October 14th 2008
spiritual reality


67.. I support you all the way! Your message only confirms an inner-knowing and for that I'm thankful! I think it's awesome that you had and have the courage to step up and generate a buzz all over the world. Simply the fact that it's being discussed and contemplated by people is a good thing I think. Whether something happens or not, it effects our consciousness in a positive way for sure. It's like a seed of expansion if you will. I believe it will happen, it makes sense to me considering the ever deteriorating condition of our planet. We're obviously going to be needing some form of assistance to put a stop to the destruction of our environment and health. It's only fair that we as a people and mother earth will be getting some extra help in the near future. I don't think there's a threat of evil coming our way from outside cause it's already here! There's an occult power elite, the so called illuminati, controlling our world with tools that we just cannot match on our own at this point. People who think otherwise are just really ignorant if you ask me. There's enough historical evidence to be found that for a long time there have been secret societies creating our current society, practising occult magic and withholding powerful knowledge about the true history of mankind. The divide and conquer policy, creating fear, has worked in their benefit for a long time. America's secret government has been in contact with a more self-serving race of visitors, for some 60 years now and gained advanced technologies that are being withheld from us and are being used against us. Like a little toddler who found the matches, incapable of dealing with such power, they're ruining everything. We've been dumbed down and kept in the dark quite literally for so long that for many people still, it's hard if not impossible to think and comprehend outside that box, a phenomenon referred to as cognitive dissonance in psychology. The benevolent ones of the federation of light, as I understand it, work according to the universal laws and one of them is the law of free will. It takes a critical mass of people who have ' woken up' and seek interaction for them to openly show up. This apparently has happened over the past few years and therefore 'first contact' is not an intervention but a response to a cry for help, which is quite a different situation. Through our awakening we have attracted them, law of attraction. Your message demonstrates respect for our sovereignty in that it does not state we're not good enough yet or shall be disciplined as if we have failed. We've been kept out of the loop, living in a malevolent Truman- show (Jim Carrey) and they're coming to fill us in and expand our horizon cause our so called leaders won't do it and we deserve to evolve as a species. Inspiration instead of intimidation, that's how I perceive it. A lot of people fight for freedom of speech but what about freedom of truth? If what you base opinions on and fight for is a manipulated reality it's like running in circles. So much censorship and disinformation in the news and education has been going on that I just can't wait for a fresh breath of air to come our way. Like recovering from amnesia we'll be reminded of who we really are in essence as more and more people are sensing that. Now, about those who try to put you down I see it as followed; By creating such a contrast and tension they only add to the gratification and satisfaction when it does happen, it only creates a bigger climax an more excitement! Don't let 'em get to you! It's funny to read about certain anonymous individuals returning to your blog to vent their frustrations, they obviously have a bigger curiosity then they'd like to admit. A good look in the mirror wouldn't hurt them. If the event takes place it could possibly cause some anxiety and self doubt and demand some soul searching which is only a good thing in these days of transformation. They might feel misled and find out it's their own 'demons' playing up through fear; False Expectations Appearing Real. In no way is there any danger or is it a waste of time to have positive intent and thoughts and focus on an event as a collective.There's scientific proof for the ascensionproces leading up to 2012 and also that there's a conscious field of energy all around us that is effected by our thoughts and feelings. Raising our frequency through positive intent, creating collective awareness is necessary for people to be able to rise to the occasion of ascension. Check out David Wilcocks's website for more info on that if you like www.divinecosmos.com and James Gilliland's www.eceti.org
I also find  www.projectcamelot.org  very informative with whistle blower testimonies about all kinds of things. How about two of America's most respected astronauts Edgar Mitchell and George Cooper's testimonies that UFOs and et's are real, talk about disclosure! www.disclosureproject.com  Let's stand firmly in our positive intentions and be light and not heavy(only on the guitars!). Take a step back every now and then and observe with a smile. No matter what happens, these are interesting times! It's always darkest right before dawn, keep your head up.Your message is being spread here through one of my favourite sites  www.niburu.nl  Better to be passionate and take some shit for it than to feel shitty for not living with any passion (pardon my french, made that up myself). Keep up your courage, it's inspiring! Love and light and laughter to you too all the way from the Netherlands 

68. About two years ago I had a moment of clarity(is that correct english??), I knew all of a sudden: The purpose of me beeing here is to give LOVE.I was lying in bed, while I was thinking this. Although I am not sure weather I was thinking it, because it felt more like it (the sentence) was just comming into my thoughts. In my heart I feel it is true, they are going to come..on the 14 th as they have let you know..I have been saying it for the last 2 or 3 years....something is about to happen, something BIG, there will be a change..I don't know what but I feel that it will happen..something needs to happen...And now you have confirmed it!

