October 14th 2008
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Regarding 'snow cone' that was mentioned at the bottom of channelling No 2.

1.I think this is amazing!!!! Also, if you go to youtube and type in Blossom Goodchild in the search engine, someone has kindly got straight on to it and made a video. Titled 'Proof Blossom Goodchild oct 14th etc'. Whoever you are THANK YOU!


Actual Photo



2. My Friend and I decided to see if there is a mountain named " Snow Cone Mountain ".There is and the link is below. I just wanted to share this with you. Could this possibly be the place of the "Great UFO Event" ? I do realize that this is no where near Alabama.  I also realize Alabama could be the name of the Ship and not the State. http://www.topozone.com/map.asp?fid=53175

3. OMG....... The word "snow cone" was given to me a few days before I got your email and I have no idea what it is about....so if you get any answers on that I would appreciate some clarity!

4. With regard to to the rather succinct "Snow cone" remark, it occurs to me it might be a reference to Mount Shasta in California. I understand it is distinctly conical, rises from the surrounding countryside to a height of some 10,000 feet and is inevitably snow capped. Interestingly, it also has many "UFO" connections, as I am sure you are aware. http://www.mslpublishing.com/about-mt-shasta.htm.

5. I have a book called "Celestial Raise" which was given to me 11 years ago -It has beauitful photos of "craft" appearing to be clouds.Amazing stuff in it, just thought you might be interested -after you heard the word "snowcone" I immediately thought of my book.

6. Bye the way, "snow cone" I am told is Mount Shasta. That would make perfect sense actually as I have seen many ships coming and going out of that area.

7. Regarding snow cone : Try this link:


8. You sent us an article about what you are calling 'Snow Cone' sky phenomena. I immediately�recognized what this actually is. It is not a snow cone, it is a perspective look at what a 200 mile long space ship would look like if you were viewing it from one end only. The vision I have gotten of this EVENT, is a space ship that is 200 miles long and about 10 miles wide. If I were viewing that ship from one end. it would appear to get smaller as I looked as the sky it was covering to 200 miles in the distance. This is what happens when a line is foreshortened. the two sides (the width of the object) fad into a point in the distance, thus giving one a two dimensional feeling of coming to a point on the horizon. This is the very basis of drawing a picture with depth using a horizon point to achieve the feeling of distance.If the outline of this ship was shown across the sky (minus the details of the ship itself) it would give this impression of something that is wide at the top of the line of sight, that would seem to tapper off as it disappears in the distance, thus the effect of a cone, if it is reduced to a two dimensional surface. Here is a graphic illustration.


9. Had a thought about the 'snow cone' part of the channelling, Mount Kilemanjaro in Tanzania is often referred to as a snow cone and was wondering if the place where life began, Africa, is also the place where they chose to return? Just a thought, it's also just south of the equator making it the southern hemisphere.

10. A snow cone is an ice cream Turn the crop circle upside down and enjoy!Mystery and humour…..makes life very interesting…We are supposed to relax and have fun with this!!!

11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwpsTZIkEiA

12. I have written to you already about my feelings of the snow cone being and ice crea and I do like the cosmic joke….it seems appropriate. I have the classic photograph of Uluru and as I was looking at it I imagined two lines drawn down from each side into a point and there it was…another snow cone!!! We can all be inspired by this great crystal of ours here in the HEART of Australia. I feel Uluru will be of great assistance as it is the largest crystal in the world that we know of. Imagine the effect Uluru could have on the mainstream…something we should all contemplate. We are anchoring Heaven on Earth, that is why the snow cones point is down and not up. See the fun that is being had….up, down…northern hemisphere, southern hemisphere….and so it goes on! Of course the snow cone looks like a diamond when its point is down and reflects our Diamond Hearts blazing forth in absolute unconditional Love. If this was the shape of the ship it would be perfect …I like to imagine it sparkling like a diamond in the sky. We are all the creators of our own experience and if we choose to attune to this amazing event with LOVE in our HEARTS and imagine all of humanity doing the same, then we can create the most uplifting and joyous experience that will have the effect of raising our consciousness to a higher level. We must not forget that we are the co-creators in this event and we do have the power to Create Heaven on Earth. It Is Done and So It Is.

