Hello, hello, hello! What shall our chat be about today then? Would you be able to Enlighten us any further on the Monolith situation, perhaps?

Welcome to One and All. We are always in /of Joy to commence these conversations with you, Blossom. It indeed is wonderful that so many are uplifted by that which we have to offer. Our mission is to do just that … UPLIFT. So much Gratitude to Each One for feeling and accepting that which we have to say.

Regarding the Monoliths … regarding the entire triggering of all that was mentioned in a conversation a while back, nothing has changed, other than the Energy. Which is certainly amping up. Can you not feel it, Blossom?

Yes, actually I can! I seem to be in a good space a lot of the time and all seems well. Yet, not so for everyone, it seems!

The Truth being Blossom … that it is for each individual to be responsible for attuning to the Energy that is Being offered through the ethers. Many of you are very much aware of what it takes to accomplish Joy and Freedom of the Soul.

One knows now, that to think of that which brings you down … will bring you down.

To think of that which uplifts the Soul Spirit … will uplift. Not too difficult, as we see it from our place of Knowing.

Indeed. I would say, simple in theory. Yet, in practice, not so easy for many, depending on their circumstance … be it in the middle of a war zone or alone and in pain, for example.

We understand, Blossom and yet, we still abide that which we have said. Each individual has chosen certain ‘aspects’ of their journey to comply with their needs for growth. During ‘trials’, the Soul can choose how to adapt the thoughts to serve or not to serve. To wallow does not serve an individual or indeed, the Whole.

Where would you say karma comes into one’s situation?

Karma! Now there is a topic!


Where to begin? Many Souls are under the assumption that what ‘befalls’ them, what may happen to them that is not such a deLight … is due to something they have done in the past. Be it in their current life or one of the past … and that it is law that they must suffer for it.

We would not express it this way, at all. For example, if one had perhaps performed a grand misdeed to another Soul in a past life … upon leaving that physicality … the Soul understands what pain or upset they had caused to another and is deeply remorseful.

Depending on the ‘stage’ of the Soul’s growth, this may not happen straight away, for one does not simply take a last breath on Earth, and arrive ‘elsewhere’ and all is forgiven and forgotten, so to speak.

Indeed, the Energy of ‘elsewhere’ is far Higher and Peaceful than on Earth yet, the Soul’s journey remains with them. They are able to assess their ‘life’s going’s on’ … and much assistance is offered to reach understanding.

So, it would be a Soul’s choice to ‘return’ and perhaps experience the same scenario that they had brought onto another … in order for forgiveness to themselves … not for forgiveness from another they had affected.

Is it correct that when one ‘passes through the veil’ … when they are ready, they are able to, not only view, yet FEEL every good, bad and ugly moment they have experienced? And. if they had hurt another emotionally, physically, whatever … they then, themselves, experience that pain?

This is correct. Yet, do understand that ‘elsewhere’ is of a completely different Vibration than that of Earth. So, accepting of one’s ‘doings’ … comes from a different place within the self. Some take longer than others to ‘come around’ to the misfortunes they have laid upon another and much Soul searching must take place. Others are immediately ready to rectify the situation and correct their wrong doings and this is what you might call ‘Karma.’

One that has been hurt by another may be full of forgiveness to the perpetrator, yet, for the one who did wrong that is not often enough for their Soul’s correction. So, in order to fully ‘Wipe their slate clean’, they may choose to return to Earth to experience that which they did to another and also, make amends on many other levels to assist others, so that their purpose for that chosen lifetime can ‘Put them in credit’, so to speak.

When you say ‘elsewhere’ … where is that? I am reading a beautiful book by my dear, dear friend, *Suzy Ward and her conversations with her departed son, Matthew. He calls ‘elsewhere’ Nirvana … yet, where would you say is its placement?

Blossom … how are we to explain this?

Well, if you don’t know, I certainly don’t!

Where is Earth? Where is Space? Where is anything?

I feel the answer to be ‘Nowhere’.

Ten out of ten Blossom. Now, how to continue from there.

One is able to dream and it feels so real.

One is able to journey within a meditation and it feels so real.

It is the feeling.