69 .I wanted to pass something on... not sure if you're familiar with the 13 moon natural calendar which is attached to the Mayan culture. If not, October 14, 2008 is considered a Galactic Activation Portal. If you google this you find some interesting stuff. I don't know about my own belief in the prediction - as I've always been a skeptic at heart, but neither do I live in fear. I can say this... if it happens fantastic if it doesn't... no matter. I'm open. And people who disparage you are full of fear, why else would they do it? You aren't doing anything wrong, they don't need to buy into it if they don't want, people can find their own truth and decide for themselves. They can debate the message without making you evil. May bright light always shine on you.

70. .but I wanted to continue with some other interesting observations about the Mayan calendar as used today. Oct. 14, 2008 is the first galactic activation portal and Oct. 16 is the second. In a sense they appear through the first door, it closes and then they leave by the second door. Also the numbers used to determine the conversion date of October 14, 2008from our modern calendar are 212 + 13 + 14 = 239 (take out the 0 in 2012 and 13 is the number of 'months' in the lunar calendar and is also the number associatd with the goddess, witches as well as Jesus and the apostles - christ consciousness? (no matter western civilizations and also Christian "Judas" association in the attempt to 'demonize the number' of 13 in the middle ages- in ancient text it's sometimes considered a holy number) Synchronicty is set in place :)

71.when I search just for Blossom Goodchild this is what I found in youtube; Just thought you would like to know you message is gettin gout there. there are several english versions of your message that have recived a total of 105,110 views. A spanish version has recieved a total of 163,475 total views. WOW! when I search for the Fedearation of Light there are over 40 DIFFERENT VIDEOS PERTAINING TO YOUR MESSAGE with a total of 280,499 views. Several of these are in different languages I think German and Spanish.  Alot of people are getting this information, I think every one is trying to get the message out. I am so happy about this. There are 80 videos on October 14th alone. This is HUGE.

72.. i ve just read your chaneling s (excuse my english)! I am from Bulgaria! I  just want to give my deepest Thank s for what you are chaneling for all of us !Lately -after about 8 years of strong preparation (so i can stand the energy level s -of  the coming days-The Universal Federation of Light have very Clearly present it self to me as well.Very much detailed information about their coming,about, where in The Universe it started, when-( in human terms of time ),and acording to the mayan calendar when they are going to appear( you can see for yourself-14th october is Storm -the last Kin before  The Sun -that brings enlightment and is a kind of zero and starting point ,they show me how the ship looks in the inside (thou when this happened i lose my human conciesness and my body falls down ) i come back with clear knowledge that i m coming from a Space ship -where i felt at home with other type of beeings -very evolved in all ways but nice friendly and not so different from me!They talled me all these things - and you are so well puted them in words-!They say that it took them actually 42 of their days to come to our solar system ( many thousands from Homo Sapiens -view)--now are passing the last minutes of the apearence!There is a surtain number of people on our planet that have beeing trained for these -First (for this times) oficial contact!The training passed as they say with smile- Thru time-spaces of what you call hell s-!But their promise of coming back to us was put deeply inside of our DNA -codes,---the unexplained emptyness that we felt each of us thru our evolution on personal level -(cause literally we doing this from mileniums)-we are preparing for this moments. Don t ever doubt to yourself and what you are receiving -You are part of not that big group of beeings Here and Now -Helping! -this emptyness is not empty -this is our Galactic brothers we are not been left behind .GREAT HOPE GREAT LIGHT and GREAT UPLIFTING -comes with the ships of My beloved Space Brothers (some people call them extraterestrials-but that s not exactly the word-alltough- Yes -They are not from this world !They come with harmonie to the Great Plan-to help all the planet and all the souls that want it and are ready -TO REMOVE THE OLD SPACE PLACENT -that we ve been in till now !My deepest thank s to THEM -We ve been waiting for this -so looooong!MUCH LOVEBLESSINGS PEACE AHO MITAKYE OYASSIN N LAK ESH .

73. Blessed are the Cracked...For they are the ones who let the Light In...!

74.. Think of this idea........spread the word that on oct.14th   2008 when one sees the fed. of light proof,   people should get their flashlight and into the ,sky send a greeting in the international morse code into the sky as follows:

 HOPE         H  dot dot dot dot                    O  dash dash dash    P dot dash dash dot   E  dot

the word hope was used in their message...

I think of the impact of millons of people doing the above .neat.........

