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The Federation Of Light

Blossom began communication with The Federation Of Light, an ‘Off World’ Conscious Light Energy, in 2005.
Their messages of wisdom and Love are now world renowned.

This Year's Messages

11th December

Once again, here we are. Sharing the Love, as more and more all over the world are recognising that this is why we are here. Hello! Dearest Blossom … Dearest Souls of Truth … what a Joy to be in your company once again, indeed. We are engaged in conversation with you...

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4th December

Well, here I AM, hoping my energies are now conducive to a conversation with you? Are we good to go? Indeed, Blossom. It is the Pleasure of these communications which brings us to this place, wherein we are able to connect and blend Energies in order to assist and...

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6th November

Hi there, to you out there! So, after my Being being very excited at posting last week’s message, I experienced a bit of a shock later that evening, to discover that the picture of the Monoliths presented, was actually an art exhibition in 2010 by a chap who has now...

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This edition of Snapshot includes all the channelled communications between The Federation Of Light and Blossom Goodchild from the completion of The Bridge through to the October 14th 2008 message and subsequent messages through October 14th 2008 to their final communication before that date.

Continued channellings from The Federation Of Light from February 21st 2009 - September 23rd 2009 collected together in one eBook.

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