13. Or could they mean ..... ????? see below ....


14.as for "snow cone" - I have recently come across (via the Internet) the works and beliefs of a James Gilliland. Please look up his ECETI website and his work at the Sattva Centre in Washington USA. I saw a video blog that was shared via the "Planetary Activation Organisation" chat group (I think it was from the Ashtar Command website) which was James's documentary on First Contact. He is based by Trout Lake - at the foot of Mount Adams, USA. Yes, this is a snow-capped, 'cone-shaped' mountain with an extremely high rate of UFO visitations... some of them even appear to go in and out of the mountain. Some people have apparently speculated (local stories) that there is a UFO base in there!!! Could Mount Adams be the "snow cone"?


Confirmation of OCt 14th by other channells.

There are now so many that I would again reiterate to follow your heart when you read all things and if something does not sit well then dismiss it. It is YOUR TRUTH that will give you your answers.

1. Channelled by Maria Jose Ribas Alendea .

My dear one, All is now ready for the moment to be; however, it is not appropriate at this time to set dates, for there are many events that are happening to avoid this moment. It is true that the Galactic Confederation has established dates and concrete determined plans and ways of action but everything also depends on how the plan of the darkness develops in your world. It is true we have won the battle but there is still the sweeping of debristhat is the obstacle for the great coming.Each and every one of the channels are connected to the light of the White Brotherhood and the Galactic Confederation that patrol your skies to help you possess part of the truth, a part of history, a part of all the potentials that exist at this moment. The information channeled by Mrs.Blossom is true and also true is the information transmitted in different messages; they are complementary information. You will understand it all as it happens, although I also need to tell you that the dates can vary depending on how the events unfold. Take into account that the Galactic Confederation are a group of beings which, like you, at this moment are working for the change; monitoring all that happens in this world and above all are fighting against an army of darkness that does not want to let go of the power and are fighting ferverently so that the great moment of the crafts appearance does not occur since they know this would imply the destruction of their power. Because of this the Galactic Confederation has woven the dates which are set; however, all has been foreseen to opt for different plans in accordance to how events unfold on Earth. Dear  ones receive these messages that announce the coming with love and joy however take into account that these events could vary at the last moment and if this happens it will not mean that we are not with you or that the information received is not true. Simply trust each moment in the process and that all is well and know that this long awaitedmoment could surprise all of you. Now everything is ready for all to be given. All that is left is for the ideal circumstances to materialize the coming. Trust us. Trust in the Ashtar Command. They will know when the ideal moment will be and act at that moment. They have all the precise technology for which there will be no error. We know the wait seems long but it will be worth it. Believe in it. We love you deeply.

I am Rosalia and I come to announce the Good News. Rosalia, August 26,2008

2. Channelled by Heidi Stadler www.rainbowstar.ch

Greetings to you, I am ASHTAR,  I already know your question and I give thanks to you for asking me about the   October 14th, 2008.  
  Yes, there will be Starships decloaked on your skies on this date and there will also be ships before this date. Your world is now to the point where this can happen. The WHOLE OF humanity is called to pay attention to this date. We will greet you with much joy but there will be no landings, unless the circumstances on Earth demand it. After this date there will be many sightings and we also speak about physical contact with  
some of you. We are very happy of this moment and we can feel that the time will shrink up instantly. You would say the time will be standing still. There are moments in » here and now » WHICH are outside of time that have been planned for a very long time. We are very close to humans who are our friends, like kindred spirits and also equal. Friends who are coming together again. You WILL RECOGNIZE your true family and your true origin.  We are coming in Love and Joy to YOU.   

3.  Channelled by Mike Quincey (Dianne from Sirius).http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/.

A) Michael has been wondering whether we will endorse the prediction of a special sighting that is intended for the 14th October, and we are more than happy to do so. However, always allow for changes where anything of this nature is concerned. Because it has been given to you some weeks in advance, it allows for a careful assessment of your reaction to the news. It also means that we can judge the impact upon your dark forces, and how they intend to respond. We cannot jeopardise the good work that has been done up to now, so we ask you all to accept at this stage the intent to bring our presence into the open. It will open people’s eyes and minds to our mission, and they shall see that we intend no harm to you. It will result in a call for your governments to interact with us, but of course that is not what they wish to do. They would rather ignore us and prevent any discourse with us that would take away their power over you.

I am Diane from Sirius, and carry the feminine energy that is now predominant upon Earth, and will bring balance to you as the masculine energy has controlled your past often to your detriment.