75. Ok so a plan has been put forward regarding the 14th October 2008 visit.  We are all to spend 30 seconds in meditation at 22.00hrs UK time.  Everyone around the world who knows about this will be joining in and focusing on love and light to make this a reality and bring about the change. Im up for it are you??? Click on link for info...watch until end of cliphttp://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=PFO2No0DzPU

76. Cleansing crystals. The Sun Cleansing: This technique uses the cleansing powers of the Sun.
What you will need: A safe place to put your stones where they can catch the light of the Sun.
What to do: If you have a window where the sun will shine through, that will do nicely. Simply place the stones in the light of the Sun for a few hours and the Sun will cleanse your stones. There is also a little bonus to this technique because the Sun aside cleansing your stones charges them too!
The Salt-Water Cleansing: This technique uses the cleansing powers of Water & Earth.
What you will need: A bowl of water and a few pinches of salt.
What to do: Toss in a couple pinches of salt into the water and stir the water. If you wish, you can visualize that as you stir the salt-water a light starts to glow from it, glowing brighter and brighter with cleansing light. Once you are done stirring, toss however many stones you want into the bowl (BTW if you plan to JAM-PACK the bowl with stones, add a few more pinches of salt before placing the stones in). For a few minutes visualize the stones being cleansed by the salt-water, dissolving and negating all negativity into nothing. Then go and do something else while leaving the stones to soak for an hour. After the hour take the stones out and dry them and then place them in a safe place.
Earth Cleansing: This technique uses the cleansing powers of Earth.
What you will need: A safe place to bury your stones and a marker to mark the place you buried your stones.
What to do: Dig a hole in the earth about a foot deep and place your stones in there. Bury it up and place your marker on top of where you buried them so you know where you buried them and can retrieve them when they are cleansed. Leave them buried for 24 hours. The Earth will cleanse and negate all negativity as well as recharge the stones with their own unique energies.

77.Just my little contribution to trying to get the message out to a few more people. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2k2f77ZChYQ
I through in a little neat math diddy about october 14th as well. Peace!!!

78. I´d like to suggest the day of 10.14.2008 to be the INTERNATIONAL CONTACT DAY. The media has their eyes on you, so you could write in your website suggesting to all the souls of love of this world, at 00hs00min (GMT), to come together, ask our brothers from the stars to appear in our skies to show to the skeptics they come in peace and just want to help us from the darkness.  They already know who are trustable and who are not in our world but, even though we could give another demonstration that we on their side.

80.I must say I feel your butterflies....penpaling and now time for the actual  meeting :) I am nervous happy
I hope you dont mind I have been posting your messages because of weird thing that happened to me and felt I should I believe you.
Here is the link to the crystals found inside the earth..I thought of the message about crystals... and also one of rainbows.

cave of crystals http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHU7EPXfkmE

81. One person had stated the government's are becoming aware and worried and may try some shenanigans to blame on FOL.. I must wonder if this is part of their very pointed references to having no fear.. and might I suggest that we truly follow what they say in keeping lightheartedness abounding and sending it to them more than ever with our messages of welcome surrounding the whole earth and the whole event coming in rainbow hues (which  I think that is the color of ths ship ::) ball of protection~ I AM SO EXCITED !

82. I have to say that it really really sounds so TRUE to me, I  believe, hope and pray. Indeed we need help and I have been seeking 
for it for so long now.But my question now is- as I have a lot of friends in Brazil and they  mainly don´t speak any English is there actually a Portugues version  for it? Because neither Portugues nor English is my native language  that makes it a bit more difficult for me to translate it properly  and I do not want to loose any of the TRUTH while translating it. I  hope that you can help me with itTHANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! ONLY WITH THIS MESSAGE MY LAST DAYS HAVE BEEN  ENLIGHTENED- it makes it so much easier seeing so many other people  around who seek for the same goal and have the same understandings of  life!!!  I AM STARTING BRINGIN EVEN MORE LOVE TO EVERYBODY-because I don´t 
feel alone anymore. My soul is with you on that way. (can any one help this lady at all?)

84 I'm from the Netherlands and discovered this message, http://spiritlibrary.com/akashic-transformations/akashic-records-of-october-2008.  Scroll down to th 6th question, it's also a piece of the big puzzle I think.

85.People talk about 2012 and what it may mean.The common Gregorian calendar we used today, is based on starting at 0, when supposedly Christ was born.The Mayan calendar speaks of an 'era' of some sort ending in 2012.     We come up with it’s ending date of 2012, based on counting from 0.However, if you dig for info, some scholars say that Christ was born in 4 BC, quotingthe Bible puts his birth before the death of King Herod in 4 BC [Luke 1.5]”. If you slide our calendar back to put year 0 on year 4 BC… it makes the year 2012 become 2008.  Each reader will need to do their own research on this, and relevancy ofcalendar dates. 

86. The following facts can be verified at space agency websites, books on science and space, or encyclopedias.  This may help peoplewith an understanding of where the craft may appear where nearly all can see it.

