October 14th 2008
spiritual reality


47.. Make an all-genre album for \October 14th/

For Musician who's in?
Please send your Alias, URL(website, myspace etc. Optional.), Country along with the Genre, Song Title and MP3 file (less than 10MB) to 20081014th@gmail.com BEFORE OCTOBER 1.
One track per person. Positive. (No death metal, 50, etc.) 2 to 7 mins per track.
For non-musician who's in?
Translate this to your language, spread the word to everyone, your DJ friends, your band drummer, post a bulletin on your last.fm or stick the message to your schools clock.
For painter/graphic designer who's in?
Album covers in JPG format, people who have downloaded the album will be able to select the cover they want.
Please send your Alias, URL(website, myspace etc. Optional.), Country and your JPG file (600X600 pixels) to 20081014th@gmail.com BEFORE OCTOBER 1.
No limited amount of tracks for the album. The whole album will be free to download. Play it live for in your hood on October 14th. Download it, burn it. Pick your album cover, print it, hold the album in your hand and ask them come down and take it.
Please, Federation of light, DO NOT LET US DOWN!

48. From Mahala  Many people have been asking for help from angels and Space Beings. The Space Beings have already been helping us by destroying asteroids that were in our path, toning down earthquakes, and disarming missiles about to be fired. Now I believe it is time for open contact. These ships are definitely here to help us. If we try to destroy this planet, they will intervene. They will not allow that to happen because it is against Universal Law. The negative ships have also been around Earth for a long time, and a lot of them are owned and operated by our own government. They are not the ships I am talking about. The ones I am talking about are brilliant ships of light that belong to the Galactic Federation of Light. A big celebration is on the agenda when we finally meet our brothers and sisters from space. Information has been going around the Internet that a large ship will hover over a city in the south for three days starting on October 14. This is interesting because the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur (judgment day) is on October 9 this year. Then on the full moon of October 14, the celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles starts. This is considered The Harvest Festival and is a perfect day for contact. Don’t become fearful with anything that may happen. It’s taken too long to release our fears and we don’t want them to come back. However, it is time to be prepared mentally, emotionally, and physically. It is also time to manifest our light bodies. We are great Beings of light. I believe there are enough of us light workers to make a difference in the world. Remember, the new Earth is just around the corner and all we have to do to manifest it is to live in joy, and stay in the Now. Blessed are the meek (the gentle people) for they shall inherit the New Earth, and don’t forget to walk softly on this beautiful planet.

A suggestion for programming/cleansing crystals. (see channelling 6)

49. if you are R-handed, depending on size of crystal, hold the crystal in your L-hand and cover it with your R-hand; focus on the crystal in your hands and mentally say:  you are hereby cleansed of all prior programmes or something similar, whatever feels right to you open your hands and blow on the crystal as though to blow away mental or verbal images it may be holding; then either mentally or aloud say something like:  you are hereby programmed to serve as a receptacle/receiver for Tuesday, October 14th, and whatever else comes to your mind - and be sure to breathe on the crystal if you didn't say it out loud; OR YOU COULD simply place the crystal(s) into the sunshine for several hours (a min. of two hrs.) and then hold it in your hands and programme it for First Contact. thank you Inga (canada)

50. EARTHS TRAFFIC REPORTS ...http://www.hohmanntransfer.com/index.html#2008GF

51. I am in a group who have within it a woman who channels the Elohim. Sunday we had our weekly grid healing work and someone asked about the election and during their comments they said that there were many factors one of which was the October event. One in the group asked if we could have some details on what that might be. They said this is the appearance of the ship in the sky from the Galactic Federation of Light. The moderator asked, are they a service to self or service to other group? The Elohim said they are service to others. He then asked if they had permission to break quarantine and the Elohim said, yes, by a narrow margin they have. They called this a bold move not every being agrees with but evidently enough have agreed to allow this. That is the message I had been waiting for to be able to put my energy behind this since I trust the Elohim and have an extensive amount of experience with this channel.

