Hello there. Well … last week we spoke of the full-on Energies hitting our Planet at the moment. This week I would like to talk about the full-on Energies hitting out Planet at the moment! I mean … what the? So many souls going through intense clear outs and not only dealing with that … so little sleep and feeling wiped out! Everything is feeling ‘Topsy-turvy’, yet I feel the ‘Topsy-turviness’ that you speak of is far greater than this and still to come?

Welcome to Each One upon the Earth Plane. Each outstanding soul that is there to do that which you came to do and doing it so well. Indeed Blossom … you are correct … these upheavals that are stirring from within are nothing to what is to come.

Far out! Something to look forward to then!!??

Yet, they shall be upheavals of a different type. For, at the moment these Energies entering and ‘doing what they came to do’ are for the soul /sole purpose of cleansing/healing all of the soul’s ‘past’ … through all lifetimes. Can you imagine that? When you think about that alone … it is of a ‘shift’ of gigantic measure.

You can say that again! It’s difficult enough sometimes, just shifting and healing stuff from this little journey, let alone going way, way back in time.

And let us add on to that also, the fact/knowing that you are not just healing/cleansing all that is from YOUR Energy … yet, that as a WHOLE CONSCIOUSNESS.

No wonder we are all pooped!

So it is that these initial stages …


Correct Blossom. Initial. For as we said it is just beginning. These initial stages of the purging are concentrated upon the soul-self, from a human level/soul within the human level point of view and there is quite a way to go before this is complete.

Then … the Energies coming in will be concentrating on the embedded imprints upon Mother Earth that will then have to be cleared. When one considers wars, famine … you name it … there is much to be released. Much has been ‘trapped’ within the *’field force’ of your Planet and must now be set free. It is time.

Could it not have been achieved before now?

No. The Energies coming into assist you are of a much Higher established level in order to have the effect required. It was necessary to wait in order for the ‘agreed register’ to be reached allowing such intense Energies through.

When you say ‘agreed register’ do you mean ‘register’ as in ‘tone/level’ type thing?

Yes.  Please keep in mind that although we have spoken of more intense clearing ahead to cleanse and heal your Planet … you will be in a more ‘sound position’ to be able to see it through … because by ridding your entire Being of all ‘the old’ … such strength shall return to you. The part of YOU … that is of the Highest Light and therefore, allowing your following ‘commitments’ to be handled with greater ease and understanding than you are presuming. You are considering it to be ‘much worse’ than that which you are confronted with now … this NEED NOT be the case … depending of course on how you choose to accept that which is taking place for you now.

One can choose to feel miserable and downcast and moan and groan … or one can recognize this time for what it is … a way forward into a MIGHTY SURGE OF CHANGE.

Would you/could you not say for yourself Blossom that the ‘purging’s’ that have arisen for you of late have brought you into a clearer place within your Being?

Without doubt, though at the time it was ‘horrible’!

And Each One shall feel the same as they recognize the choices to address.

One thing that baffles me is … certain circumstances will present themselves that may not ‘appear’ to have anything to do with that which needs cleansing/healing/forgiving and yet, the outcome can bring up something from way, way back that one may not only have forgotten, yet, maybe not even know about … from a past life perhaps? So, are you able to explain how the Energies coming in ‘MAKE’ that work? How does ‘Energy’ conduct each one of us to bring about situations/circumstances/souls that can release that which needs to be released?

We would answer by saying that we cannot answer that! From the aspect of Universal workings that are Divine and ‘playing their part’ in the healing /cleansing of this Planet and those who are involved with her …  in order to Change the Game.

We could offer that the Energies are of a Higher Vibration so that lower frequency Vibrations cannot merge with these Higher ones … so they have to be ‘got rid of’.  So, in that Knowing from the soul-self … the Universe will literally provide scenarios to be played out that will give opportunity to recognize and release all that is within/of these lower frequencies … so that the process of Ascending can follow its course.

A lot of souls are experiencing the ‘what’s the point of it all’ … ‘why bother’ … when they look around and see so much sadness and pain and unnecessary suffering that innocent souls have to endure. You say nothing matters. So, what’s the point of it all? (I am not in that space right now, yet, many are.)