1) Large planes can only fly as high as about 8 miles. The air is too thin above that height. It would not hold the plane up. Some kinds of planes can fly much higher. One special NASA plane, Helios, flew to about 19 miles from the earth’s surface.

2) A lower orbiting space craft is about 125 miles high.  You need a rocket to get to there.

3) There are 2 kinds of satellites, orbiting or stationary.  Orbiting satellites circle the earth once or twice a day.  Stationary satellites are parked at a position 22,300 miles (35,900 km) above the earth.

4) At exactly 22,300 miles above the equator, the force of gravity is cancelled by the centrifugal force of the rotating universe. This is the ideal spot to park a stationary satellite

5) The average distance to the moon is 238,856 miles (385,000 km).  It takes the Moon 27 days to go around the Earth once

6) The ideal point for satellites is approximately 1/10th of the distance to the moon.  Imagine how big the moon would look if it were just half the distance to earth!

Readers may want to give thoughtful consideration to portions of the F.O.L. message:   “A CRAFT OF GREAT SIZE SHALL BE VISIBLE WITHIN YOUR SKIES. IT SHALL BE IN THE SOUTH OF YOUR HEMISPHERE AND IT SHALL SCAN OVER MANY OF YOUR STATES.”  And they say “WE SHALL REMAIN WITHIN YOUR ATMOSPHERE FOR THE MINIMUM OF THREE OF YOUR TWENTY FOUR HOUR PERIODS.” When reflecting on what distance from earth the “CRAFT OF GREAT SIZE” may position itself, the distances our planet’s military winged aircraft can fly to, that our low orbiting satellites circle our Earth once or twice a day, it becomes easier to comprehend how EVERYONE may have the opportunity to see this craft in those 3 days, just like we all see the bright moon as it circles at a significantly further distance, both night and day.

87 .Dont know what tomake of all this really. But feel one should be aware of it.



1. Here in the Netherlands someone noticed yesterday a straight rainbow beam. Straight up… very strange. And he didn’t know about the coming of strange rainbows, until I told him this morning. It’s happening!

2.Brazil! Picture of a strange rainbow. http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/folha/ciencia/ult306u439344.shtml

3. Here is something you should check out it is what our space family told blossom about the rainbows that are unfamiliar go to http://englishrussia.com/?p=1750 here is some.

4 .and as for unfamiliar rainbows??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-H3xlKU1gA

5.  Rare rainbows http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZsHi6m3rJI

.6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbyhZ7OmlqQ  ... This is lovely. xxx

7. I just wanted to share with you that about 3 weeks ago as I was driving home from work; there was a rainbow "cloud" above me.  I don't know how to describe it other than it looked like a normal cloud but with rainbow colors.  I'd never seen anything like that and was wondering if that is what they are talking about with the rainbows.

8. My daughter who lives in Carmel, NY, USA phoned me at about noon today to tell me about a beautiful rainbow around the sun. The weather was clear and the sky blue with large and small clouds. The rainbow was not in the clouds. It was in the clear blue sky.


1.I pointed at Alabama in South Africa. Now I was searching for a ‘table’ and concluded that there is a ‘Table Mountain’ in South Africa as well. It’s near Cape Town. I now made a precise measurement between Alabama and Table Mountain, and I can tell you that it is exactly 1.111 kilometers… isn’t that strange? Can this be the measurement of the ship?Maybe South Africa is a good place to start the event…

2. I just found out that table is a star constellation, also known as mensa, which can be seen from the southern hemisphere. Maybe this is where the FOL are entering.

3. A Table to me at least represents, 'welcome".  Come on in a sit a spell.  You want something to eat or drink.  A game of cards.  No?  Ok, we'll just pull up our chairs and sit awhile.  You have no idea HOW MUCH I WANT TO BE AN EXCHANGE "STUDENT".  I have been waiting over 44 years to see them again.  I tear up when I think of Oct 14th.  I can hardly wait.  I will be setting a table for their welcome.  It will not be filled with crystal or china, but a simple table cloth and maybe a simple center piece for when they arrive, the table will be filled with their love for all human kind.  I could ask for nothing more. 

4.Just regarding your last channel involving the "table" reference. Many people are emailing me telling me that has something to do with a Medjugorje Sun. You can find out more about this here - http://10-14-08.blogspot.com/2008/09/does-table-mean-medjugorje-sun.html

5.Late last evening my 15 year old daughter  asked me re the location predicted for the "Super Tuesday" event and I said somewhere in the Southern hemispere and there is only two clues which is Alabama and table . She immediately said TABLE MOUNTAIN in Cape Town South Africa. Its a possibility and I just wanted you to know should you not already have Cape Town as a possibility.

6. This is interesting!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJW9PQltteo