52. Hey guys. I just felt like writing this because as more and more channellers put out ever increasing amounts of information about the 14th October event (as first channelled by Blossom Goodchild) things seemed to be more confusing.
My take on this is there many genuine channellers out there (maybe not as many as we think though) that have been chosen to disseminate various but mostly different messages concerning 'the awakening', 'the dawn of the New Age', 'the ascension process" etc. As such these different channels (genuine and disingenuous) represent pieces of the larger puzzle that encourages us to use our discernment and to reach for our higher selves in order to successfully put these pieces together in the correct order. This to me is apart of the awakening process.
However knowing this doesn't make the process any less annoying. No doubt some of these channelled messages following the Oct 14th announcement are just plain misleading, others contain truths that unfortunately (but very humanly) are coloured by misinterpretation, misperception and ego. Of course the Dark Brotherhood (the ascended dark ones- this is not a contradiction in terms) has some hand in some of these channels, and I feel have been the ultimate source of others.
I don't know Blossom Goodchild, nor have I ever contacted her but the messages she has made available up to this point has always remained consistent and is love based and not fear based. She comes across as a sincere person, who doubts herself (a sign of a light-giver). Her messages have continually resonated my inner crystal shard (meaning the frequency within the messages is a very high and pure one), which is unusual for me to get this all the way through a message. It also passes other checks such as intelligence. For instance does the purpose of the event fit the methodology of how the event is to be carried out:
(1) One large spaceship appearing for a 72 hour period (i.e. day and night- we actually get to see something). Individuals can take pictures and video footage and put them on the internet so we don't have to rely on the controlled media that has been continually manipulating our view of the world and of each other.
(2) Not directly appearing over cities (to do so would definitely inspire fear in some people). If we see something totally out of our paradigm and have no option of getting away from it, this could lead to chain-reaction of fear even in people who want this to happen. Something that is not directly above us but in plain sight for all to see is sensible (or show the rest of us who aren't there).
(3) Put a show on for us (this would inspire the feeling of playfulness that we can all relate to and will put a smile on the faces of many). Apparently this will include a living ship-based light display, loop-the-loop, other manoeuvres that are impossible to do silently with a craft that size using current conventional or covert advanced military technology, emit crystal frequency modulations that will allow no uncertainty of who they are and where they are 'not' from.
(4) Setting an absolute date (to my knowledge this is rare and shows true intent). Having a specific date is complicated, but its benefits outweighs the possible negatives. To my knowledge the original message was posted 10 weeks before the event is suppose to occur. This gives the Dark Brotherhood and their followers (those who have not decided to reconcile duality at this time) more time to devise a plan to deceive people when the event happens, and to try and manipulate/alter the original message. However, it also gives the original message time to circulate and for people to prepare themselves and to determine how they react, discuss the matter among themselves, for the visitors to gauge the feelings and readiness from this sample group, and get to see the DB in action (this is very important). Evidently the pros massively outweigh the cons.
(5) No landing will occur (i.e. the event is appropriate to its purpose). The purpose is to make us realise we are not alone and that they are peaceful beings, and that by showing themselves they wish further contact. By them leaving without attempting physical contact, this shows us that they are thoughtful and intelligent beings that understand our nature (we will need time to react, digest the implications of its appearance, and how each individual feels, without them being visibly present). Maybe this means the next step is up to us.
(6) Making themselves visible to everyone. This shows an understanding by the beings that our governments are not looking out for the best interests of their people or the planet and therefore have decided to present themselves directly to us so we can each experience such an exciting momentous event. Such a thing should not be done in secret or behind closed doors. This is one of the biggest problems on the planet at the moment: way too much secrecy and not enough truth, which spawns the matrix of our current reality.
(7) Having one source for the original message. This makes a lot of sense since we've seen what happens when it just originates from one person alone. Can you imagine what would happen if this message was given to five people at once. The confusion from any discrepancies between the original messages would far exceed that what is already present and no doubt detract from the message its self.
The above makes sense to me and is what I would expect a more spiritually mature and technologically advanced race to do.
What does not resonate me but instead rings alarm bells are the various channelled messages that are coming through that make this first contact seem like a military venture. Some of these messages are talking of love and peace and in the same message talking about:
(1) Removing our governments and officials ('the dark cabal') for us and putting their 'allies' in their place. Don't get me wrong I would love to see them removed, they are definitely trying to keep our collective frequencies at a very low level. However, on 1st contact, performing a coup d’état, reorganising our financial systems and the way we all live (although desirable by many of us) does not sound like spiritually evolved beings, just technologically advanced ones. No genuine spiritual guides or beings would ever say that they would do our spiritual work for us. This is simply annexing the planet for whatever these beings or Dark brotherhood want while coincidentally alleviating our most pressing problems (possibly replacing them with even darker ones). This scenario doesn't even make sense in the context of spiritual ascension.
(2) 'The appearance of millions of different spacecraft around the world over all of the major cities' (with the large craft). This would cause absolute panic and would not be an intelligent thing to do if you had the best intentions of the planets inhabitants at heart. This would provide the 'dark cabal' with ample ammunition to justify whatever they wanted to do as a response- if it wasn't them in the first place. This has never been apart of the original message.
(3) The proviso that they will only come on Oct 14th if invited or asked by a substantial number of people. Again this is not in the original message and has not appeared in any subsequent messages by Blossom. I believe caution is required here, especially if you don't know who you are inviting into your home (your body/earth). With all of their technologies there has to be a better way of ascertaining whether people want this to happen or not (just measure prevailing energies/frequencies). Why would they need an invite, maybe to get around non-intervention rules for non designated 'spiritual' or 'non-spiritual' beings?
(4) The tone is militaristic and in some cases even arrogant. The tone doesn't see to match the actual message in many cases, and the message doesn't actually match the purpose of the event. Overall some of the originators of these messages do not sound enlightened.
There are many more. Check for yourselves:)
I have no idea whether this event will happen or not, but what I do know is Blossom was given this piece of the puzzle to give to us. If any of her following messages start to change illogically or do not make any sense then so will my opinion.Other genuine channels will be given other pieces at the appropriate time. Which means she is not the only official channel for future events for the GFL, or even all of this one. But she does deserve respect for putting herself through all this. primarily for us. Some of the messages pertaining to Oct 14th are so different from the original and continued ones she made, as to make me very suspicious of their intent. A lot of people jumped on this bandwagon once it started rolling.

