Tribe of Light

Monthly Meetings

Join Blossom Goodchild and Joe Pena for these uplifting monthly Tribe of Light Gatherings in 2024. 


We will have a Q&A, and also be prepared for an I AM Mantra near the end. It feels like a good idea to include it each time we come together, don’t you think?

So let’s collectively raise our vibration, and contribute our own energy to the upliftment of our beautiful home here on Earth.

Date & Time


22 • JUNE • 2024
9:00AM – 10:30AM (AEST)


22 • JUNE • 2024

9am – Brisbane
1am – Berlin (Friday night after midnight)
12am – London (Friday night at midnight)


21 • JUNE • 2024

6pm – Chicago
4pm – Los Angeles

Please Note:

  1. This Registration Is A 2-Step Process For Everybody.
  2. After completing this signup page, you will be redirected to Step 2, our Donation page. (It matters not if you donate $1 or $2,000!! 😊) We will also send you a Confirmation email.
  3. Your meeting link will be sent two days before the event, and again on the day of the event.

We plan to record the Gathering, and everyone who fully registers will receive a Link to the Replay (most likely the following day).