October 14th 2008
spiritual reality


27. Just a few days ago I saw the Oct. 14 video.  I had to slosh that around in my head a bit, didn’t want to get duped again.  However, I found your website and downloaded ‘The Bridge’ book.  That book made me a believer.  It is perfect.  This is going to happen. Several other channelings have said that 2008 first contact, if not full first contact would occur.  Other channelings said that something astounding would happen just before our election, which occurs in the first week of November.   Recently channelings have stated it is just a few more weeks or months before we see some relief (from our lying ass criminal government I was hoping) and first contact would fit that bill but so would investigation by our Congress, or Impeachment, or trying certain Bush Cabal criminals in Hague for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, all of which is in the works right now.  And, of course, space relatives are working on all those things at the same time with their Earth allies. I do send love to Bush, et al, for by his incredible wrongdoing, he has provided us the opportunity to wake up to many things, not the least of which is who we really are.   I am convinced it is Alabama, USA.  USA is where it is needed most.  We have the most controlled media (our so-called Patriot Act gives control of what we can know to our government) and most disinfo on UFOs and space relatives.  Our government is causing the most horrendous crimes and atrocities in the world, in secret, while lying to us!  They are ready to enslave us (but won’t get away with it).  

Our government has the Star Wars program to start a war in space, and all our satellites are pointed out towards space, not for friendly reasons I might add.   Then there is control of the world’s food supply, GMO crops, disease-causing vaccines, pollution and depleted Uranium that if people knew the effects of they would storm the Whitehouse.  Fully 66% of all Americans who fought in Gulf War I are now on permanent disability, due to most likely the effects of the tremendous amount of DU given off in the few days of that war.  And DU from all sources spreads all over the world in just a few weeks.  This is the United States of Insanity!  In order for the world to create a community of love and an economy of sharing, something must be done to get the USA back in control of its people with leaders who have good intentions, as well as other governments around the world that are following its lead.  Now I have long thought that when first contact does occur that I will need to put myself to work to calm people down and point out very good reasons why the space relatives are not a threat, and actually come in love.  I can make good arguments for this, but after reading “The Bridge’, I know that I can do nothing better than sharing your book and books with them.  It is so wonderful that you had the foresight to offer download copies.  It would be just horrible for them to wait weeks or months to get the answers to all their questions of what is going on and what spiritually to do about it.   Thank you for that avenue, you will make my job much easier, provided they are choose to take this advice.   So, again, I thank you, Blossom, for showing us all the way.  We will create the New Earth together if we all do our part with love. 

28. I have an idea about the Oct. 14th event.  I think it would be good to have those days and a day prior as well as a time for focusing on peace, love, acceptance, and such for when we see the Galactic Federation ship(s).  I would like to ask if Blossom could ask White Cloud, and, or the other friends to give us a meditation, or something to help ease the fears that the governments will be trying to send from this event.  Basically surround those dark energies with Love and Light on Oct. 14th through 16th.  And also I thought we could also start focusing on peace, acceptance of our space family on Oct 13th to prepare the way.  (A very good idea. I will try to get that done. thank you)

29. Dannion Brinkley, in his book "The Secrets of the Light" Page 222, speaks of this event. He says that it will be "undeniably clear to everyone alive on the planet". s He has made a number of predictions since 1975 that have been true. Bear in mind too that governments of the world have been covering up a lot of things for a very long time. Fear of losing control of the people would be a reason why perhaps.

30 Just for your information, I talked to a person, who also appears to be involved in channelling in Kyrgytstan, about the October 14th event and she gave the following information:
The spacecraft comes on october 14  and stays until november 1;
They come from the Galaxy number 3, SELERSANSIT;
Number of crew 5 or more;
"Alabama" means Kind Rays of Sun.

31. I really do hope they do show up. It's well over due. Back around the turn of the new century there was a statement going around the internet from an extraterrestrial race. They asked the human race "Should we Show Up"? They monitored the internet waiting for a positive or negative answer. Obviously, they never showed up.... There's only one thing that bothers me about this coming from the Federation of Light. If it appears over the AU or the US I'm afraid either country would consider it a threat and not only attempt to attack it but would use the appearance of this huge craft as a excuse to declare Martial Law. They, the ET's have said they have the technology to defend themselves and I'm sure they are well advanced of Earth. I apologize, I don't mean to come across as being negative but most of the people of Earth are not even aware of this message,they aretoo busy trying to survive wars and despotic gov't controls. There are a few of us that would welcome this appearance and we are in a minority. I'm just concerned that the end result of this three day appearance may leave chaos in it's wake. There just doesn't seem to be much love and light around these days. I would hope that if they show up and then leave, they leave behind some glimmer of hope for the oppressed people of thisplanet.