B) ( I received on 26th sept)Soon for example, there will be irrefutable proof that you are not alone in this Universe. Extraterrestrial craft are no strangers to your Earth, and contact with them is quite normal. What will be different is that the event of the 14th October sighting will happen in such a way that it will be undeniable, and open the door to First Contact.From hereon, think in a more expansive way that allows for the unity of Man, and his counterparts from all parts of the Universe. You are All One, and it is time to welcome them to your Earth not as strangers or aliens, but your friends. You are One in the Light of the Source of All Life, and your destiny is to once more to become a pure Being of Light. Without the assistance of your ET friends, Man would have been unable to progress thus far. In time you will understand the truth of their presence, and how they have greatly helped you to evolve according to the Divine Plan that has guided them. I am SaLuSa from Sirius and come with greetings from the Galactic Federation, and much joy at the thought of your soon to come experiences of our craft, as they come close to Earth. Our actions are all in the cause of Love and Light and to ensure your safe arrival at journeys end, and Ascension.

4. Channelled by Suzy Ward. (Matthew books) http://www.matthewbooks.com/

A question of prominence among those who have heard that a spacecraft of such size as to be undeniably from another civilization will appear in your skies October 14 is: “Will this really happen?” Since my present service is not in your solar system or even in your galaxy, where details of such an event would be known, I can say only “Yes,” so I have asked my good friend Hatonn, who is an intergalactic fleet commander, to reply.

HATONN: Thank you, Matthew, and good evening, Suzy and readers. I'm here at Matthew's request to comment on the veracity of what some consider a “prediction” instead of the announcement it is. Yes, plans are in place for a ship of much greater size than any previous sightings to appear on that date and be evident in your skies for a few days. The crew is in readiness and excited about making our presence indisputable.
Now I add this caveat: Nothing is set in stone. If there are cogent reasons to delay the ship's appearance, then it will show itself when safety is assured for you on the ground and your aircraft in the skies. Bellicose forces on the planet don't want you to have proof that we are this close by, or even exist, and they will try to keep this from you by whatever means they think necessary. So the decisive factor of timing is safety all the way around. Do not doubt that we are close by, millions and millions of us, but of course not all of us will land on your planet when the time comes for that. Most of us work out of your visual range and must remain that way to continue the service we've been providing beloved Earth so she can keep steadily climbing toward her plane of planetary origination in fifth density. We all come in peace, and we anticipate that most of you will welcome us and our technological assistance. That should dispel any doubts as to the October 14 plan being truthful information, but I add to what Matthew and other messengers tell you through their receivers—go within for answers and trust your intuition! Thank you, Suzy, and good night.

5. Adamu speaking through Zingdad from www.book-of-light.com

http://book-of-light.com/forums2/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=81. See 2nd posting regarding Oct .

6. As the time is getting closer we are getting more and more info. Here it is, affectionately,  satya. Pleiadian Renegades through Amanda R. Ryan opalescent words

7.Devata Dictation Please note that two dictations touched upon the subject of the 14th October. One that was given on the 1st September - Interesting times - http://www.theenvoy.org/teachings/view.php?teachingId=117

Added 27th sept. http://www.theenvoy.org/teachings/view.php?teachingId=121

and another given on the 8th September - Merging - http://www.theenvoy.org/teachings/view.php?teachingId=119

8. In 1975 "The Beings of Light" gave Dannion Brinkley 117 prophesies. Most all have come true.
Here is the one pertaining to this comment section. He says, Quote "By the year 2008, the fact that we are not alone in the Universe will be made undeniable clear to everyone alive on the planet. With millions of planets and billions of stars, I cannot fathom how we could have ever thought in any other terms. However for those who have doubted, the extraterrestrials will make themselves known. I believe they feel that they have no choice but to show themselves as we verge on self-annihilation, genocide and toxic poisoning. The truth of our inter-galactic lineage will become common knowledge. If I am to believe the vision, the truth of our inter-galactic lineage will cause humanity to take one wild ride!"

9. www.sangeetahanda.com well worth a look.

