Hello. Me here! Anyone home?

Welcome to ALL upon Earth who choose to be in agreement with that which we desire to speak of. In fact, we would say, welcome also, to those who are not in agreement. For we ask that one follows their heart and their FEELINGS and if it be so that the words we bring forth are not in alignment with a soul’s thoughts and feelings, then we would not expect them to continue to read our messages week after week.

Actually, you are probably aware that some write in saying that this is the case and I reply with the same sentiment. A few years ago, (perhaps) I asked you about the ‘trumpet’ sounds that were heard coming from the skies or even from within the Earth.  Huge groaning’s from within … or strange ‘notes’ seemingly coming from the sky, are being captured on video. To be honest, I cannot remember what you said about them, yet, folk are asking if you can explain as more and more are being heard all over the world … if that is agreeable to you?

We set an intention to reveal that which we are able to discuss about this to be brought forth, in that … these ‘sounds’ are not of Earthly makings. In that … they are not produced ‘from’ anything that is of Human form. The tones that are emitted from ‘the ethers’ come from a much Grander Origin and are ‘preperational signals’ of that which is to come.

Oh! Please do elaborate!

To continue on, we would suggest to you that the areas in which these tones are heard are in fact conditioned to accept the Vibration of these presentations and allow the area and its surroundings to absorb and mellow into that of Earth.

What about the areas that don’t hear them?

It is early days, Blossom. More and more shall these sounds resonate throughout and span further afield … and more consistently, also.

So … who/what … exactly, creates these sounds?

Vibration itself.

Yet … who/what … is asking the Vibration to make them?

Vibration itself. They are created through Vibration. There is not a ‘little man behind a curtain’ pretending to be bigger than he is. These tones are … brought forth /stirred up … would we say, by Energies that are outside of your Earth’s atmosphere and are gathered together and ‘Heralded’ in, so that they can be heard upon your Planet.

When you say, ‘in preparation for what is to come’, from what I have heard of them, they are not exactly going to make a number one hit! They sound rather daunting … almost haunting?

They are not designed to be a number one hit.  In a sense, they are ‘not designed.’ They are an embellishment of what is taking place outside of your atmospheres and are moving into a place of recognition by those upon Earth … as we say … in preparation for what is to come.

And … what is that, exactly?



Hello … Here we go again!

Blossom, do you not believe this to be a Truth?  Be Truthful with us?

Oh, yes, I believe it to be a Truth. It’s the ‘when’ that gets to us all. As I have said before, in order to keep your ‘street cred’, I wouldn’t bring it up until it is just around the corner.

And yet, you asked us about the sounds and the conversation, therefore, could not help but bring this matter up. For it is part and parcel of the ongoing scenarios that are taking place in all different forms … across/around /and within … your Globe … that are ‘showing the signs’ that THIS EVENT is getting ever closer.

Good point. Yet, let’s keep our feet on the ground in the knowing this still may not take place for another thousand years!

We understand of your jesting around this Sacred subject. We … can only /will only … speak of how it is for US. How it is from our perspective in the ‘No time zone.’

What are the other ongoing scenarios?

So much, Blossom, is arising now. So much more of what was once ‘censored’ is being revealed because there is so much more being captured on camera or written about on your social media, that those who desire to keep it suppressed can no longer keep up with it.

We have spoken to you of THE BATTLE BEING WON. The dark ones HAVE FALLEN. It is only as we spoke of before of ‘feeding their power’ through focus upon them, that allows their remaining energy to continue.

Unfortunately, there are so many souls still asleep in our world that continue to stoke the fire of the darkness without realizing. Another reason why the suggestion for something more solid from you guys would make such a difference. If you popped into the skies for a few days and beamed out Light Energy, millions would open their eyes and feel the Light you give out and Hey Presto!… Boom! Bye Bye bad guys!

If it was as simple as that, it would be done.

Had it been considered then?

Have you not suggested it many times?

Yep! And probably shall continue to do so. For purposes of understanding … wherein lies the complications?

