Hello to you. ‘The Tribe of Light’ as our community name, was well received. Thank you. How can ‘we’ best serve said community in our chat today?

Welcome to ONE. Welcome to ALL. Welcome to you, Blossom. There is no Greater way to serve The Whole … as A Whole … than by connecting up in Love with each and every one. It is the most simplest of tasks, for it is through the asking and through the intention to do so.

This, Dearest Souls, is the principal in all matters when requiring/desiring one’s requisites. For if one does not choose to ask … how can it be clear to the Energy that ‘delivers’, what it is that is actually required? Yet, it is the intention within the asking that offers the ‘feeling’ … which creates the Vibration of that desire to manifest.

Most of you are aware enough now, to know that if one does not reside within the ‘feeling’ of that which is wanted/requested, then it cannot be. For it cannot come to you if the Vibration of it is not there for it to ‘sit in’.

This is why one’s intention is of a Graciousness to not only Serve the Self, yet, to Serve The Whole.

Yet, when understood completely, one KNOWS that the intention to Serve Self in Goodness is to naturally be for the Highest Good of All.

I would be grateful if you could lead the conversation from here. All I can think of, is to ask about all the things you have mentioned that are not ready to materialize, and that is once again going over old ground.

We understand Blossom, that in this great big Universe, there is much that Souls would like to discuss. Yet, Truly, many want answers about this, that, and the other, and it is not for us to give such answers.

Yet, other channelers do.

And do you know them to be of Truth?

These days ‘In all Truth’ I no longer take much on board regarding answered questions, for there seems to be 20 sides to a coin!

Which is deliberately put there to confuse and distort.

So, as it is considered that you are Truth, why is it that you can’t give us the Truthful Answer and then we’d know?

Because, Dearest Blossom … if we were to do so, on many subjects … some answers would not resonate with some Souls and they would question our Truth.

This is of no importance to us … for we desire each and every one to question anything, if it does not sit well with them.

Yet, if it was the Truth on any given subject … wouldn’t it automatically sit well, as the Truth would do that?

Yet, Truth … in its TRUTH … sits well within the Vibration of itself.

If another is not yet of … that Vibration/that Truth/that understanding … then the resonance of it … the Frequency of it … may get distorted in the mind of one who is not yet sitting within the Vibration of the Truth of the particular subject under discussion.

Mm. Interesting. In the past I know I have not resonated with something I have heard … and yet, years later, my Being is ready to accept it as Truth. Is that what you mean?

Indeed, Blossom. One cannot say to another … ‘I am telling you … this is the Truth!’ … because although it may be for one … it may not be for another.

Here we go. We’ve been here before. Yet, maybe we are in a better position to make sense of it now. My dilemma being that surely ‘Truth is Truth is Truth is Truth is Truth … isn’t it?

Not necessarily.

How can that be?

Because … a Truth is a Truth is a Truth is a Truth to the positioning of the Heart’s understanding at any given time.

Do you mean Truth can change?

No. We mean the understanding can heighten into a place of Truth.

Yet, if something wasn’t a Truth for somebody once … does it become Truth due to the Soul’s awareness expanding?

Yes, Blossom.

I am not sure if this is a wise move to make or if my brain can deal with it, yet, let’s go for it! So, say for instance, when I asked you if the Earth was round or flat, your answer was … ‘It is flat if you think it is flat and round for those who think it is round’. My question would be … which of those is the Truth?


I knew you were going to say that before I even finished writing the question. These are very different Truths … how can they both be True?

Because absolutely everything is possible. Absolutely everything IS in existence already.

So, you could say that absolutely everything is TRUE in reference to what is and what is not?


Well, for instance, it is not true that 1+1 is 7.

In whose world?


Yet, it may be True in someone else’s.

Is it?

Maybe. It’s a possibility!

Yet, is it not so that numbers are the foundation … sort of thing … for how it all works? So surely, arithmetic has to have a concrete base … everywhere?


Because nothing would add up if it didn’t?

Add up to what?

To making sense?

In YOUR reality.

Is my reality of my world, only the reality of ‘my’ world? As in … is my colour blue, only my blue … is someone else’s blue … my green?

It would depend on the frequency of one’s reality.

I have tried before to get to grips with the possibility that it is only me in my reality. Yet, I can’t get my head around it … because others I interact with are real … in ‘my’ reality, as well as their own. My head blows off with this kind of interaction!

Is this not, Blossom, what was mentioned at the gathering at the start of the year?

Some things in your reality … are just too involved within the Greatness of the Wonderment of the entire workings of ALL THAT IS … that from the position you are in … upon Earth at this time … one cannot come even close to grasping the smallest of concepts within the Highest Knowledge that exists.

And so … best not to try!

One can try if they so desire, yet, as you have done today, Blossom … there will most likely come a point when one’s questioning becomes a ball of knots. In that, as one tries to unravel one knot … another occurs … and confusion sets in deeply.

THIS IS WHY … when one is left to focus only on the one Truth that is known …


then what more is there to know about that!





I fully get that. Yet, when living upon a messed up Planet such as Earth …

May we interrupt? Earth is not messed up, Blossom. Yet, we cannot say the same for the Souls who reside upon it.

I concur! My point being, that whilst Being down here … it would be nice to know the TRUTH about what is actually going on! You say the Truth will come out and shock us greatly. Will we know it to be Truth when this happens, or will there still be distortion and confusion?

There will certainly be confusion … by those who had no idea of any matter that will be revealed for what it is. Yet, it shall be made quite clear. It shall be shown for what it is.


Lie, or lies?

Essentially, we put all that is a lie into the category of one LIE.

You see, Blossom … those who are on Earth at this time are awaiting the Truth of what is actually going on … what has taken place … what is taken place. They want to know this and we understand that … for there is so much controversy.




And yet, as mentioned earlier … MY TRUTH changes the more aware I become.

And with every step you take within that Truth, it is coming from the Highest Love within you.

Whatever stage someone is at … whatever Vibration they are frequenting at that moment … they are doing so … within their Highest Truth.

As they become more aware of that SAME TRUTH … they Vibrate at a High Frequency and therefore, a Higher ‘degree’ of that Highest Love will be where the Soul resides.

Yes. I get that. Struth! It’s just best to keep it simple. To keep in Joy. To keep on keeping on.

As each and every one of you are doing.

You continue to keep on keeping on … and you always will … Because your Inner Strength and TRUTH urge you to do so.

Indeedy. It is Friday 13th as we chat … I have yawned a lot throughout this session … yet, it has been completed and for that, I am always Grateful and Blessed! In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.



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