10.. [quote]Spirit Eagle Update    
We are on the Twin Star. We have been in your skies for a very long time indeed! I am what you term, a Communications Officer. I have been tasked with a message to your world. No doubt many of you have heard about the October 14 date as a possible de-cloaking of a Mothership and many smaller craft flooding your skies with proof that we are Here for Humanity, that we are Real, and that we are here to help you and have been doing just that for many years. As you know, it is impossible for the manipulation and controls put upon Humanity for Millennia to continue as Earth Ascends into the Higher Realms. We now have the "go ahead" to do what must be done for Earth and Humanity's sake to end the Dark Dream that has paralyzed the people through Fear on Every level of your Precious Beings! Many still slumber in this Illusion and it is for them that we are appearing in this Dramatic way. Be ready to assist where you are needed! This is a Call To Action! Be Clear in Every Aspect of your Beings in order to assist those around you who have not had your awareness and exposure to your Star Brothers and Sisters.
We, who have waited for this decision are as happy and excited as you are that this long-held Dream is coming to fruition! Clean out the cupboards of your minds, emotions, bodies, and souls because it is TIME TO MAKE ROOM FOR THE NEW! I am Tilleter of the Twin Star and I am Kon-tau-ra on temporary duty from the Blue Star. Telepathic Communication September 14, 2008 10:50 pm

quote] http://www.galacticfriends.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3434&Itemid=92

11.. Channelled by a lady by the name of Sharyn
. www.paths2potential.com.au 8th  Sept -Orion, is there going to be a visitation on October 14th as channeled by Blossom? Can you tell me anything more? .... Peace be with you, Sharyn. Ability to hear is clear. Issue surrounding Oct 14 is true. Destiny to be fulfilled - mankind ready for visitation - promises new direction to take - consciousness expanding. Message to the people - important all receive. Trust is paramount. No harm done- intent to bridge the gap between knowing & unknowing.
Why Octber 14th? .....Time is drawing near for the Galatic Federation. The time has come to show ourselves to mankind.

Sept 11th  Orion are you there? (this one was a fairly rapid pace soI missed some words here & there)... Peace be with you, all is well. Orion here, Sharyn. Your world is gathering for a showdown of immense proportions. All will be made clear soon,patience is required for a little longer. Plans are in place to reach goal. Visitation is nigh, Galactic Federation wil assist you ( not me, but as in plural you). Mankind is ready. Vibration .. (missed words)..  shift. Fear not, only here to help, come in love & peace - tyranny suppressed.
Why was Blossom chosen to bring the message? ... Blossom Goodchild is a representative ...( missed words) .. chosen to help humanity as you have done. Much work is needed.
Wouldn't one of the more well known channels have been able to spread the message?...They all have work in their own areas. Blossom is deserving of this.
Am I making this up?... you are hearing us clearly
What am I supposed to do?... You are here to spread the word.
Is there anything more"? ... Tell all - Honor required. Rest easy now. Go in love & peace. contact soon.
Sept 12th - Orion, have you any further info for me re: October 14th? ... Sharyn, much has been written about this event. Hold to truth. All
will see & be explained. Time is nigh & of the essence. All will be revealed when time is right. Structure in place for success.
Visitation coming.

added 29th sept. http://paths2potential.com.au/tag/october-14th-2008/ 

12. www.tikele.com.au  . MORE CONFIRMATION.

13. First Alien Contact is Imminent! http://www.cosmicawareness.org/index.shtml

14. Another confirmation on Oct 14th which is from Ashtar through Susan Leyland . A 25minute audio file . go to www.ashtarontheroad.com

15.Adama of Telos ...........It is time for a leap beyond where humanity has been previously. It has been a very long time since there has been a great deal of interacting between those who are living different dimensional experiences. You are hearing the promise of soon to be contact with those from the star realms. I would say to you that the star realms are an otherdimensional place and while we in Telos are not living on what you would consider a star, we are beings from a dimension that is quite similar to the stars and we do indeed interact with these star beings. The time to welcome interaction with your dimensional experience and reality is swiftly approaching. It is most important that those of you living on Earth who have originally come from the star realms, those who have come here with this particular purpose in your soul’s mind’s eye, be in a place of readiness. What is about to come has not been previously experienced in this manner. There are no guidebooks. This is a paradigm shift and it is timely.”

