Soul Soother International




25th August – 31st August


8th September – 14th September

Blossom, Peppie and Jill

are so excited to offer you this incredible, unique experience. The combination of nature, spiritual upliftment and personal growth activities, assure that this special time will be life-changing.

There are only 8 places available allowing an element of exclusivity, making it a unique opportunity for those fortunate enough to attend.

Breakdown Of The Week

Soul Soother Homemade Icon


Evening Meal at Blossom’s House

A warm and personal start to the week, creating a comfortable and intimate setting for everyone to connect. Homemade healthy food provided. (By Jill)

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9am – 12pm

Boat Trip with Whales and Dolphins

Peppie’s Knowledge of these majestic mammals provides so much insight into their world and how they connect with each other and the human species. Witnessing these Highly Spiritual Beings up close is a transformative experience like no other.

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2pm – 4pm

2-hour Channelling with Blossom

The spiritual insights from the Federation of Light, White Cloud, and potential guests (?) offer a deep exploration of Higher Consciousness. These sessions are ‘gently’ intense and personal to the group. White Cloud is always happy to answer questions asked.

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EES Session

Noosa’s very own scalar wave and zero-point energy, relaxation and meditation lounge utilising the 24-unit EE System developed by Dr Sandra Rose Michael.

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Time TBA

Day at Double Island Point

A day out, travelling together in a private tour bus to this spectacular location, adds an adventurous, fun and scenic element to the week. Food provided. Closing the day with a SUNSET CRUISE experiencing the sights of Noosa’s magic.

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River Trip to the Everglades with Sunset Finish

Peppie’s boat, will take us on a beautiful, tranquil trip to end the week. A three-hour cruise up the Noosa River to experience the serenity and picturesque views of The Everglades. One of only two in the world. Finishing up with the sunset, where we can offer Gratitude and Love for the entire experience shared. A great way to spend time with each other just chattin’ and chillin’ before we part company.

Accommodation for the week is not provided.

It would be appreciated if you could book within the Noosa/Noosaville vicinity for pick up and drop off purposes.


A few suggestions are:

Air B&B to suit your budget.

"The week emphasizes focus on Friendship, Laughter, Light, and Love. White Cloud has said that each ‘Soul Soother’ group will have ‘chosen to be together’ before they landed on the Planet … so it will be like meeting with old friends. I am just so excited to share my home and my environment with you, in the KNOWING that your SOUL will have been SOOTHED in a way you could not have imagined."

– Many thanks,

Total Investment

Aus $3,500

A deposit of $1,000 is required.

The boat accommodates 12 people. So, with ‘Captain Albie’, myself, Peppie and my sister, Jill …  this leaves the 8 exclusive spaces for those who are meant to experience this ‘Blow your blouse up’ opportunity!

What does your heart say?

We suggest that if you would like to see more of Noosa and its surroundings that you come a few days before, or stay a few days after.

We cannot wait for you to join us.

Many thanks,

Sending so much Love

Blossom, Peppie and Jill.

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