October 14th 2008
spiritual reality



1. WOW!!! Thank you for this....I have already sent it off to everybody I know, and will just keep on sending. Brave girl!! Bless you!!! Can't wait for Oct 14.....be very interesting to see what response comes of this!!

2. I am not surprised as have wondered when these activities would start happening in these amazing and challenging times. Do you suppose, like the crop circles, only those of the higher vibrational energies will actually be able to 'perceive' the ship? Interesting. I have seen them in previous years in Aust and NZ.

3. These are amazing times we are witnessing and the party is just beginning.

4. I received your video through a forward and found myself in tears of joy watching it.

 5. I watched the video regarding the subject event. Although I firmly believe that we are and have been visited by extraterrestrial beings, I am a little sceptical of the October 14 visitation. Obviously, I won't be able to witness it since I live in Toronto, Canada (Northern Hemisphere). However, are there any plans to make a video of the event available on the Internet and/or some other media source?Obviously, if this does take place, it will be of enormous significance to humankind. I trust that plans have been,or will be made, to record this event and make it available for any and all to see. Thanks.

Blossoms comment to this : We still do not know where it will present itself. But I feel sure that the entire world will know of this. I feel it will be on TV all over the globe. It is off enormous size. They do not do things by halves! This will shock the world. It is not going to be a small event! This must be understood. Sadly , there will be much chaos brought about by fear, but they ask us to listen only to our hearts and KNOW of the TRUTH that they come in LOVE.

6. I am very very happy. My dream coming.

7. I read your posting about October 14, 2008 on the Just Channelings Yahoo Group list.  I really hope this comes to pass.  Like many others, I am so ready for positive changes, and I believe that contact with our space brothers and sisters will be a big step in that direction.  I sometimes read conflicting messages from different mediums, or read of events that will happen at any time... and I keep waiting.  When I read your post, I felt a wave of tingles go through me, which is usually my sign that sometime rings true for me.  So, I really hopeful that this appearance on October 14, 2008 will truly come to pass, and will be a first step towards the long awaited first contact.

8. As you might know there have been many messages put out there stating basically the same thing, but no one has venture to put a "date" to it. I admire your courage! and truly hope it becomes a reality.There is no doubt that there is up most concern for this planet from the higher levels. There is an explosive energy which wants to happen to get things moving in the right direction but hopefully not through difficult or destructive occurrences. It's up to us to join together in consciousness, prayers and gatherings in order to make the ascension

9. wow the information you have sent out is great news. I have been studying [searching] for the truth for a long time.

10. Im 15 yrs old and i have been reading all your blogs about 0ct. 14th, 2008. I know that what you are saying is the TRUTH. I have believed in "aliens" all my life and i am convinced that what you say is real. If there is anything i can do to help you inform people, please let me know. People always think i am crazy for believing in all these things but i know that there is a higher life form. The world, especially America, is in a time of depression and chaos. I believe that the only ones that could help us are the Federation of Light. If there is anything i can do to spread the word, please email me back. I would love to be part of such an amazing movement. Thank you

11. So glad to know of you and your work. We are One. I plan to send this article below tomorrow as one of the 4 segments in my occasional "Message from Michael" which goes out to thousands of light workers worldwide,

Could this BE the long promised major "event." ? However, as always use discernment...in what you read, see, hear, feel or sense is your truth (which hopefully means (by discern) that you see or believe and live by what is YOUR truth)....FOR we each and all perceive a different range or aspect of the WHOLE one truth--relative to anyone or anything--past present or future. How blessed we are in that induviduality among such mass contrasting or united diversity. Let us rejoice and be thankul...and all HOPE this welcome 'HEADS UP" message turns out to be genuinely prophetic. I CAN SUPPORT THAT VISION AS MY JOYFUL TRUTH! It would be an "event" that would certainly change and uplift the consciousness and vision of our Earth humanity forever!! Will you join me in this apparent uplifting pre-pavement of what we can look forward to viewing in our skies 3-D Earth skies overhead in soon unfolding October 2008? Thanks to those who so choose. Bless us all. So be it.

12. I would like to commend you on your faith and bravery.Sending this out must have taken tremendous strength. It is the people like you in the world that encourage us all to live beyond fear.

Blossom's comment: Had to put that one in. It made me cry!

13. Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! is all I can say. I am so excited. Lets get this show on the road!! 

