history regarding African-Americans and slavery.  Barack Obama is a wonderful candidate and will bring in much needed light to this country and this world.  What better place for this state of Alabama to receive messages of Light, Love and Truth.

50. I have had 3 signs that lead me to you site prior to your site i knew nothing of this upcoming visit. Such a big event it is hard to talk about as I question myself but feel i should leave my opion right or wrong on feelings i get. the recent feeling i have is Alabama is the place but even more Geneva. another feeling lead me to Notradamus XII 69 *Savoy near to go far, Lake of Geneva,Very great preparations, return, confusion:Far from the nephews of the late great "Supelman", I feel this fits in. living in Aust I did not know Geneva was in Alabama. other maybe interesting areas close to Geneva places called 1)New Hope 2)Bethlehem 3)slocombe (sure was snowcone and not slocombe)Anyway what I have maybe long shot or nothing but keep getting these feelings that lead me here

51.Please, review the image attached and found at http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Launchpad/8098/Fig112.gif Plus, I believe earth has undergone at least 2 full 180º rotation of the magnetic north because of the rotation of hearth and it might happen again?. (see “Is the Earth preparing to flip?” at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/2889127.stm)

52. I am a Cherokee Indian from the USA that remembers the Old Ways.  I find it interesting that in the old Muskogee/Creek language "alabama" literally means "the place of greeting".  All of the European translations of alabama are technically correct but they all refer to a place of greeting [between peoples].

53.I was thrilled by your message about 14 October 2008 and the mystery of the name Alabama intrigues me. Here's my take on it. I believe the space brothers will manifest if mankind reaches a critical point in this timeline when we will be in danger of destroying the planet.Current events are indicating an imminent showdown between (The Powers That Be) TPTB and human spirituality.I analysed the name "Alabama" numerologically" it breaks down to a 4 for the vowels, 9 for the consonants which when added together form the 13. The major arcana of the tarot gives meaning to these numbers 4 is the emperor, 9 is the hermit and 13 is death. So I don’t believe it represents the name of a federation of light ship but the name of  TPTB ship which was the scene of a déjà vu type movie called “Crimson Tide”. The following are Wikipedia references:USS Alabama (SSBN-731) is the sixth Ohio-class nuclear-powered fleet ballistic missile submarine, and the sixth United States ship to be named after the state of Alabama. The ship's motto mimics the state's motto, Audemus Jura Nostra Defendere (We dare defend our rights).

54. I watched the video and asked a friend of mine who does readings where this Alabama could be.  Her guides came back with "Asyria/Babylon" I did some research and found out that back in the days before Christ there was a place in Asyria along the Tigris river called Alabama.  It would now be part of Iraq probably.  Could this be the place they are speaking of.   don't know if it was in the Southern Hemisphere at one time or not. 

55. About the word ‘Alabama’… could it be Alabama Hill in Queensland, Australia? It’s in the south of your hemisphere… Maybe Alabama is not related to any place. I don’t know. No one knows exactly where it will happen, and that’s a good thing. I’m sure of that.

56.A friend just told me about your message and I couldn’t be more excited and then when I read it…WOW!!!  As I child I grew up in Alabama and I recall many nights laying out on the ground looking up at the stars and calling out “PLEASE COME VISIT US!  I KNOW YOU’RE OUT THERE!”  That was 30 years ago, so I guess it took time for that message to make it into deep space! I’ve heard your getting a lot of flack for this message.  PLEASE do not let that dissuade you.  We need this contact and we need people like you to help us be ready.

57. I live in Toney, Alabama - USA. I was reading on your website about October 14, 2008 with the connection to Alabama. Just thought I'd let you know that the song "Sweet Home Alabama" was written & sung by the band Lynyrd Skynyrd - not Creedance Clearwater Revival aka (CCR). No biggie, just thought I'd let ya know that just in case you might want to change that on your website. Most Alabamians know that song very well..it's like our "theme song" for our state. You could probably ask almost any person that lives in Alabama to sing you the song, and they could probably sing it from beginning to end and even from the end to the beginning =)  That's how much we take pride in that song.

58.I don't know if you received any information on the name "Alabama" concerning that ship to appear, but I am of Native American heritage, Choctaw, and Alabama means "Friends; people of one nation".

59. Regarding the Southern Hemisphere and Alabama question.  It is my understanding from my guides that the Earth's poles are in a shifting process that will culminate in the coming years.  When the movement of the poles and their magnetic energies are complete the state of Alabama will be in the magnetic energy of what is currently the Southern Hemisphere.  This means that although the Earth will stay in about the same position the poles and therefore the hemispheres will move.  I think that is what was being indicated by those words and the beings who communicated the message are aware of this changing magnetic situation on the planet. 

60.“Alabama” is the name of a native Indian tribe. Perhaps their descendants emigrated from the South and there were previous contacts with the extraterrestrials Just a thought. The Alabama a people and not a place in the message perhaps? Why is geography important? I did not research this history but somebody could speak to the tribe elders? It could have been possible that there was a migration and a planting of genetic seed in the descendants – a wild thought.

45. While listening to Blossom's interview, certain info came into my mind and I Googled "USS Alabama". And what came out ; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Alabama_(SSBN-731) Check the interesting detail: "Alabama was laid down on 14 October 1980 at Groton, Connecticut" Alabama is currently part of Submarine Group 9 and is homeported at Naval Base Kitsap in Bangor, Washington.
I do not think, that this kind of coincidence with Galactic Federation message is just random... And I wonder, where currently this submarine is? And what it's going to do on Oct 14?

46.So to the point....... you mentioned Alabama...................... if not then could it not be Aldama... right next to the cave of crystals found in 2007 in Mexico..Take a look, I couldn't believe it. http://www.nationalgeographic.com/xpeditions/atlas/index.html?Parent=mexico&Rootmap=chihua

47.(this is a letter I received. It is not channelled by me, Blossom ) I asked the Federation about this, and they said they were referring to the most recent geomagnetic reversal, before which Alabama (or rather, the land that was later designated as Alabama) was in the Southern Hemisphere. Alabama was in the same place; it was the hemispheres that moved. The Federation got confused by our arbitrary designations of north and south; since the poles keep reversing their positions, the Federation wasn’t sure which of our hemispheres we currently refer to as the northern one and which as the southern one. The Federation often doesn’t pay attention to arbitrary, language-based designations like this, since most of their races’ own communicative consciousness is beyond language (except when they use it to communicate with beings who still use language, like humans).

48.perhaps the meaning behind that message is not that they will show up in Alabama, but means take a look at the Alabama tribe and their teaching http://www.alabama-coushatta.com/History/TheLegendofTheTwinManifestations/tabid/63/Default.aspx

49. I contact you regarding the 14. October, the comming of the big space ship of the Galagtic Foederation. They will appear in / at "Alabama" I found the following: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alabama_Hills

50. the link to Alabama & Southern Hemisphere. My theory is that it could be linked with the Sunspot even mentioned in this link and the Alabama space centre. It is even conceivable that the fact that Blossom is Australian, and she is the "Channel" that the mention of Southern Hemisphere is relevant. http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2006/15aug_backwards.htm