32. 14th of  october .....  well  from a reading by mike quincy  who channels Keron from venus  said that  they would be landing ??  revealing them selves ? first contat ?  with in one  year ??  things must be moving along really fast now ??

33. We are really  hoping that things can go to plan for the 14th of October..but whatever happens..we know the changes are here and progressing and most people who are open to this information will understand that!

34. I hope you’re right about the ship appearing on the 14th October, 2008, for all to see. How exciting!

35. Thank you Blossom ,,,   A.A.Michael  via Isis has confermed  Oct 14  also.

36. Below is a comment from Mike Quinsey.You can read his channellings by going to http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/and then go to the link: ET First Contact. I am pleased that Light workers seem to be drawing together, and it is a great time to make our presence and our messages felt. Your messages are what they call "out of the top draw" I am sure your efforts are fully supported and protected by the Galactic Federation. For me your message comes over as very positive, I would therefore say that it is genuine and there is an intent to do what it claims.  I truly hope it comes to be, and that you are proved correct in your prediction. What it will do is to break the UFO cover-up for once and for all, and we shall also see how the different governments and the media re-act, that should be very interesting.

37. Its indeed a very brave thing to have had the courage to have made the announement about OCtober the 14th. People who are sensible will realise that if it did not happen..then that does not matter, because it will happen at some point in the very near future..the fact that Blossom has channelled a definate date, does point to there being a very good chance of this event occurring.in most channelings I read..the beings are very loathe to or cannot give dates, they usually just say soon, Things are now obviously moving along fast..and what has been building up for a long time..seems set to really get into motion this year..in a physical sense.ie we are going to see something concrete..to set us all thinking..there are so so many believers.. so the fact is ..there will always be the non believers and the negative people who will have their critisisms..for every non believer there are probably 10 more that do believe..and anyway,  when an event like this occurs..we all have eyes..and those that see, can choose what to believe.Thank you for having the courage to put out this message..and I am sure all will unfold just as its meant to.

38. I would like to share my energy my love and light, I know deep inside that this event will be! The words of the federation of light moves our souls, do not give into Fear, we, all over the world hear your voice And Believe, Mexico is awaiting the truth to be known, this will ripple waves of hope and peace all over.

39. In the coming times, there will be many who have missions that will be difficult; exposing the dark and putting themselves at risk for the greater good.  You are the wayshower, Blossom, regardless of what happens on the 14th, there is a reason that the seed was planted.  In this age, bravery is not a word that should be used lightly; I thank you, Blossom, for yours.

40. I hav let me tell you how happy this makes me to know that finally after a life time of seeing the UFO's in my night sky in the Mojave desert in southern California, that they will now show themselves to the world! I have always known the truth in my heart, that we have never been alone in this universe. I grew up also knowing within my heart that all living things are connected, and have always loved the oneness of all things. I am 1/2 native American (Chippewa) and 1/2 Caucasian. I learned a lot of wonderful things from my mother, who at 74 years of age can hardly wait to see this spectacular event of Oct. 14th. Again, I can not tell you how happy and excited we are over this upcoming event. It will surely change the history of humankind in such wonderful positive ways....beyond our comprehension.

41. Be brave and stay firm in the truth. These are our family brothers and sisters great chosen members of the divine light and truth who are coming. Their love will guide us all and sustain us all as we waitThe Lights in Phoenix will never go out. Validation will be held...no more deception no more darkness. The light is coming.

42. I am 12 years old I am from Australia I believe in extraterrestrial beings from other planets I believe  they are great.ok good bye.

43. I just found out about this, and like many I hope it occurs and has a positive impact on everyone.
However the vast? majority of people (according to polls) already believe in 'aliens' visiting us and the overall peaceful nature of this. (as logic dictates) So even if it were for whatever reason not to occur the same positive message could be taken, because even if it occurs there will be some who don't believe the truth and even having not yet occured many know the truth, this event would act as very powerful inspiration indeed. I have felt recently that something has changed for the better in the last month or 2 and I have noted others expressing similar optimism.

The latest crop circle to arrive in England!! And the shape is of a ???? How exciting!

crop circle

Responses to crop circle picture.

1.. When I first saw that crop circle, I immediately thought of the "jewel in the lotus" which of course is the Buddhist symbol for the 7th chakra, or the awakened soul.  Being as Buddha is our current logos for earth, this may seem fitting!  Just my take on it... the seventh chakra is the crown chakra..hmmmmmm !

2. I wanted to comment on the crop circle referenced on page five.  Following is a link to an article about a recently mapped 248-dimensional object that I feel poses some similarity.  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17688055/