Yet, Nirvana, Heaven, The Summer Lands, is not just a matter of turning left at the traffic lights and it’s third on your right! It is in a different Dimension, is it not?

Correct. Yet, what is a Dimension? It is ‘A place’ that is nowhere …. within nowhere … that Vibrates on a different Frequency than another ‘place’ that is nowhere.

However, One cannot simply travel to different Dimensions, willy-nilly! For it is of the personal/individual Vibrational Frequency that ‘permits’ one to enter in.

It can be for one to do so during deep meditation, to catch a glimpse or ‘Be in’ another realm for a short while, due to one’s inner Soul Light, that is perhaps dampened whilst in the chosen physical journey. Yet, there is much matter on this subject … for it is not as simple as ‘Same for all’.

So, say, for instance, one was to pop through a wormhole on a Tuesday and Friday morning … do they need to ‘end up’ in a place that their soul’s Vibration is compatible with?

Very much so. Great harm can come to a Soul and although we openly admit to such goings on taking place … there is much theory involved before any such journey takes place, and may we say … many ‘lives’ have been ‘lost’ during this form of experimentation.

We also add, that this is from an Earthly point of view. Many other … Planets/ those who reside on ships etc. … have mastered this technique. Yet, we stress again … we use the term ‘Mastered’ … as ‘Mastery’ of such, is necessary to be able to endure such travel.

Is it the same with time travel?

Time travel is quite different. And although one needs expertise to accomplish such feats … it is nowhere near as complicated as that which we have just spoken of. Mainly due to the fact that ‘time travel’ is within the same ‘Worldly Dimension’.

As you have become aware, Blossom … everything on your Planet is taking place at the same ‘time’ … past, present, and future … and although you do not understand it fully … you can accept this as so, yes?


Therefore, to ‘jump’ into the past or future, or indeed, a parallel life is ‘kindergarten’ compared to travelling into other Dimensions.

Yet, isn’t a parallel life in another Dimension? I know if I was suddenly to leave this body and be Enlightened for a few minutes, I would understand all this in a flash … literally. Yet, for you to try and explain, is going to blow my brains out.

Perhaps! You see, Blossom … there are many Frequencies within a Frequency.

In the same way, there are many Dimensions within a Dimension.

In the same way, there are many Dimensional Frequencies within an entire Dimension.

So … how exactly would you describe a Dimension … Go for Gold!

We shall do our best. A Dimension is a place that is nowhere … because nothing is real.

Not helpful chaps! Try again.

A Dimension is a Vibrational Frequency that is in alignment with itself.

And again? Wait, so if it’s not a place … it’s a nothing/nowhere space … how do we as a soul, be it in the physical body or not … live in it?

Because the Vibration of your Soul is resonating on the same wavelength as that particular Dimensional Frequency. If it wasn’t … you couldn’t be there.

Blossom, as we have said … Nothing is real … Everything is Energy … and Energy … is/works as/on/through … Vibration.


This, of course, can range from … on your Planet for example … an Energy of an ant to the Energy of the Sun. It depends on what that Energy is moulded into by another, or Divine Creation.

We are aware your brain is a little tired and that it is time for our departure soon.

I feel in this instance … soon actually means soon!!

Indeed. Yet, to round it back up to where we began …

Which was the Monoliths and we haven’t touched on that!

You are correct. At this time there is no more to say on that matter. Yet, Dearest Ones, when the ‘time’ comes … so much will be offered.

So, we would end how we began today’s conversation … by reiterating that …





That is how it works, Dearest Ones.

Yes, Great Strength may be required to change things around from how you ‘have been thinking’ … Yet …


I understand that. Yet, I am fully aware there could be much argument about that, depending on who and where you are, how old, and what you are having to endure. Yet, let’s leave it there for now, though.

We were going to, Blossom. We have enjoyed this conversation immensely and as we remove our Energy from yours … we do so … ‘injecting’ these words with LOVE and Understanding.

I wouldn’t be using that word ‘injecting’ if I was you … Just saying.

That would depend on what Energy YOU CHOOSE to endorse upon it!

Many thanks as always, my friends. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

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