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The Federation Of Light

Blossom began communication with The Federation Of Light, an ‘Off World’ Conscious Light Energy, in 2005.
Their messages of wisdom and Love are now world renowned.

This Year's Messages

2nd October

Hello there. I am here, willing and apparently, able! Are you feeling the same? Indeed, Blossom. It is wonderful to be back in conversation with you this day. Being uninspired as you have been, in a sense, is a good thing. Really? How so? When the mind falls into a...

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18th September

Good morning to you. Once again, I leave the topic for this chat in your capable hands. Greetings to you Blossom. Joy and Blessings are offered to Each One who finds their way to these conversations. There is much Celebration taking place in Higher Realms. There is...

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11th September

Good morning. Well, should we talk about The Sign? The Queen's death? Or the price of fish? Welcome to you Blossom and Each One who finds themselves drawn to these conversations of ours.  We know there is a burning question you wish to ask, Blossom. Please go ahead....

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Xavier is the gentleman who spent a crazy number of hours doing the Channelling Indexing and Topics of Interest for your ease. Should you feel you would like to ‘Bless him’ for this incredible work that he has done freely and Lovingly from his heart, please make a donation to him. Thank you.

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The following eBooks are available for free download:

This edition of Snapshot includes all the channelled communications between The Federation Of Light and Blossom Goodchild from the completion of The Bridge through to the October 14th 2008 message and subsequent messages through October 14th 2008 to their final communication before that date.

Continued channellings from The Federation Of Light from February 21st 2009 - September 23rd 2009 collected together in one eBook.

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