Energy within your skies at this marker in your time would not allow our decloaking to last for such a great length of time …

Best get your engineers onto that one then! And … how come you said this was going to happen on Oct 14th, 2008? How could that work?

Because at that time we were preparing for the Grand Event of THAT SCENARIO to reveal itself and allow such a happening to transpire.

Could you not ‘arrange’ that once again?

It would not be fitting at this time.


Because other conditions that are of greater importance would be affected and in trying to do so, it would rearrange much that is in place.

Much that is in place to do with THE EVENT?

Indeed, Blossom.  In past days we have spoken of times ahead when many ships will be commonplace in your skies. Indeed, times when those who are not of your race shall walk among you and be accepted as your brothers and sisters. May we ask you again in your Truth, if you think this is a Truth?

Without question, something inside me says YES. As I said … it is just the waiting that drives us a little bonkers.  Believe me, all of us that KNOW OUR LIGHT are doing the best we can under such intense conditions. It is not easy. Not by a long shot. Sometimes I wonder if the LIGHTER  we become, the harder it seems to remain within that Light, as so much doesn’t make sense and our sensitivity seems to be affected on a deeper heart level.

Unfortunately, we cannot change that situation. We would only suggest that with such ‘changing Energies’ you align your thoughts and feelings with the HIGHER YOU. Work with thoughts that you own regarding your KNOWING. In that … if/when … you allow yourself to rise up to the Higher understanding of why you are here and what it is you came to do … your understanding will present to you, the answers.

I do understand that which you are saying and I sort of KNOW the answers even though I can’t put them into words. It is more of a matter of tuning into one’s Higher Power, as you say … to rise above it all.

Correct, Blossom. To be detached from that which is being thrown out to you as bait. Take note of that last sentence if you will.

I did!

Your Topsy Turvy world is not only upside down and inside out, it is now about to start spinning and gaining momentum … in a manner of speaking. Again we state, we are speaking metaphorically! 

Within all that is presented to you … within each everyday scenario that seems in your heart to be more and more outrageous … TAKE YOUR BEING TO THE HIGHER PLACE.


It has to take its course to a certain point before the ‘break out’ occurs.

Meaning what?

Meaning … the crescendo of this chapter (in Earthly time/terms) is building to its apex. To the peak of where it must be, in order for ‘it all’ to tip over the edge and come tumbling down.  

And then what? Actually, I don’t know why I ask … for I feel you are going to say ‘THE EVENT’ arrives.

Not immediately.

I am very aware that the majority of us are not hanging on for it. We KNOW we are here to BE the Light and as I say … we are doing our best. Yet, some days … wow … some days … one just wants someone to ‘Stop the world, I wanna get off!’ (Title of a musical, many moons ago)

And yet … the world doesn’t stop and you do not get off. You continue on and you shall continue to continue on. What are your options?

To opt out? Not up for that. To give up?  Not up for that either. Good point. Just quickly though, before you go … sometimes an ‘Energy’ of gloom and doom washes over me and I have to work so hard to shift it. As if something is eating away at me … and I can’t stop it chewing! Seriously, it is most annoying, frustrating and at times debilitating! 

With respect, Blossom and all … we would say the Lighter you become the more there shall be energies that either want some of what you’ve got … or … want to stop you from shining your Light. It is a constant, ongoing situation in many cases … and you deal with it correctly, Blossom by visualizing and imagining removing it, in any way you see fit to do so.

Remember as White Cloud often says … Visualization is your most powerful tool. Use it as much as you ‘think’ to. It works wonders and is very effective.

All these ‘scenarios’ are copable.  There is nothing that your LIGHT cannot shine through. Yet, it is important TO KNOW your strength and allow YOUR POWER to overpower!


Yet, some times we are tired and are caught off guard. I could go on and on yet, I feel we are done for today. Thank you … In Gratitude, In Loving service … I AM.

The audio for this channelling will be posted below shortly.

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