At the time of channelling these two communications, I was struggling with the ‘State of play’ (As you will assess!) I am feeling much Brighter now. You may find the channelling reads fine, yet, for me, ‘I’ was totally getting in the way and in the end decided to stop and post it anyway, for reasons of assisting others feeling the same way. I ask that my ‘indulgence’ is forgiven … from one who knows better, yet doesn’t always feel it! Thank you.

(Thursday 25th June)

Hello once again. There are so many questions people want me to ask you and yet, I think we know where we stand at this point with all that you have said. So many of the questions I know you cannot give answers to, for it is not for us to know some things, as yet. Which leaves us so up in the air because although you asked us to be discerning about all that comes into our awareness, I have no idea what is Truth and what is not. It’s the same for many. So much speculation too, about the timing of it all. You say you cannot give us a time frame … other channelers (from what people have written to me) are saying five to ten years for this whole thing to get where it’s going. If this is the case … many just want to ‘get off/get out’ because they do not feel they can hang on much longer … Waiting, waiting, waiting. Words of wisdom offered would be appreciated. ( and yes, I know we have travelled this train of thought before, yet. It is where I and many, are at right now.

Dearest Blossom, Dearest Souls of Earth … We understand that you feel that the momentum has died down from earlier in the year when we expressed ‘this is it’! Your enthusiasm … for some, has come to a standstill. Yet …

I know what you are going to say and probably many readers do also … in that … ‘If you could see it from our perspective etc. and know what is going on behind the scenes, we would not feel this way’… Right?


Point being … we cannot see it from your perspective and we don’t know what is going on behind the scenes … and even if we think we do … we don’t have proof of any of it. If it were to be that this huge announcement you speak of, is not for another year perhaps … then … I feel we would have all slumped seriously into Slumpland, which would not be of much assistance from the Love and Light perspective.  I was a little reluctant to channel today/this week … due to …with the greatest respect, knowing there is no more you can say right now until something new presents itself.

Blossom … where are your power buttons?

My what?

Your power buttons? Where are the triggers that spark your Being into Lightness?

Buried under a pile of confusion! The more I ‘hear about’ the more confused I get. Nothing makes sense. I feel sort of half on, half off Planet. Sometimes, I feel it’s all just too much to deal with and therefore, I take on a  ‘who cares’ attitude. I tell you this, not to indulge in ‘my’ feelings yet, just letting you know how many are feeling ( I cannot speak for all of course.) You say there will be a huge announcement, another lockdown, yet, you cannot say when. Are we to wait until next year for this or next month? Surely you must know these things?  OK, I’ve had my moan … I hand the talking stick to you.

For which we thank you. We appreciate your honesty, Blossom. It is good for us to know how one is feeling when in the thick of it all.

The second lockdown will be before the year is out … as will the announcement present itself before the year is out, also.

Thank you. Should we start knitting a jumper while we wait or, just a tea cosy?

A tea cosy. Dearest souls … you feel a little as if you have been ‘let down’ once again, perhaps? This is not so. We have explained that everything has to be in place for the biggest Plan EVER to move forward in the smoothness of its design. You have waited this long … you can wait a little longer. For we have also told of the time ahead that will be so ‘full-on’ that you sometimes will wish you were back in this ‘standstill’ phase.

Why do I feel so ‘off-planet’? Why do I feel like I don’t care?

Because you are stuck in limbo it feels. What is taking place is SO HUGE and yet, is it that you feel you are not involved?

Oh, I know we are. We are meant to be strong and shining our Light. That is what we are doing. Yet, nothing seems to be shifting, so our batteries run low. Actually, I’m going to stop this moaning and pick up another day … when I am feeling in a more compatible mood to chat with your Loving Energy.

Wait. With respect … wait. Take a deep breath and allow our Love to fill your Knowingness.

I took five breaths and still not really in the mood. Thanks though! Good try!


OK … so it’ is now a week later … Feeling better than I have been of late, so let’s go for it.

(July 2nd.)

Good morning my friends. Are we good to rock and roll, as we say down here?

Greetings of the Highest form to Each and Every One.

Let’s begin on a possible High note. There is a photo going around of a huge PILLAR OF LIGHT over New York. This is definitely more like the ‘vision’ you showed me back in 2011 as opposed to the beautiful weather pillars. So, would you say this is one?

Indeed. We would. One of many to come. One of which will send a fusion of awareness over a large area.

Why this place in particular?

Why not? As we stated before many years ago … these PILLARS OF LIGHT contain an Energy … an Intelligence … and much Love.

Due to the gentleman who offered so much of his Love to assist all, we understand one can now look up all we have said about such Pillars with the greatest of ease. * For which we honour him.

So, are these likely to come soon or one every three years, type of thing?

There are more to come in times ahead, we cannot give days and dates.

The one’s you showed me in my head years ago, were ‘travelling’ across the skies.

Indeed. Yet, one step at a time. Let the mind absorb the initial ones that are static and then when ready, others, more than one at a time, shall begin to present themselves with movement.

Dearest souls, we have spoken to you of wonders to come within these tumultuous times.



They are presented for reasons that not only uplift yet, are sure signs of the Knowingness within of what is to come.

Well, that is indeed something positive. I know quite a few soul’s who are simply excelling in preparing their Beings for all that is to come …  and as you can tell from our earlier chat … I’m not! They really have their act together and I am in awe of them.

Are you concerned about that?

I feel I should know better and I do! Yet, my wellies feel so ‘stuck in the mud’ and dragging me under!

These times you are experiencing are of the deepest releasing. Some are doing it ‘for others’ who cannot.

Yep. It feels like that sometimes. For I am falling apart at the seams, it seems!! There is a deep-down sadness/disbelief for me when I see so many ‘falling for the trap’ they are being fed. That’s what I find so hard. Every cell in my Being rebels so strongly when I see so many convinced by the lies.

Dearest Lady Of …

Oh dear! Why are you struggling for a word? LOL.

To do exactly that … make you smile … Lady of Light …


The reason you and many find this so difficult is because so much of what is being told is not of Truth … and because … YOU ARE! It goes against the grain. That is why.

Any suggestions? Please don’t say ‘Don’t listen to it’. I try not to. Yet, 1. One needs to be aware of what is going on and 2. My inbox is full of questions and concerns about it all. So, a little difficult to escape it!

All that we are able to suggest is that you keep repeating The Mantra.

I do! OK. Let me cease this indulgence right now and let’s get bright and sunny, shall we?

We can … We are … Can you?

Unsure to be honest. I get so frustrated. OK. Changing my attitude right now. My friends … over to you on the sunny side of the street.

Many thanks. On this side of the street, the sun is shining. The air is fresh. There is so much Love beaming from Each One. Smiles aplenty. Offerings of Love and Joy. Come on over Blossom, come on over!

Wouldn’t you know it, my GPS is malfunctioning …



So many, so many are here with you all. Beaming their Light Love to Each One. Helping lift their heavy hearts and removing the negativity that confusion causes.

Sorry guys, just not happening for me. It is the ‘space’ I am in that I just can’t seem to shift enough to go with our usual flow. So, I am going to stop once again. Far out Brussel sprout. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

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