14. Thank you for letting the world no your news about the events coming up. I am gratful but to most it will fall on deaf ears .Two things you should no about myself are, i once had a indian in a canoe with me also i have seen close up a galactic federation bell shaped craft with the occupants smiling toward me

15. Having read your info I hope for your sake that this comes true. Some years ago I worked with higher beings in preparing earth for the next phase in her evolution..An event such as you described would indeed cause ripples.... I would indeed be happy if it occurs .A few days ago during meditation I met what I came to recognize as The Highest Being in its male form.I wondered why I was there and when he approached me with the question "And what do you wish?" it became instantaneously clear to me that I wanted "Peace on earth and love between people" and so I told him. A very strong white light flooded from above and through me for quite a while.When still in my early 20s I met people from another universe in a 15 min long session in a field outside Stockholm (Sweden). This was unintentional from my side but obviously planned by them. I asked them "why contact me" and their reply was 'In your words, we do the will of God". I have not been and still am not an active member of any church.

16. I just want to say 'Thankyou' and 'Good on you' for having the courage to come forward with this new information you have been chosen to deliver to the world. Many people would not have had the inner strength to do what you have done, so once again 'Thankyou'. For the sake of our world and humanity I say BRING IT ON!!!! The sooner we transform this world the better.

17. I just heard about blossom's channeling activityfrom the youtube video on the oct 14th event. Looking forward to seeing more messages and get a sense of where she is coming from. I have looked at many messages and predictions most didn't happen. I am hopeful for oct 14th - actually i feel in my heart that there is something important about that announcement. Though i am doubtful that it will get much coverage even if it happens.Though i do hope it is real and does get coverage. and will be praying that if it is good, and if it is within god's plan for us that it will succeed.

18. I'm contacting you to let you know that I've been having visions of a number of huge UFO's decloaking in various parts of the world with the timeframe being quite soon. Thank you for your message - I clearly resobnate with it. I'm delighted to have placed in on my website - UFO and ET
http://www.celticgardens.com.au/UFOs_and_Extra-Terrestrials.html. Keep up the great work and bless you for your courage.

19. I do believe that we as a  civilization are ready for this very momentus occasion.

20. It is creating a wave of Love around the planet.

21. Thank you for your courage. From what I have read The Federation plans to establish a central hub of world governments in Canberra, Australia which is known as The Crown Chakra of Mother Earth. I have found no info. on any connection with that and Alabama in the southern hemisphere.

22. I was delighted to receive it, and am looking forward to October 14th. I'm glad that our brothers and sisters from other places, are coming to help our planet move to a new Higher Vibration of Love. Thanks for your courage in sharing this information.

23. i just see the video and is amazing if this gonna happen , i really wait this moment time ago. im from Mexico and here are a lot of people who likes to know about this but not speak english so be great if we can get any information in spanish to 14th octuber event. i can share with a lot
of peoples here and all latin america. thanks ! ( if anybody can assist contact thus site and I will pass on details.)

24. I also get the tingles when I think about it, so I can't wait! I think it's just what this planet needs. I've decided that no matter where it happens, I'm going there to see it for myself. We live in the most amazing time ever. Thank you for your courage in putting this out.

25. Thank you for this information. My husband has been telling me for the last 6 months that contact is going to happen this year. He has had many encounters from the time he was a child into his adult years. Here is his story. http://groups.msn.com/TheJamesFiles

26. I received a copy in spanish of the message that our elderly brothers of a loving energy sent to you telling us that one of thier ships will be appearing in the skies on October 14th of this year. Lately, I have been what I think, is gifted, with all this information and what I call "memorys" of our vida verdadera or truthfull life. I call them memorys because I´ve realized that most of this  dosent seem like new info that I´ve never heard of before. I´ts like wakeing up in the morning and remembering what happend the day before, having passed  a night of very deep dreaming. This event will assure me of what I think is probably what I´m meant to do when the time comes. I think I´m writing to you now beacuse I feel pretty lonely with all these beautifull memorys. I can´t really talk to people about this excitement that I have looking forward to the 14th. I think I´m just writing to you beacuse I would like to share all this with more people, and above all trying to remember what I came to do in this world. I guess I have a lot of time to figure it out giving the fact that I´m 18. But for now I´ll stick to my normal life and dutys trying every day to be the best example I can be .