53. check out NASA website...TWO shuttles on the launchpad right now with one scheduled for 10-10-08 launch and the other at the ready for a "rescue mission." Is this fishy?  Since when do we have two launch vehicles on the pad at the same time? AND...launch set days before the 14th?  Why is NASA feeling like a rescue mission is needed for this mission?

54. The Federation of Light (per your last channeling) seem a bit perplexed by what is happening here in our plane of existence.  Light and Dark have always done battle with each other, and regrettably, there shall always be fear, until our consciousness is elevated.  Perhaps this is our first, crucial step toward the banishment of fear?  I certainly hope so! Personally, I believe in my heart that something extraordinary will happen on October 14, 2008.  Most individuals who have eyes "to see" want this to happen.  Earth is long-overdue for an infusion of something positive - call it "Light," "Love," or a chance to elevate our consciousness.   We must work together to unify and heal this world! I will close by commending your courage and bravery in stepping forward with this much-awaited news.  Just a few months ago I was watching Nova Science Now with my Father.  The show closed with Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson commenting that a 1" view of the Hubble Telescope yields a view of 100 Galaxies - One Hundred of Our "Milky Ways."  My Father's comment was, as always, direct and to-the-point:  "Yes, and they have the audacity to tell us that we are the only intelligent life . . . "
Here are some websites that individuals visiting this section of your website might find helpful:
Another channel for the GFL: http://www.paoweb.com/sn091608.htm
Look up to the skies with an "analytical" eye: http://www.owsweather.com/contrailreport.html
Canada calls its next election on (you guessed it!) October 14, 2008: http://www.nodice.ca/elections/canada/
Excellent Source for Cystals and other items: http://www.orgonecrystals.com/index.php
Nova Science Now hosted by Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/sciencenow/

55.Lunabar Moon Almanack for Tuesday, October 14, 2008 Full “Hunter's” Moon, at 3h. 4m. evening. Ascending Node is at 15° Aquarius. In the 25th° of the Constellation i Pisces, the Fishes; & in the 25th° of the Sign ^ Aries, the Ram. Sets: 6:27 morn. Rises: 5:44 eve.

56. I have just today listened to Robert Morningstar the editor of UFO digest on the kevin smith show and he mentioned the governments being in contact with a benevolant race of of may i call them off world peoples whom have stated that if the governments do not disclose the presence of others in our universe than they would do it themselves leading to several secret UN meetings since february this year in regards to disclosure.   Robert mentioned he felt from information he had heard that this would start to happen in 2009 so i was wondering if maybe what he was talking about may have something to do with the visit by your friends of the federation of light as this makes sence to me. 

57. I live in Lafayette, Colorado, north of Denver.  I've recently learned of the October 14th event, and want to share with you a dream I had earlier in the year, that is similar to the predicted event!  In my dream, myself, and a few others, all dressed in white, were sitting on a grassy bank.  The sky was deep blue, the day glorious, crisp and perfect, and the grass was soft as we sat and waited.  Then, the sky was filled with a grand ship, and we all were cheering, "they're here!  they're here!"  I then took a photo of them with my cell phone.  (the cell phone was blue, and identical to what I have currently.)  I didn't think much about this dream, but loved the feeling of it.  I've shared it with most of my friends, because I so rarely dream! Today, I cancelled my trip that was to be over the 14th, and my friend invited me to her home, to watch the skies...and she suggested we walk to the golf course to watch!  My friend lives in Denver, and get this...she too had a dream of this, around the same time, much more detailed than mine, that was of a ship arriving for three days!  So, we'll be in Denver, watching the skies over the 14th of October, and I'll have my blue cell phone...and tons of camera battery!  This is so much fun!

