Hello to you! I have to be honest in saying that a huge part of me wishes I had never jumped down this rabbit hole in our last communication about TIME! Some of the emails I have received are so complicated in their desire to KNOW more and questions arising are blowing my head off trying to understand them, let alone put them to you and get an answer. However … I am willing to give it a go … and let’s see how it all pans out … shall we? Time will tell!

Indeed. Yet, on the understanding that not EVERYTHING about this subject CAN be understood in ‘your time’ … for some concepts are out of the range of explaining in your words. Firstly … let us welcome you as we ‘jump down the rabbit hole together’.

I have my spade as we dig deeper and brought along a pneumatic drill for good measure, plus a 10K bag of crispy carrots. Let’s go … 1 2 3 … … …  When we ‘remember’ our childhood, is that a ‘then’ now, rather than a ‘now’ now moment? How do we better understand the flow of NOW, for even the word ‘remember’ refers to a not-now moment (time!). 

So, let us retrack into the possibility/knowing that everything is happening at once … and it is. When you FEEL you are recalling/remembering something ‘in your past’ … which is actually now also … you are merely ‘hopping into’ that space in the Globe and remembering when your focus was there. You may recall a time when you were four or five … you were younger … you may also ‘step into a space’ when you are ninety … which in your understanding has not yet happened. Yet, it is there in the Globe … along with all other possibilities of life itself.

Get your shovel at the ready, Blossom! Due to the fact that you are ‘at this time’ experiencing physicality upon Planet Earth within a body of flesh and blood … you are of the understanding that this ‘flesh and blood’ has to be with you in order to encounter ‘any pathway’.  Take yourselves out of the human body and you experience a completely different ‘format’ of self.

We are trying to device a way to explain more clearly.

When a movie is produced … everything, every scene in that movie is in that one unit of the movie. It is all there … and yet, you cannot watch every scene at once. If you fast forward or rewind … you can ‘enter into’ a different scene, yet, it is still in that one unit of the movie.

This is how we are trying to describe the Globe. It is all there and yet, it depends on ‘what you are watching’ in any given focus of your experience. So, one’s ‘remembering’ could be likened to having watched that scene already  … or rewinding back to that scene and experiencing it for the first time.

OK … I don’t know why, yet I can feel the need to ask the question … are YOU in this Globe’?

No … we are outside of it. Let us pose another possibility. Your Being will either resonate with it or …

Stop! I need a carrot break!!

Indeed. Let us narrow this Globe down into sections.

Wait! How can you not be in it? Because you said last week that it holds everything in it … every possibility.

We would say we were thinking of the sections that we are about to speak of … It is such a complicated matter and we would say also, Blossom … we felt that ‘your mind’ was thinking in terms of this Globe, speaking at this ‘time’ to be one to do within an Earthly paradigm.

You are correct. I was still in the thought space of everything within human expectancy taking place within the Globe … I wasn’t thinking outside the square, so to speak.

So let us move on to  ‘A Globe’ within the Globe’.

Let me power the drill up!

So, let us put the Globe that you would categorize as Earth experience into a Globe within the ALLNESS/EVERYTHING Globe. For this is ‘recapping back’ into the ‘time’ subject where we originally began the conversation. You could ‘categorize’ many Globes of all varied experiences also encapsulated within the vast Globe that is all.

So for now … let us concentrate on the ‘Earth Time Globe’ and perhaps ask us an appropriate question that has been sent in to you.

OK. I am trying to condense it … which is not easy. Basically … How does one physically visit and physically interact with ANY person in history whose physical presence is no longer here?

Because their Energy is STILL in the Globe. Get your drill! A Soul- Light is always a Soul-Light from Source. That is the essence of … who/what … everything/everyone … is. A source flow of Light-Love Energy that can transform into ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING AND NOTHING.

 Within your Earth Globe … whereupon ALL Earthly experiences are happening at once … including that which you FEEL you have not yet ‘advanced to’ as well as that which you FEEL has already taken place, ( Yet, both are just there in the Globe, along with all other possibilities and parallel situations of every experience in multiple expectancies). So, within your Earth Globe … you consider that when a soul leaves its physicality it is no longer there. That perhaps, it has gone to another realm … which it has … yet, that realm is within the Earth Globe … when one is choosing to experience the entirety of Earth /human. That Soul – Light CAN COME OUTSIDE of the Earth Globe … as and when it chooses … yet, its Energy imprint can be ‘activated’ at any time.

 Speak to me of Energy imprint, whilst I nibble on another carrot …

You may need three! We have tried to explain a little before about you ‘residing as humans’ within a hologram. So … we could TRY to express it … yet, please do not take this literally … we are TRUSTING your deeper understanding will kick in …  as likened to a robot when its power has run out … or been shut down. So, in that ‘likening’ when a soul ‘leaves the body’ … it can ‘spark up’ again at any moment and become activated, even though the souls who feel that ‘person’ is no longer ‘here on Earth with them ‘ … know them to be gone.

I get that … what I don’t get is how to form the next question. So, going into what I would consider to be a  hundred years in the past … Am I popping into ‘anyone’ as you said was possible last time … or, am I activating an Energy imprint of ‘myself? Someone else?’ Oh, Dearie Duck Beaks! This rabbit hole has so many tunnels … and not one of them has ‘Exit’ written on it.

Do you remember last connection Blossom, that we said we would not be able to explain all, because it was out of the realms of explanation whilst in your human conformity?

Well yes, something along those lines. I feel at this stage we have reached our peak on this matter and I know many will say … ‘What??????? We are just getting started’. I understand that. Yet, for now, in MY head, in MY capabilities of understanding in MY brain … I would like to leave this here. I feel you have given us so much food for thought and that we need to accept that which you have said … and mull it over. Yes, many questions will arise. Yet, I also feel that we cannot enter most of the tunnels because they are beyond our comprehension ‘in this space’ as you have said. How do you guys feel about that?

We are in agreeance, Blossom. You are not here necessarily to understand all this … this is not where your focus is to lie. You chose to come here and focus upon Being the Light and spreading the Light and emanating the Light that you are. There will be a ‘space’ within you when not of the EARTHLY Globe … that will understand everything about this ‘Time Globe matter’ within an instant. You will just FEEL it and GET IT.

Until then … we guide you to the ‘Exit’ sign as we bid you a fond farewell until our next communication. We enjoy expanding the minds capabilities/possibilities … yet, we are also aware of certain limitations upon information given. Not due to secrecy in any way … yet, due to inexpressible realities of ‘what is’. May we take this opportunity to offer sincere Gratitude to each one … for your friendship and Love towards us. It is received and accepted in Grace.

Ditto, my friends … from us all down here. In Gratitude, In Loving service … I AM.

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM BLOSSOM. My mailing list programme, although back working is now returning thousands of emails back into my inbox as apparently I have been blacklisted/blocked/classed as spam. I am still trying to get this sorted out. Please be patient. PLEASE SEND GOLDEN RAYS TO ME AND THIS SITUATION!

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