It is part of the cleansing.



We understand that this is perhaps a little ‘alien’ to you. Yet in TRUTH there are many ‘states of Being’ that are already residing within such Energies upon/within other scenarios of ‘life’. And it is that, perhaps another aspect of yourself is enjoying that pleasure of residence in this moment.

Yet, THIS aspect of yourself is here to Enlighten your Planet Earth and the souls upon it, in order to change the Energy … for it was not always like/of this as you know.

The Energies that have befallen Planet Earth effect everything … as … everything … affects everything.

Due to this affect … one has come down here to make an effect … that will bring about change.

TO LIFT EARTH’S ENERGIES ONCE AGAIN … Therefore, making the difference to The Whole.



I thought you were going to say ‘The change … is coming’ … yet, quite strongly you sent the thought ‘almost here’. So, once we as human beings are cleared … and we then move on to the Planetary aspects … surely that is going to take a while to complete?

We would answer with both yes and no.


In that … this is when Topsy-Turvy land will be in full swing. There will be no question of the upside-down-ness and the spinning around of it all. Again we state we are not speaking of your Planet’s physical movement. We are speaking of your governments and how countries are manipulated. We are speaking of all that does not serve the human race as a whole being uncovered and brought to trial. There shall be nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, for the souls who have chosen to play these roles in THE GAME.

You have asked us in the past to send Love and forgive these souls for the atrocities they have performed … knowingly hurting and knowingly uncaring of the effect it would have on an individual … a race … a community … a country. I feel this is going to prove difficult for so many to forgive when their behavior is out in the open.

It will be indeed, one of the most difficult positions /circumstances that one has EVER had to encounter. To find in one’s heart forgiveness will have to come from the deepest Highest place of their soul.

Ok. If we are being asked to forgive them … and we do … not being funny, yet … have they not got away with their actions? If we just forgive everybody everything … then … can we not all do exactly as we please? What would it matter?

Yet, you know that to do what these souls have done … would not be as YOU please Blossom, or many please.

We have spoken before of sacrifice of a Lighted Being to ‘come down and be of service’ presenting as a ‘soul of lesser light’ … in order to teach and assist others in understanding the Light of Love that they are. It is like … when one auditions for a role in a play or a movie … they are playing the part … yet, it is not who they really /Truly are.

Yes. I get that too. Yet, they cannot just ‘get away’ with such behavior, can they?

No and they do not. Even though they may have, as we say ‘Sacrificed their Light’ in order to serve. Knowing they would have to ‘receive’ the repercussions of such a service. In that … no one can do anything to another without doing it to themselves.

In that … ALL THAT ANYONE DOES TO ANOTHER, be it of Enlightened or unenlightened behavior … they shall experience the same within themselves at some point. I.e. How they made another ‘feel’.

 If it was making another feel so very Loved … then THEY shall experience feeling so very Loved.

If it was making another feel great pain, be it physical, mental, or both … THEY shall experience that same feeling that they cast upon another.

This is Law. As we have spoken of in days gone by. You cannot escape your actions. So, although forgiveness is the key … it serves both parties and yet … it does not release one from cause and effect.

We ask you to ask for assistance in these times. Those who were not chosen from their voluntary post as you were … are eager to assist in this ‘setup’ from elsewhere. They are so keen to offer strength and Loving Energy to help see those who did get this position … through these very turbulent time.

We feel it is time to retract our Energies … as you are tired.

Aren’t most of us? Yet, I feel we are all going through different stages at different times.

This is correct. We are aware this session has reached its usual ‘time frame capacity’ yet, we wish to impart that there is so much to remain Joyful and uplifted about. SO MUCH!

WE ARE GETTING EVER CLOSER TO ARRIVAL and we choose to let Each One decide for themselves what we mean by that … For we mean each thought one has on the matter!

You little tinkers!! Good job Guys. In Gratitude. In Loving service … I AM.

 *They said ‘field force’ as opposed to ‘force field’ … so I will stick with that.


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