White Cloud & The Dolphins in Hawaii

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Blossom Goodchild & Peppie Simpson

To swim eye to eye with these incredibly intelligent and healing multidimensional beings, is a once in a lifetime experience that can change your life. Join Blossom Goodchild and Peppie Simpson on an adventure of a lifetime.

Spend an enchanted week on the Big Island Kona, embarking on a magical journey … swimming with the dolphins in the mornings and Workshopping and chatting with Blossom and White Cloud in the afternoon and evenings. This combination will ensure that your soul is lifted into the Higher Vibration that it is yearning for.

Please note … You do not have to be a confident swimmer to enjoy this wonderful experience.


8 – 14 March 2020


7 Nights


Kona Seaside Hotel

Total Package Price

Package Includes


♥  All accommodation.
♥  Transport to and from the boat harbour each day.
♥  4 x 4hr dolphin swims (which include drinks and snacks).
♥  A snorkelling session with Peppie will be conducted on the first morning to determine level of confidence in the water.
♥  One night manta ray snorkel with drink and snacks – mask and snorkel, wet suits and flippers provided.
♥  Mask and snorkel, wet suits and flippers provided for dolphin swims.
♥  5 x 2hr White Cloud and Blossom sessions.
♥  5 x 1hr Group sharing with White Cloud and day’s Dolphin experience. (To include an introduction to animal communication and discover a greater understanding of the dolphins and our connection with them and how it can improve our life.)

Prices do not include airfares, transport to and from airport and food.

Blossom Goodchild


Blossom is a professional ‘Direct voice’ channelling medium. She has been channelling the Native American Indian Spirit Energy ‘White Cloud’ for 20 years now and shares his messages of Unconditional Love by means of Personal Readings, Videos and Group Events.

Blossom began communicating with ‘The Federation of Light’ in 2005 and their ‘conversations’ are now world renowned.

In April of 2019 Blossom held a retreat on the beautiful island of Bali. The ‘programme’ she developed turned lives around and therefore, she knew she had to continue working in this way; actually being with souls, as opposed to sharing much of her work and channellings on line.

Blossom considers it to be an absolute honour to assist White Cloud and The Federation of Light, in getting their important messages out to as many souls as possible, in order to raise the Vibration of the Planet and all who sail in her!

To have this Golden opportunity to combine the Energy of The Dolphins and the shared wisdom from White Cloud is a dream come True. She is greatly looking forward to sharing these gifts and having fun with soul’s who are called to be part of the group.

Pippie Simpson


Peppie’s love for the water and ocean began from a very young age as a competitive swimmer and surfer. Her great passion for the cetaceans began in Hawaii in 1995, meeting world renowned dolphin researcher Joan Ocean and her amazing work with the Spinner Dolphins.

Peppie then became the Noosa director for I.C.E.R.C, the International Cetacean Education and Research Centre, providing education and research through schools and the community.

Since 1995 Peppie has been travelling back to Hawaii to spend time with Joan and the spinners and also with our local dolphins and whales on the Sunshine Coast.

The last 24yrs has been studying and researching our connection with ourselves and the planet with the help of the dolphins and whales. Looking at the questions …Why do they affect us so and why being in their presence changes our lives? What can we truly learn from them?

Peppie has been taking groups of people to Hawaii for the last 5 years to experience this life changing event. She also takes many local trips from Noosa to the whales and dolphins on her boat.

Peppie has been teaching and introducing children and babies as young as a few weeks old back to the water for the last 30 yrs in her private swim school. She feels this work reveals some of the secrets of the deep connection we have with the cetaceans. Shifting from unconscious to conscious breathers like the whales and dolphins is a vital part of this knowledge.

In recent years, study with some one of the world’s leading animal communicators has led to further understanding of the connection we have with our cetacean friends, along with all living things, through telepathic animal communication. Peppie believes, as with many indigenous cultures, this is a skill we all have, but forgotten. Since reconnecting with this form of communication, Peppie has been able to experience extraordinary times with the dolphins and whales and feels very passionate to share this with as many people as possible. She believes this is one of the vital keys to helping re empower the people of this planet towards caring, connection and loving the world we live in. Peppie’s work is to inspire change.

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