16.Channeling by Dorota C. 14.10.2008 r. With reference to this date I made contact with alleged Federation of The Light
Channeling date: 21.09.2008 r.
Wrote by : Dorota from Poland.
 DOROTA: I started from invocation, and information flow like a water stream…- Welcome, woman of light, we are waiting for you a long time , but you did not feel and not hear.Welcome, we invite you with light . We are here for one reason – to help mankind to understand of major threat from dark side of energy. This is a crucial moment, we call this a callubric time in ilusoric space made from galactic layers. We want you to know about some changes on earth and global vandalism in outer space.
Galactic layer was damage becaue of  destructive war between some civilisations , it was huge influence for current conjuncture , you call this a state of matter, this matter exist in cosmic field and have effect on magnetic field of solar systems, among others in your solar system.
Lot ilusoric particles was made from dark matter, and this fact  is the cause of  galactic layers shake. That is why we tell people about this – You must be aware  - dark energy come to you, and we are not alone .We want to restore a cosmic balance, in otherwise – very important cosmic ties of your planet will disconnect. . We are here , to keep a Ray of Light , to help you to enter on higher level of  consciousness and higher level of light. You and galactic family will safe with our help and common work. We say something to contacts will agree with other of your connections. We are your friends of Space Commonwealth, we will have productive cooperation with You in the name of light, and to fill your planet with light and to fill the increasing black hole.We are here for you – You will have to knowingly exist in our Galactic Family.
We are depend on each other, you are not alone. The date you thinking (14.10.2008) is this only a symbol, secret message, to provide everything with no troubles from people that not agree of upcoming changes. We are convinced that you know meaning of this date, because this date is the sign for You – sign of life. 
DOROTA: Sign of life ?, why you make a secret and why you said to the others that date is beginning of reveal your space ship ????Yes, we announce this date and it is real but symbolic, and you discover why.........anyway, we said yesterday why….no one undersand this date till the end. DOROTA: From Blossom channelings we know , that important place of  manifestation of space ship is Alabama, what is this place ?  Yes, it is a place of  crossing measuring fields, and this allow to make us a visible. Is this a moving point, and positions depends of  influencing waves. This is a special place on earth, full of energy, where visible contact is possible – ALA  BAMA it is a gate,  when this gate will open, we will visible , and people need it. DOROTA: Where is this GATE?? Woman,  you must understand, this must be a secret to protect from the enemy  of our showing . So, you know sufficient, rest of knowledge will come in appropriate time…-Human women is very important, they DNA is a good material   to awake a light, you should  come together, one woman can gain and improve with each other. .... We are very pleased of partnership, we have a lot of  liasons/connections , they must connect to each other and  it is a rising of energetic network with huge influence on awakening of mankind… We try to support your energies , but time is running out…. Please – show this message to the others, to everyone, let people wait for changes, abandon your fears, Light will put in order, and we want to help you with them.-We wish you a lot of  happines in your hearts, your hearts is your clock of eternity.

Many thanks to all concerned for those messages. They give me such strength.

Continuing forth!!!

44. I just finished reading SNAPSHOT and cannot begin to tell you how much it all resonated within me.  I received the ebook about 5:00 pm today, printed it out and finished reading it about 9:45 pm.  I couldn't put it down. There are a few things I'd like to share if I may.  To quote "Those who KNOW of us as 'home' will accept what we are expressing...." that touched my soul as I have always felt I didn't belong here.  I've wanted to 'go home' for so long.  Who knows maybe I'll be one of the lucky souls that can be 'exchanged'.  I couldn't stop laughing when I read your comment about the 'energetic code' (equation?) -- "Perhaps if we try this in Swahili?"  And then your "Let me put it this way ...grtdtu..8jewdthehdoif etc."  I was laughing so hard I started to cry.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE your sense of humour.  One needs that humour to feel sane on this world!! I'm glad also that you confronted them with "I keep TRUSTING, because you keep telling me this.  Sometimes it seems that these days ahead are going to be exactly that .. ahead!  When will they be NOW?"  I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way.  Thank you for expressing that. All that said,THANK YOU, Blossom Goodchild you definately are a blessing to those of us who wanted some answers. 

45. Sounds good for me, better...feels good to me. Something's goin' on. Have seen with my wife something strange 1,5 Months ago in the sky over munich. Nothing in press and media over here in Munich /Germany. I know, they are there, can't explain that feeling. Hope my english is not to bad to understand. We will still wait & see what happen on 14th of October.

45. I don't know why the date of....09-09-09....keeps coming to me with a message of something big is to happen in this date that would change life as we know it in this Planet.

46. I have recently downloaded and read "Snapshot" and I am truly blown away.I have "known" that this day would come since the early 1970's, but was getting kind of discouraged as to when it would happen.  I congratulate and thank you for your courage in bringing this wonderful news through to us earthlings.....you are truly a hero!!!  I look forward to and support the arrival of our space families and your continued communications.