58. I was sitting in meditation last week - before I really looked into this 14 October thing - and I received a sort of message telling me something should happen on the full moon of  October. I saw in my mind's eye a disk resembling the Mayan calendar  in my window with this message. I later found out that the full moon  is on the 14th.

59.  I believe this message to be truthful. For some years I have had a sudden urge to know more about UFOs and the unknown - and it was something I normally feared as a child. I think some more than others have had a feeling of a higher presence - of something bigger and more knowledgeable than us. Things feel different and look different than a few years back. There is something changing and this intervention will likely clear it for us. Thank you for letting us know that hope is still out there and it is coming. It is time we put an end to all fear and wrongdoing. I hope days of peace are close for Earth.

60.On Monday (9/29/2008), NASA delayed the planned Shuttle launch date of Oct. 14 due to a "Hubble Anomaly".  Information on their website says “NASA will host a media teleconference at 6 p.m. EDT today, September 29, to discuss a significant Hubble Space Telescope anomaly that occurred this weekend affecting the storage and transmittal of science data to Earth. Fixing the problem will delay next month's space shuttle Atlantis' Hubble servicing mission.” Readers may also be interested too in the International Space Station (ISS), which is continuously staffed.  The space station is in a low Earth orbit and can be seen from Earth with the naked eye.   It has an altitude of about 350 km (217 mi) above Earth and completes 15 orbits per day.  The ISS is a joint project among the space agencies of the United States, Russia, Japan, Canada, and eleven European countries (ESA).   

61. .I felt the urge to send you an e-mail after i heard about the fact that Ufo's will be appearing 14 October. i had dreams for 3 weeks in a row about ufo's,a couple of dreams about ufo's wouldn't freak me out, but i had the dreams every night, for 3 weeks in a row. The beings said to me (in my dream) that we will know the aswer to the BIG question This year. I'm getting goosebumps by writing this down. When i read your name in an internet article about this all, i got tears in my eyes, and i don't know why. Its weird for me to say this to you, i'm not the type of person to just send you an e-mail and say this.

62. .Im asking for other contacts from my country Portugal.  we could contact and gather to make the happening more effective, i cant do this alone. You have my permition to post this message where ever you are able to with my email (micael_correia@msn.com) so i can be contacted by who ever finds me out.

63.I just wanted to say, as a sane person, a father of three girls with an actual high-income job and the appearance of “normality”--I have been aboard these ships in the dream/vision state. I have found the occupants human, although I did see the stereotypical grays off to the side...they were not the main attraction, servile if anything. The hours aboard these ships were filled with a high vibration that made me sad to leave. They showed me many things, including how to cook with photon energy...a concept I have NO idea about whatsoever.  They said they were here to help, and when I mentioned that Bush and company must go, one 30ish year old male scoffed and said, “he’s been replaced.”
I can’t spend hours on this email,  telling the beginning, middle, and end, but will only say it was an incredibly high vibration, a happy, positive one without question.  And now we come to October 14. How sad it would be if it didn’t happen. How much fuel it would give those still asleep. (They won’t be for long;)I hope our star “family” has a back up plan. This email is sent with complete sincerity. I know the timeline is here, because I was told there was a huge, gray ominous economic “cloud” that would precede this event. (That happened last week;) All I know is—it would end the rule of the dark side which imposes its insanity over humanity.  And it would end it...like that! (I’m snapping my fingers).

64. OH DEAR! I have expressed my views on this (see page 2,) hey ho! What can one do!

Goodchild makes wild prediction
Clanton Advertiser - Clanton,AL,USA
The psychic goes by the name “Blossom Goodchild,” and predicts a group called the Galactic Federation of Light will make a benevolent visit to our planet on ...

65. Yesterday I red the article for the first time. The message made me cry so much. The emotions came over me. It is a feeling of the final possibility of a sort of homecoming. The possibility of seeing our family. To know where we belong.  I can’t wait to see the spaceship. I really hope that this may be all true. That our brothers and sisters from outher space will finally show themselves. And are able to help this world. And help us all. I am so hopeful now. Thank you Blossom for these announcements. That you are able to give them to us. It gives me so much to live for.

66. .I dont quite remember how I stumbled upon your site and message about October 14th.  I am so excited that I cannot wait for that day.  Yikes - it is also the date that I have to appear in court to have my divorce finalised, but that is neither here or there.  To get confirmation of other beings - intelligent beings, to be given insight into what we are about, what life is really about, is such a wonderful feeling.  I dont even know if I have a question for you, but I just felt the need to make contact and to thank you for the courage in putting the message out there .